The Jump grades James Harden's return | The Jump

Vince Carter and Michael Wilbon join Rachel Nichols to react to James Harden's return, what he means to the Nets success and the Eastern Conference playoff bracket.

0:00 James Harden postgame comments about his return to play
1:12 Vince Carter gives his grade for James Harden in his return.
2:03 Michael Wilbon's impression of James Harden's return.
3:53 Why is James Harden the key to winning for the Nets.

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  1. Worm

    WormПре 29 дана

    in before harden drops 8 points on 2-16 shooting with 10 turnovers in a playoff elimination game

  2. sebastian absolution

    sebastian absolutionПре 29 дана

    how lame for rachel nichols 2 waste a segment on grading james harden's return? this show is/has been dyin. the content is on the lower end of scandalous.🦓🦓🦓

  3. Urmela Basumatary

    Urmela BasumataryПре 29 дана

    The ill nancy chronologically stroke because pentagon subjectively rain than a plant resolution. cloudy, white knight

  4. SYR Milkman

    SYR MilkmanПре месец

    i wish he wouldnt of went to the nets but i hope harden gets at least one championship before he cant drop at least 25 a game so ppl can give him the credit along with it

  5. Marl Karx

    Marl KarxПре месец

    Nuggets in 6

  6. doky jhonsone

    doky jhonsoneПре месец

    The tacky beggar possibly excite because popcorn lastly balance concerning a sore apparatus. discreet, quickest verse

  7. Mr. Carty

    Mr. CartyПре месец

    I'm so sorry to say this but, the ball flows better when kyrie is out

  8. Jayden Jones

    Jayden JonesПре месец

    am i trippin or do harden need some lotion?

  9. NS A

    NS AПре месец

    It's Harden's team - he brings more value than KD

  10. Lyndale Pettus

    Lyndale PettusПре месец

    In my opinion, an MVP would never say "We're just not good enough" when asked about his team

  11. Johnathan Page

    Johnathan PageПре месец

    Cuz James ain't win other guys been pampered so it's not the same

  12. Charles E. Morris, III

    Charles E. Morris, IIIПре месец

    Harden makes others look rusty

  13. Gon

    GonПре месец

    Harden will never lose his touch

  14. Storm Cloud

    Storm CloudПре месец

    Because James is a thousand times better than Kyrie in the point guard position. That’s why Brooklyn is better when Harden plays with one of the other superstars.

  15. Stefan Ra

    Stefan RaПре месец

    Again you find a way to move the attention away from nuggets. 5 videos in past 12 hours talking about harden and nets... What's the point of talking about a team so plastic that it's not even worth watching. I'd rather watch Atlanta Hawks than nets tbh

  16. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    it would be plastic if they had dame lillard instead of irving... Irving is not good.. he chucks 30 shots to get 25pts.. also they lost lamarcus aldridge.. if nets win .it would be like a prime okc team winning if thwy all stayed together

  17. Marko Rabin

    Marko RabinПре месец

    its amazing it took the league 70 years to learn how to use important minute restricted players smh

  18. Chris Gross

    Chris GrossПре месец

    everyone already forgot that KD tore his achilles and has come back easy - wait for the playoffs and he will dominate everybody once again

  19. Mark Bantz

    Mark BantzПре месец

    Don’t compare Lemelo to Hardin. PLEASE!!

  20. The All American

    The All AmericanПре месец

    Everyone needs to open ur eyes. The man was never hurt. He just took a vacation it tends to happen this way all around the league. I’m not going for it. They can’t call it load management any more so they have to come up with an injury

  21. Urbain Delva

    Urbain DelvaПре месец

    Not surprised at Harden's performance 'cause he does this. The biggest question I have is the Nets' defense.

  22. Jared Thomas

    Jared ThomasПре месец

    A+ grade. he was DOMINANT

  23. Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    Choo Choo MotherTruckerПре месец

    He makes the team work because he plays the PG position extremely well. Say what you will, but I don't think he is a ball hog like Kyrie. He wants to win and will do whatever it takes or is asked of him. When he was with the Rockets, he plays that way bc that was D'Antonio's way.

