👀 Charles Oliveira & Michael Chandler brought the intensity during their

After the pre-fight press conference, Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler have an intense staredown. @ESPN MMA

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  1. tall handsome &sucka free

    tall handsome &sucka freeПре 20 дана

    Yooo .....that handshake was everything 💯


    MELLOWDRAMAПре 22 дана

    Charles broke...

  3. Nomo 4u

    Nomo 4uПре 26 дана


  4. Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s

    Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’sПре 27 дана

    Guy on the left is cartel or at least he plays one in movies



    This fight lived up to it’s expectation


    PRASAD THORATПре 29 дана

    Who's here after a win

  7. Kojiro's 7th

    Kojiro's 7thПре месец

    Can we ban professional new outlets from using footage capture in portrait mode plz?!! I would expect this from a person on the street filming a fight or random event like a crash but not from a known professional news outlet.

  8. ロマチェンコ テオフィモ

    ロマチェンコ テオフィモПре месец

    nakatani romachenko 6 26 very good

  9. David

    DavidПре месец

    that's quite a fight tbh

  10. new way

    new wayПре месец

    Should be fight of the year imo

  11. RanGeRam

    RanGeRamПре месец


  12. Anas Shahid 224

    Anas Shahid 224Пре месец

    Let’s go Mike Chandler 👏

  13. DeeDeePolishton TV

    DeeDeePolishton TVПре месец

    They have the same nose. That gum chewing says 'nervous' . Dead giveaway . Lmao.

  14. liberte world

    liberte worldПре месец

    I like these kind of Guy ( Oliveira, Chandler) , they have Respect each other, no trashtalking, a Real face off by two professionnel of martial arts with respect .

  15. syy anon

    syy anonПре месец

    Oliveira 2nd round submission

  16. Doffy Itachi

    Doffy ItachiПре месец

    Charles "The Real Gangster" Oliveira

  17. Johnathon Silva

    Johnathon SilvaПре месец

    Looked like they were about to kiss for a second there 🤣

  18. Sergio Aragon

    Sergio AragonПре месец

    I would have told him "your beard smells like sandwiches"

  19. Roberto C Rodriguez

    Roberto C RodriguezПре месец

    Look how exciting the division is when ur not hyping a guy who ASKS for spots on p4p...

  20. Brohammed

    BrohammedПре месец

    Battle of the beaks

  21. Jesus Iloveyou

    Jesus IloveyouПре месец

    I want olivera to woop chandler

  22. HumbleRumble

    HumbleRumbleПре месец

    Good stuff

  23. Tim R

    Tim RПре месец

    You can see Chandler slow down that chomping of his gum when he saw those eyes. Charlie Olives is a scary dude. Looking forward to Saturday night!

  24. Nomo 4u

    Nomo 4uПре 26 дана

    @updo nazir you were wrong

  25. Prince

    PrinceПре 29 дана

    @updo nazir hello sir 🤣

  26. updo nazir

    updo nazirПре 29 дана

    @Prince Am here but don't make joke about me 😂😂🤣

  27. ChrisBinlackin

    ChrisBinlackinПре 29 дана

    @updo nazir You’re back yet?????

  28. ChrisBinlackin

    ChrisBinlackinПре 29 дана

    @Douglas Mendez left hook by charlies for the finish 🔥💪🏾

  29. Zach Urkevich

    Zach UrkevichПре месец

    LET'S GET IT ON!!!!

  30. CHUY

    CHUYПре месец

    If Charles was mike tyson I would say chandler broke in the stare down

  31. DeeBo 500

    DeeBo 500Пре месец


  32. Humming Bird - The Album

    Humming Bird - The Album Пре месец

    ....they almost kissed

  33. Dar Foggy

    Dar FoggyПре месец

    So krunk for this fight

  34. Colton

    ColtonПре месец

    Charles is so hot

  35. Im Wachos

    Im WachosПре месец


  36. Larry Johnson

    Larry JohnsonПре месец

    I hope Michael wins I’ve been following him since I first started watching bellator

  37. Fredrick Conley

    Fredrick ConleyПре месец

    Now that was intense lol. Excellent stare down, this is what it's all about.

  38. Kaleb Rose

    Kaleb RoseПре месец

    That was intense but respectful

  39. jose g

    jose gПре месец

    This gave me chills.

  40. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor duПре месец

    match going to end in a draw

  41. Eddie Hills

    Eddie HillsПре месец

    Going for Olivera by sub if he doesn't get caught early with something silly.

  42. Douglas Mendez

    Douglas MendezПре месец

    Go to Bellator YT channel & watch the best Arm Triangle finishes clip. Trust me bro Chandler ain't afraid to go to the ground but I got Iron Michael Chandler by KO.😂🙏

  43. rapinbatches

    rapinbatchesПре месец

    Chandler via murder

  44. Yoda

    YodaПре месец


  45. Yoda

    YodaПре месец


  46. Derek Chauvin

    Derek ChauvinПре месец

    Both overated

  47. Yoda

    YodaПре месец

    Charlie olives deserves the belt

  48. Mr. Smith

    Mr. SmithПре месец

    Both guys are very likable and nice guys but both look like the bad guy in a Steven Seagal movie 😅😅

  49. jason555jason555

    jason555jason555Пре месец

    😂 Thats hella accurate yo

  50. AVE -

    AVE -Пре месец

    Chandler the manlet

  51. Thadnill

    ThadnillПре месец

    Olivera looked like a skeleton gangster in this press

  52. Pablo Martinez

    Pablo MartinezПре месец

    One of them should have wore a hat...jake Paul come up behind real quick

  53. Dark Magician

    Dark MagicianПре месец

    You saw what happened the last time he tried to take someone's hat

  54. Eric Frank

    Eric FrankПре месец

    It cuts off just before they make out...

