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  1. Marvyn Clarke

    Marvyn ClarkeПре 9 сати

    Boston start the super team Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce ray Allen why a LeBron James name alway come up

  2. Joseph Johnroe

    Joseph JohnroeПре 9 сати

    No Barry Sanders? No Ewing? No Ted Williams? No Earl Campbell? No Eric Dickerson? Stop it.

  3. Ⓜⓐⓡⓤⓕ Ⓑⓘⓝ Ⓗⓐⓑⓘⓑ✓

    Ⓜⓐⓡⓤⓕ Ⓑⓘⓝ Ⓗⓐⓑⓘⓑ✓Пре 9 сати


  4. Sho Ta

    Sho TaПре 9 сати

    The historical stem nearly whistle because pail methodically lock qua a rapid sandra. faded, ready carnation

  5. Jose Matthews

    Jose MatthewsПре 9 сати

    I can understand if Jokic smack him but that was his arm🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Adil Sarker

    Adil SarkerПре 9 сати

    Jalen has the best "bruh" face

  7. KhiSoFly

    KhiSoFlyПре 9 сати

    Tf lol 😂

  8. tiktak vlog

    tiktak vlogПре 9 сати


  9. TexasGolfDude

    TexasGolfDudeПре 9 сати

    KD is a straight poontang

  10. Isaiah Medina

    Isaiah MedinaПре 9 сати


  11. Anonymous Dee

    Anonymous DeeПре 9 сати

    Steven A act is getting old

  12. Berry Mckockiner

    Berry MckockinerПре 9 сати

    Bucks, Nets or Sixers are beating the Sun's


    XTRABIGПре 9 сати

    Houston hired a black coach and the black stars Harden and Westbrook wanted out asap

  14. Trev Mac

    Trev MacПре 9 сати

    this will all start again next year when Rodgers try's to distract and divert attention away from the fact he's a playoff flop.. (and naïve suckers and gullible fools won't even see the manipulation)

  15. Drive_Thru_ DOPE

    Drive_Thru_ DOPEПре 9 сати

    “He knew he was gonna lose so he went off swinging”?? Call if like it is, that was BS

  16. Kirk Morris

    Kirk MorrisПре 9 сати

    U have never seen Shawn Kemp.then again u said u have ever seen

  17. dcwabdi

    dcwabdiПре 9 сати

    Yeah if Aaron Rodgers isn't in Green Bay


    XTRABIGПре 9 сати

    SAS... Always injecting race into it. Tired of that bs

  19. Brandon Anderson

    Brandon AndersonПре 9 сати

    Last I checked you play for either rings or money so which is it, quit handing out participation trophies to players just for being there. I like how rings come up as a measuring stick for some but not all.

  20. timmy31087

    timmy31087Пре 9 сати

    Nice to see WNBA highlights but can we PLEASE GET SOME PERSONAL stories like you do with the guys? How about some drama? Maybe catch one of them in a strip club with Harden? Lol like c'mon stick to YOUR formula...BUILD THEM, THEN TEAR THEM DOWN...its good for ratings ;)

  21. Vincent H.

    Vincent H.Пре 9 сати

    Not sure how long it's gonna take for people to see that LeBron suffers from delusions of grandeur.

  22. Cole World

    Cole WorldПре 9 сати

    Another day another delusional perk prediction

  23. Donaldson Jeoboham

    Donaldson JeobohamПре 9 сати

    So Rodgers is bigger than the Packers?

  24. David Kim

    David KimПре 9 сати

    Chris Paul my favourite point God

  25. Va Yu Xiong

    Va Yu XiongПре 9 сати

    NBA is starting to be like soccer. Cry babies. LeBron the biggest fake cry baby. That was simply a separation move, not a shove. Dude is just doing his job like a Police dog. So ban all police dog from public too then. Stupid af.

  26. DRock NYSports

    DRock NYSportsПре 9 сати

    All LeFraud cares about is being recognized as the greatest ever... thats exactly why he never will be known as the greatest ever

  27. Schwag Gaming and Music

    Schwag Gaming and MusicПре 9 сати

    IM 36!!!!

  28. Terence Uzamere

    Terence UzamereПре 9 сати

    I just hope ESPN keeps the same energy

  29. Barry Fernandez

    Barry FernandezПре 9 сати

    A very wise, sensitive and independent of view of LeBron James !!

  30. Schwag Gaming and Music

    Schwag Gaming and MusicПре 9 сати



    GRIMS REVENGEПре 9 сати

    Played JaVale at center and Joker at power forward and then play a zone so they can stay in position and you would have blown Phoenix out every game. But I guess some teams just like losing ................. GRIM

  32. Nikola Jokić

    Nikola JokićПре 9 сати

    Jamal Murray would've made this series so interesting

  33. Nikola Jokić

    Nikola JokićПре 9 сати

    It's surprising that Jokic even Made it to the second round. Props to him

  34. Duke

    DukeПре 9 сати

    Lol they changed the thumbnail

  35. Politically Correct Redskin

    Politically Correct RedskinПре 9 сати

    Weren't the Cows 1-3 with Dak last season? Our savior!

  36. flipwait

    flipwaitПре 9 сати

    The present surgeon neurophysiologically seal because vegetable incidentally object circa a physical fighter. cute, madly clutch

  37. Rinor Kasumi

    Rinor KasumiПре 9 сати

    ahahhaa rjs face listening to perk

  38. ARON OO7

    ARON OO7Пре 9 сати

    The nets security guard who shoved P.J tucker is out for the season Coz the nets aint makin it past the bucks. 🤣🤣🤣

  39. 510shifter

    510shifterПре 9 сати

    This is not sports or sports talk this is straight Garbage

  40. uga muga

    uga mugaПре 9 сати

    luka is like a spoiled child who has everything allowed on the field and the coach in this team is just a statistician

  41. timmy31087

    timmy31087Пре 9 сати

    This segment has Way too much slander of the best players on earth...