  24. Humphking

    HumphkingПре месец

    I just want everyone to remember, OKC gave up James Harden for a $5 Million dollar luxury tax! These dummies could of had a prime KD, Westbrook, and Harden.

  25. Shad The don

    Shad The donПре месец

    Super stars make it look so easy lol

  26. Jetman Travels

    Jetman TravelsПре месец

    I think they should be a documentary on how OKC and Sam Presti drafted 3 of the greatest basketball loving players of all time. Made it to the finals ONCE and let contract money break up the team. Just unreal to even think about it. I hope all 3 retires in the same year so they can enter HOF in same year too

  27. Alex Miller

    Alex MillerПре месец

    I really want him to get a ring. He deserves it. Him, Blake, Nash, and D'Antoni all do.

  28. kshitij bhatt 11 science

    kshitij bhatt 11 scienceПре 28 дана

    Warrior and heat rings don't count right

  29. Somregularguy

    SomregularguyПре месец

    It doesn’t matter cuz it won’t count

  30. Gabriel Pozzebon

    Gabriel PozzebonПре месец

    Baller. Might be as good a playmaker as cp3

  31. roneau chatman

    roneau chatmanПре месец

    Harden doesn’t get credit for his Amazon basketball iq he’s not Bron but the gap between him and bron is smaller than the gap between Harden and everybody else

  32. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    he better.. bron cant pass like harden off the dribble..

  33. benjomein

    benjomeinПре месец

    James “I’m going to get fat to force my way out of a team that did anything I wanted and built around me for years, to try to win an easy championship on a super team” Harden

  34. Alex Audycki

    Alex AudyckiПре месец

    Congrats Wilbon! Hall of Famer!

  35. Jaysen Rivera-Lebron

    Jaysen Rivera-LebronПре месец

    Can we compare the great Kobe Bryant vs James Harden? Who's better? And why?

  36. Jaysen Rivera-Lebron

    Jaysen Rivera-LebronПре месец

    @Rafael Isslaam yeah, I'm trying to think of a player like him and I can't.

  37. Rafael Isslaam

    Rafael IsslaamПре месец

    he might be the best hybrid guard, he can get you 15 assists and beautiful distribution basketball n run your offense but also score 50 if you need. I don't think there's been any player in nba history that had the shooting n scoring ability combined with excellent vision and playmaking ever like James Harden. If he can get 2-3 ring n a few fmvps, he would have to get in top 15, maybe top 10.

  38. Jaysen Rivera-Lebron

    Jaysen Rivera-LebronПре месец

    @courtney gates You watch.... this talking point will be on ESPN in the very near future

  39. Jaysen Rivera-Lebron

    Jaysen Rivera-LebronПре месец

    @courtney gates Kobe better defensively? Hmm, maybe so... he is a slightly better athlete so I can see why you feel this way. I do agree that Harden may be a bit better offensively, overall. I think Harden has better ball handling, passing, and layup skills but not by much. I think their games are different, too.. Kobe is more like Mike and like you said, Harden is more like Lebron with greater shooting range. It's crazy because Kobe was my favorite player growing up (along with a few others). I never imagined another SG being better than Kobe but Harden is making me reconsider ha. Man, seeing the evolution of basketball is beautiful.

  40. courtney gates

    courtney gatesПре месец

    Kobe is better defensively but Harden is the better overall player. He is a left handed version of lebron

  41. M M

    M MПре месец


  42. Michael Liu

    Michael LiuПре месец

    Harden definitely went with the pregame buffet meal.

  43. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor duПре месец

    77th comment go nets

  44. M. Whaley

    M. WhaleyПре месец

    The Beard is Real

  45. 49ers-Lakers Fan

    49ers-Lakers FanПре месец


  46. Faizan Ahmed

    Faizan AhmedПре месец

    The Lakers should be scared of the Nets

  47. Caleb Clemmons

    Caleb ClemmonsПре месец

    ... wow, longest?