  55. Gerard Crispin

    Gerard CrispinПре месец

    The Chael Curse is upon Michael Chandler!

  56. Wallace Avin

    Wallace AvinПре 26 дана

    He didn't break it he defied it

  57. Top 5 List

    Top 5 ListПре месец

    I think usman broke it

  58. SurDrums

    SurDrumsПре месец

    What am I missing?

  59. Micah Randolph

    Micah RandolphПре месец

    6 feet apart

  60. Fredrick Conley

    Fredrick ConleyПре месец

    Hahaha, yeah it looks like they didn't honor that guideline. No 6ft for them

  61. Mike J

    Mike JПре месец

    For some reason Charles looks like Raiden from Mortal Kombat

  62. Hail Cesar

    Hail CesarПре месец

    Khabibs departure has been a blessing in disguise.

  63. יהודים זבל

    יהודים זבלПре месец

    @Nazibul Hussain hes right tho

  64. יהודים זבל

    יהודים זבלПре месец

    @Eazy Peazy maybe lightweight goat, if youre new to the sport

  65. יהודים זבל

    יהודים זבלПре месец

    Ofc it has he was innactive af, a drama queen and a 200lbs “lightweight” no we keep the party moving babe, finally 155 is back on track

  66. Nazibul Hussain

    Nazibul HussainПре месец

    @Ragnarr Loðbrók let the man live in peace..stop with your silly digs

  67. Juan Demarko

    Juan DemarkoПре месец

    This fight is pure 🔥🔥🔥

  68. David Rodenborn

    David RodenbornПре месец

    Charles has a natural dip in his chin vs Chandler who has a bull's-eye on the very tip ie cant stick your chin any further out there.....

  69. Matthew Roome

    Matthew RoomeПре месец

    Taking the word “chin” in an MMA sense just a little too seriously

  70. Harvey Smith

    Harvey SmithПре месец

    No more tense than the standard staredown.

  71. Trance

    TranceПре месец

    pea brain

  72. Leo Matura

    Leo MaturaПре месец

    Lol, ESPN trying to sell these fights like boxing matches. Us MMA fans don’t get hype off of stare downs. We get gowing when the the cage shuts.

  73. Dark Magician

    Dark MagicianПре месец

    @Leo Matura I love boxing and mma. The staredowns help bring hype to the fights and build excitement. You certainly don't speak for me.

  74. AGON 17

    AGON 17Пре месец


  75. Leo Matura

    Leo MaturaПре месец

    @Yoda stutter did I?

  76. Yoda

    YodaПре месец


  77. Leo Matura

    Leo MaturaПре месец

    @Thadnill you sound like a casual. Doesn't take much to get you excited.

  78. Chad B

    Chad BПре месец

    They both look like they're thinking "will you just kiss me already?" Lol

  79. Kid Ink-_

    Kid Ink-_Пре месец

    @yesitzmeh fruit cakes

  80. LegionPlay

    LegionPlayПре месец

    You sound like this is the first face off you’ve ever seen

  81. yesitzmeh

    yesitzmehПре месец

    Who's liking this comment

  82. Mr Zeke

    Mr ZekeПре месец

    Exactly what I was thinking! Lol

  83. Kid Ink-_

    Kid Ink-_Пре месец

    @William Santos he trippen

  84. tigerbiterhater

    tigerbiterhaterПре месец

    Was hoping for a Jake Paul and Mayweather clown acts lol

  85. Yoda

    YodaПре месец


  86. Davi São Luís

    Davi São LuísПре месец

    No, both are respectful men

  87. Steph Curry

    Steph CurryПре месец


  88. Youtube Account

    Youtube AccountПре месец

    The 4th and 5th best lightweight fighting for the title lmao

  89. Youtube Account

    Youtube AccountПре месец

    @Dues Vult Conor will most likely KO Dustin stiff. Dustin does have a chance but he's a journey boy at heart

  90. Dues Vult

    Dues VultПре месец

    @RSfire Account after Conor gets finished again he’ll fight your boy jake paul bro don’t trip.

  91. Dues Vult

    Dues VultПре месец

    @AVE - either that or he’s a jake paul fan

  92. AVE -

    AVE -Пре месец

    @RSfire Account bums? You must be under 18

  93. Youtube Account

    Youtube AccountПре месец

    @AVE - Conor finishes these bums as well. And I''d honestly pick Holloway if he came up a division. He already beat Olivera who is currently the most overrated fighter in the UFC and right behind him is Chandler lol

  94. A Thought

    A ThoughtПре месец

    Michael blinked

  95. C L

    C LПре месец

    This is worthy of its own video?...lol

  96. VegCeps Activism

    VegCeps ActivismПре месец

    Just seems like a respectful staredown without the silly stuff to me.

  97. Sum Solution

    Sum SolutionПре месец

    Someone is definitely getting finished!


    HAHA JOKER TIMEПре месец

    @Matthew Roome so don't mean it can't happen

  99. B J

    B JПре месец

    Me. Courtesy of myself. Hard

  100. Matthew Roome

    Matthew RoomeПре месец

    @Juan Leyva based on what exactly? The guy has never been subbed

  101. Juan Leyva

    Juan LeyvaПре месец

    I think chandler getting choked out

  102. Burton Nelson

    Burton NelsonПре месец

    They both finished eachother off shortly after this