  42. MJM

    MJMПре 9 сати

    Joker lost it against ol’ Ratatouille…

  43. Michael Matisse

    Michael MatisseПре 9 сати

    I do not want to see Atetenkoumpo win the NBA I dislike him since playing 2K20

  44. The Truther

    The TrutherПре 9 сати

    Max sounds so stupid .. 1st of all Steph Curry was embarrassing LeBron James in the 2015 finals .. That warriors team in 2015 nobody thought would be there let's be real .. most would've picked the spurs honestly . Warriors came out of nowhere and smacked Lebron's hyped Cavs .. Delly was supposed to be the curry stopper

  45. E.D. MN

    E.D. MNПре 9 сати

    The guards of Nuggets are no match to the firepower of the Suns. Nuggets need to sign defensive guards and/or wings so that they'll pass the 2nd round.

  46. Mad Doc

    Mad DocПре 9 сати

    Dirty play!!!! Player wasn't allowed to land!!!!

  47. David Kim

    David KimПре 9 сати

    Whos here after watching CP3 hitting those sweet mid range J's in 2021 playoffs?

  48. Adam Valenzuela

    Adam ValenzuelaПре 9 сати

    I dunno ask the Astros. I knew that Jose Altuve was either roided to the gills or knew the signs. Something was up.

  49. successisimminent

    successisimminentПре 9 сати

    Jordan, Pippen and Rodman was a superteam. Why is that never explicitly mentioned?

  50. Aaron Luricina

    Aaron LuricinaПре 9 сати

    This didnt age well

  51. Antonio Robinson

    Antonio RobinsonПре 9 сати

    He's only 21???? uh oh

  52. Radoslav Grcic

    Radoslav GrcicПре 9 сати

    Tv show with poo emoji as a disagreement on some matter. Am I the only one who find this really retarted?

  53. Akshay Palliyalil

    Akshay PalliyalilПре 9 сати

    wth who in golden state post up??

  54. Pouw up Turn up

    Pouw up Turn upПре 9 сати

    Murray would have change this series

  55. Air Moon

    Air MoonПре 9 сати

    Street Clothes Kyrie

  56. Drift Wood

    Drift WoodПре 9 сати

    Max Kellerman is out of left field, Clowney is a bust, OBJ can't stay healthy and yes, Derrick Henry IS WAY BETTER than Chubb and Hunt lolol not even a debate

  57. mboss

    mbossПре 9 сати

    This is just “commentator’s curse” dialed to 11

  58. Mohamed Abdurahman

    Mohamed AbdurahmanПре 9 сати

    did Zion step in a time machine?

  59. randall moore

    randall mooreПре 9 сати

    If jokic was black the narrative would be how bush league and undisciplined he is.

  60. leanthony sain

    leanthony sainПре 9 сати

    Put some respect on his name!

  61. stayhappylittle mermaid

    stayhappylittle mermaidПре 9 сати

    A dream without action can become a nightmare.

  62. Ahmet Koçer

    Ahmet KoçerПре 9 сати

    Donovan Mitchell but we haven’t seen Zion in the playoffs where it all matters so it’s not a healthy comparison.

  63. 🌿POPULATION-_-420☁

    🌿POPULATION-_-420☁Пре 9 сати

    Nets lose series to bucks is good for the nba 👍.

  64. gorjaun

    gorjaunПре 9 сати

    Jokic didn't deserve that ejection at all, he should have been out there on the court with his team. I'm happy that my Suns got the win, but that wasn't a deserved ejection, that was a Flagrant 1 at best.

  65. Tmac 01

    Tmac 01Пре 9 сати

    All the Nets need is Matthew Dellavedova and its the Cavs 2015. If James can carry a team to finals and Durant shouldn't have a problem doing so. No excuses your the best player in the world. Jordan would " I took it personal when they said i was out and drop 60. Thats what Durant needs to do

  66. roc weed

    roc weedПре 9 сати

    man ....coming you said they were getting swept get him perk he have to apologize ...stop copping dubz who side are you on Stephen A smith max should make you pay bucks are well in the game 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

  67. Darien Hursey

    Darien HurseyПре 9 сати

    Max's thinking is exactly why 90% of HC jobs go to white males.....they get a million & one chances to get it right smh

  68. Real life Lebowski

    Real life LebowskiПре 9 сати

    Stay *OR* Go -- doesn't matter , Fraudgers never winning a Super Bowl ever again anyways

  69. Young Sta

    Young StaПре 9 сати

    2:08 she got that cardi b laugh

  70. chris campbell

    chris campbellПре 9 сати

    Go browns!!

  71. Amoney 11

    Amoney 11Пре 9 сати

    Now these nets fans know how us lakers fans feel.

  72. Jey4eva_lyrics

    Jey4eva_lyricsПре 9 сати

    Oh this new lol. My dumb self.

  73. Dinesh Lopes

    Dinesh LopesПре 9 сати

    What was that laugh at 2:09

  74. Parakan

    ParakanПре 9 сати

    0:37 amogus

  75. John Bean

    John BeanПре 9 сати

    Been watching sports and sports shows all my life. All I ever heard about was rings from day one. What is Greeny talking about? Can't go a day without hearing about Bill Russell's rings and how Wilt chamberlain isn't great because of the lack of rings. the way we feel about earning them may have changed but number rings were always always always in the conversation. Ask Tom Brady about that.

  76. Young Sta

    Young StaПре 9 сати

    Bucks vs Suns. Smaller market teams are coming up real quick