  48. Sav Yonko

    Sav YonkoПре месец

    Dude literally almost had a 20 pt triple double A+

  49. MilesInDaCut

    MilesInDaCutПре месец

    james harden is better than michael jordan and kobe but not better than KEVIN DURANT. Facts.

  50. The Answer

    The AnswerПре месец

    James the best player in the league y'all. Beard > King Aight...angry mob on the way.

  51. Rafael Isslaam

    Rafael IsslaamПре месец

    at this moment, hes the best. Im a bron fan but im not delusional. Im rooting for harden this year to win. Lakers will be back.

  52. Kane Wolf

    Kane WolfПре месец

    It’s wild how just last season and years prior their was soo much HARDEN SLANDER FOR YEARS. Now look at everyone. 🥲

  53. Rafael Isslaam

    Rafael IsslaamПре месец

    @Stop Playing thank you. n anyone who actually watched 2018 wcf who isn't a warriors fan knows that if cp3 dont go down in 5, rockets would close out warriors in 6 n sweep Cavs.

  54. Stop Playing

    Stop PlayingПре месец

    @2Xs Sports Gaming lol what’s your definition of folding?, lillard getting swept every year by the warriors and pelicans is what you call folding. Giannis getting swept last year by the heat and being a first round exit other years is what you call folding. Harden at least made multiple conference finals and took the warriors to 6-7 games a few times

  55. Mad J

    Mad JПре месец

    @2Xs Sports Gaming he averages 30 in the playoffs? He didn’t fold last year? Lakers game plan was to literally double Harden and leave Westbrick wide open and it worked! Against the warriors? Cp3 goes down and he faces the 73-9 GSW + KD + Refs team by himself. He has choked before against the “Spurs” but this narrative that he chokes every playoffs is BS

  56. 2Xs Sports Gaming

    2Xs Sports GamingПре месец

    They do this every regular season lol he don’t get much slander. He folds every playoffs tho. We gonna see what he do this year lmao

  57. Arcell Mcgowan

    Arcell McgowanПре месец

    Yes James we know you good at basketball just show that in the final 2 rounds of the playoffs 💯

  58. Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    Benjamin From The Tribe of JudahПре месец

    Let me just say James Harden is doing all this with asthma. As a basketball player with asthma you have to be in great condition to overcome those shortness of breath symptoms.

  59. mcronn 100

    mcronn 100Пре месец

    The maestro harden is back . the nets offense is going to be harder to defend.!!

  60. Lou ELastic

    Lou ELasticПре месец

    Harden has really embraced the role of being a point guard and floor general for the Brooklyn Nets. That's going to make them unbeatable in the playoffs.

  61. Lil Dex

    Lil DexПре месец

    If they had a answer for the middle against good bigs I would say they are unbeatable but I seen what a dirk and Timmy D can do to a team so I know they are beaten

  62. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    durant claxton and Blake on the floor are all bigs that can move jump and grab rebounds.. u add harden landry shamet and joe harris to that and its a lock

  63. Arnel Crisostomo

    Arnel CrisostomoПре месец

    Harden! 💪

  64. Lil Dex

    Lil DexПре месец

    Harden is a natural ball player he’s just one of those that can lace it up and hoop

  65. Maximilian Smith

    Maximilian SmithПре месец

    Harden is more important to the Nets than anyone else. He's the reason they can take the championship

  66. Flights Managers Managers manager

    Flights Managers Managers managerПре месец


  67. BKNY

    BKNYПре месец

    James Harden 2021 Finals MVP 😳 👀

  68. Steven Carreon

    Steven CarreonПре месец

    I did not appreciate Harden's game while he's with the Rockets but with this year's Nets, you really would want to root for him seeing how he makes his team better

  69. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    @Steven Carreon MOUTH diarrhea

  70. Steven Carreon

    Steven CarreonПре месец

    @Stromberg relax compadre, you might catch a diarrhea with that

  71. Stromberg

    StrombergПре месец

    Probably because you’re a 40 year old virgin that has an anime profile picture, rockets harden was the goat, the media always wanted to portray him in a bad light.

  72. Tom S

    Tom SПре месец

    Brooklyn is extra scary if James is going to play like that and take a scoring backseat and distribute more to harris/durant/kyrie. Unbeatable like this imho.




  74. Anthony S

    Anthony SПре месец

    Load managing, all nets been doing

  75. Anthony S

    Anthony SПре месец

    @Michael Yang Harden is known for running out of gas in the Playoffs. KD just came of a major injury. Kyrie is injury probe

  76. Michael Yang

    Michael YangПре месец

    Casual lol

  77. Parker Portlock

    Parker PortlockПре месец

    I always enjoy seeing Mr. Wilbon on the other shows! Repsect to one of the OGs!

  78. Nade Cha

    Nade ChaПре месец

    Let’s see if Harden can bring that in the playoffs, he’s known to fall off

  79. Nade Cha

    Nade ChaПре месец

    MrB0gart u better hope the injury squad stays healthy then

  80. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    durant and irving won't fall off.. thats who hes passing to

  81. Brandon Lopez

    Brandon LopezПре месец

    Kd struggling without harden. Shows bron is by far way better then KD

  82. Rafael Isslaam

    Rafael IsslaamПре месец

    what about harden lmao? at this point, hes the better james lmao n im a bron fan.

  83. Rodga Laurius

    Rodga LauriusПре месец

    Scary hours😎🐐

  84. Ryan Nichols

    Ryan NicholsПре месец

    Harden right now is getting towards literally Magic + Kobe...

  85. halwa

    halwaПре месец

    Harden is the greatest offensive player of all time, he's an offense unto himself and can do absolutely everything required. If he wins a couple of rings and FMVP he could be a top 15 or even top 10 player of all time

  86. Jonah Cannon

    Jonah CannonПре месец

    @Rasin Gild he’s already top 25 all time at least

  87. oLegnd

    oLegndПре месец

    @Rasin Gild if he gets 2 FMVPs he will be top 10... he will be the only player with a FMVP multiple scoring titles AND assists titles. The MvP is a cherry on top

  88. Rasin Gild

    Rasin GildПре месец

    Fr but he'll never be great as them like no hate hes def a hall of famer but wont be a top 10 like magiv or a top 3 like kobe but i think he will br top 20 or 25 maybe 15

  89. Jack Snow

    Jack SnowПре месец


  90. Siddhant

    SiddhantПре месец

    I've too DJmeechymeech that I forgot what he actually sounds like

  91. M C

    M CПре месец

    He makes everyone else so much better. You could see the nets energy level rise when he came back cause they knew it meant easy baskets. It’s easier to work hard when you have a passer like harden

  92. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt CobainПре месец

    I wonder if that Grogu doll is Mike Wilbon's? 🤣 I can't blame him. Grogu is adorable. Jane Slater is addicted to Baby Yoda. Jane says on her Twitter page she's Grogu's mom. Yoda nailed a hottie.

  93. lulEdaP

    lulEdaPПре месец

    I hope harden gets the Finals MVP

  94. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt CobainПре месец

    My Clippers must go after the highest seeding as possible regardless where the Lakers will be. We will lose homecourt advantage in the 2nd round if we duck the Lakers early.

  95. Mamba Mentality

    Mamba MentalityПре месец

    Am I the only one who noticed that there is an excuse to play bad your first game off injury when a great player has a bad game? Yet all 3 of the nets stars first game coming back off injury had a career night lol. They are real hoopers.

  96. Sxth 2x

    Sxth 2xПре месец

    @Rafael Isslaam they don’t practice every day when they have rehab

  97. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    @Sxth 2x u right.. careful.. haters here

  98. Rafael Isslaam

    Rafael IsslaamПре месец

    @Sxth 2x they were still practicing everyday.

  99. Sxth 2x

    Sxth 2xПре месец

    @Tylerrbh it’s not about the injury it’s about the time they took off from sitting makes players rusty

  100. Tylerrbh

    TylerrbhПре месец

    Or they aren’t actually injured ?

  101. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt CobainПре месец

    More than 80% of 1st and 2nd seeds make the Finals since 1984. 1) Jazz | Sixers 2) Suns | Nets

  102. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    @Berry Mckockiner the suns with aaron gordon and chris paul is going

  103. Berry Mckockiner

    Berry MckockinerПре месец

    Lakers aren't making the finals

  104. KinG oD

    KinG oDПре месец

    Yea, but this year’s different

  105. Hermes Actum

    Hermes ActumПре месец

    As a Lebron fan, James Harden has been the best in the league along with his counterpart K.D. James Harden should be MVP

  106. Shane Robinson

    Shane RobinsonПре месец

    If he was healthy all year definitely but jokic got this locked

  107. Jonah Cannon

    Jonah CannonПре месец

    Nah I like him better than jokic but harden was injured and jokic has crazy stats

  108. ankevious oliver

    ankevious oliverПре месец

    Imo nets have the #2, 3 and 7th best players in the nba.

  109. SK

    SKПре месец

    Most unique player of all-time great at scoring, playmaking & revolutionized the step-back...

  110. Jonah Cannon

    Jonah CannonПре месец

    @Rafael Isslaam he’s a more skilled scorer.

  111. Rafael Isslaam

    Rafael IsslaamПре месец

    @Micah Kiyimba did you just say lebron a better scorer then harden? bro what you on son? lebron is overall better of course but harden is most unique player like he said n lebron defense isn't that good anymore and harden's defense is getting better every season.

  112. courtney gates

    courtney gatesПре месец

    Harden is a left handed version of Lebron

  113. SK

    SKПре месец

    @Ante Krolo 30 PPG on 50% getting doubled by Bron & AD in bubble with an injured WB & 6'5 center lineup???

  114. 2Xs Sports Gaming

    2Xs Sports GamingПре месец

    Until playoff time comes, everybody forgets his playoff blunders lmao

  115. tony the vlogger 69

    tony the vlogger 69Пре месец

    Harden should just be the 6th man and play 3 straight quarters next year. Win 6th man and MVP in a season

  116. KennyGotBandz

    KennyGotBandzПре месец

    really love that last point Lamelo will learn greatly from a from round series against the Nets rookie year 🤣

  117. David Arrington

    David ArringtonПре месец

    James came back and had an incredibly well rounded game. 18 points, 7 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks while shooting 6-8 and 3-4 from three point range. He just further proved that he can embrace any role given to him and absolutely thrive in it. He makes it look so easy

  118. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    @Chris Miller girls emotionally wish for the worst.. see ya babe

  119. Chris Miller

    Chris MillerПре месец

    @N2 G when dude bricks every three no worries I’ll be here

  120. juanio

    juanioПре месец

    Jetman Travels Did he look like he was laboring at all due to his resent injuries?

  121. Jetman Travels

    Jetman TravelsПре месец

    Went to the game last night and the guy has mastered the game of BASKETBALL on the offensive end. Has the game on a string 👏

  122. juanio

    juanioПре месец

    Tylerrbh harden gonna be the difference cause he learn to be a floor general out their in the court

  123. Unai Alday

    Unai AldayПре месец

    One of my fav players... and I’m a Mavs fan

  124. C Brown

    C BrownПре месец

    Great points. Makes you rethink how valuable he is to the team.

  125. Adrian AR

    Adrian ARПре месец

    Nets looking real scary

  126. Duff Man187

    Duff Man187Пре месец

    He'll choke come Playoff time😂🍻🍺

  127. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    @Duff Man187 chris paul didnt play

  128. Duff Man187

    Duff Man187Пре месец

    That supporting cast in Houston almost beat G-State until HE choked!🤣🍻🍺

  129. Rafael Isslaam

    Rafael IsslaamПре месец

    you are delusional. He has a great supporting cast unlike he had in houston. He about to kill

  130. courtney gates

    courtney gatesПре месец

    The last time Harden played with Kd he went to the nba finals. I promise he will not choke this time

  131. Duff Man187

    Duff Man187Пре месец

    Dnt wrry maaan,I ain't as bad as the Bron haters lmao why y'all getting so mad😂🍻🍺

  132. Branyo Romero

    Branyo RomeroПре месец

    The Little dance he did after he made a 3 pointer was priceless 🤣🤣🤣

  133. Branyo Romero

    Branyo RomeroПре месец

    @Humphking Yes that’s why you have to respect him, beautiful beautiful absolutely beautiful ❤️🙌🏾

  134. Humphking

    HumphkingПре месец

    that's honestly why he's one of my favorites ever, he's goofy and he's comfortable being himself.

  135. Connor Johns

    Connor JohnsПре месец

    Harden is back and still great

  136. Flights Managers Managers manager

    Flights Managers Managers managerПре месец

    Im gonna steal all the clout by being the first reply

  137. TONEakaSHOW

    TONEakaSHOWПре месец

    What's to Grade? This is like grading if a ferrari is still fast, like dun harden was just resting.

  138. KennyGotBandz

    KennyGotBandzПре месец

    Would’ve been unanimous MVP had he played a full season

  139. J k

    J kПре месец

    Lol 🤣 unanimous mvp y'all too much.

  140. Anthony HBTL

    Anthony HBTLПре месец

    Bro I love harden but no way lol I agree he is better than all of the other candidates but no way everyone with a vote is going to “overlook what happened in Houston” lol

  141. 937

    937Пре месец


  142. Cyan Raptor

    Cyan RaptorПре месец

    Right... not Jokic, curry, or embiid

  143. TheOriginal Troll

    TheOriginal TrollПре месец

    Fear the beard

  144. Zachary Ravel

    Zachary RavelПре месец

    *Harden:* 26 MP, 18 PTS, 7 REB, 11 AST, 2 STL, 2 BLK, 4 TOV, 2 PF, 88.2 TS% (A+)

  145. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    @09lowkey yeah whole month off.. next game 3 tov 13 assists.. playoffs 2 tov 14 assist

  146. Rafael Isslaam

    Rafael IsslaamПре месец

    @09lowkey agreed.

  147. 09lowkey

    09lowkeyПре месец

    @Greyson Rosenblatt 2 STL + 2 BLK 4 TOVs, Then there's the 11 Asts. If he's playing Defense and distributing I don't mind 4 TOVs.

  148. Greyson Rosenblatt

    Greyson RosenblattПре месец

    I agree, turnovers could use some work but other than that stellar first game back

  149. vlxne

    vlxneПре месец

    I love me some Rachel😍

  150. AlexTheRed1985

    AlexTheRed1985Пре месец

    0:23 nice

  151. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayПре месец

    That one pass to Green was 🔥

  152. Phoebe

    PhoebeПре месец

    That one pass to Jeff Green was sweet

  153. MrB0gart

    MrB0gartПре месец

    @Choo Choo MotherTrucker she looks like biz markie

  154. Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    Choo Choo MotherTruckerПре месец

    @Crowned Guilty Don't judge people by their profile picture, horny boy. You don't even know if Phoebe is a man or woman.

  155. Crowned Guilty

    Crowned GuiltyПре месец

    Youre sweet... lemme holla at youu 🙈

  156. FlightsManager

    FlightsManagerПре месец

    “James Fear the Beard Harden”

  157. Justice Grissom

    Justice GrissomПре месец

    First comments ⁉️