KJZ reacts to the Raptors defeating the Lakers

KJZ reacts to the Raptors defeating the Lakers
The KJZ crew weighs in on the Toronto Raptors defeating the Los Angeles Lakers and looks ahead to the NBA's play-in tournament.
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  1. Mark S

    Mark SПре 10 дана

    Nba play-in is the worst. Enough hand-holding.

  2. さよなら ポケモンモジャ公

    さよなら ポケモンモジャ公Пре 10 дана

    Jwill, bron aint pip

  3. Mark Bantz

    Mark BantzПре 10 дана

    AD not a top 5 player! What hogwash!!!

  4. Jared Thomas

    Jared ThomasПре 10 дана

    we let the BUBBLE overrate the la lakers bro. they're not as GREAT as what we said/thought. they had ZERO competition in the BUBBLE, which didn't TRULY REFLECT how good they were/are

  5. renee angele

    renee angeleПре 10 дана

    You talk like LeBron and AD weren't in the game. They both played and got out-played. Done story!

  6. Flashback Jack

    Flashback JackПре 10 дана

    The dinosaurs keep drinking from the Lake and pissing it out.

  7. ssj2tarble

    ssj2tarbleПре 10 дана

    Lakers are going to regret letting mcgee, howard, rondo and bradley go.

  8. 72defender

    72defenderПре 10 дана

    CLICK BAIT! No mention of Raptors! Just 3 dudes swinging on LeBron’s nuts.

  9. 72defender

    72defenderПре 10 дана

    Raptors roughed them up!

  10. Innis Mor

    Innis MorПре 10 дана

    Methinks LBJ is suddenly old. He's not gonna be healthy for the entirety of the play-offs. Not this year.

  11. Custom Wall Shelves

    Custom Wall ShelvesПре 10 дана

    One day SOON the Raptors gonna have all 5 of their best players shoot to their potential on a regular basis and there's gonna be a rainy season. Go Raps Go

  12. Lennart Makkink

    Lennart MakkinkПре 10 дана

    Imagine next year, when they're back in Toronto and have Trent Jr for the entire season... Scary stuff

  13. John Edward Jacob

    John Edward JacobПре 10 дана

    Reminder: LeBron James still has never beat the Toronto Raptors in a Lakers Jersey

  14. Urbain Delva

    Urbain DelvaПре 10 дана

    Well, they do have the bodies to wear him down.

  15. Gunzell Cleveland

    Gunzell ClevelandПре 10 дана

    Keyshawn is delusional, I know Lebron is not human. But he can play on that ankle, but from having that injury....I played the last 4 weeks of football then went straight to basketball which ended in like late February. That injury didn't fully heal until that summer

  16. Slikk Nikka

    Slikk NikkaПре 10 дана

    i’ll never understand people putting ad in top 5.. bron, kd, giannis, kawhi, curry, harden, luka, dame..

  17. Daniel Harper

    Daniel HarperПре 10 дана


  18. rod axel

    rod axelПре 10 дана

    Warriors vs Lakers.. Play in.. Count me in..

  19. Paradoxical General

    Paradoxical GeneralПре 10 дана

    For us? Are these guys analysts or cheerleaders? The NBA analysts are what they used to be anymore. Everyone is compromised and lame! That's why their is so much nepotism in their arguments/narratives!

  20. Ed Ahmed

    Ed AhmedПре 10 дана

    2019 Raptors would have killed 2020 Lakers

  21. Ed Ahmed

    Ed AhmedПре 10 дана

    Raptors close to competing for a chip if they get a Big or 2 n a scorer they good

  22. Ed Ahmed

    Ed AhmedПре 10 дана

    Raptors always beat the Lakers

  23. Gdog

    GdogПре 10 дана

    You know what, Raptors didn't deserve to get talked about. The Raptors had a bunch of talent this year and they legit choked in about 20 close games. I do not feel sorry for them at all - and they are my team

  24. ThRippJck

    ThRippJckПре 7 дана

    They also got covid and injuries. Someone remind me how many times they started in their home court or with all of their legit starters?

  25. B Lee

    B LeeПре 10 дана

    Only NBA team without home game.

  26. Jonathan Gomes

    Jonathan GomesПре 10 дана

    They didn't talk about the Raptors AT ALL.... This was literally like listening to local LA sports broadcasters. Thy were even talking about the lakers using terms like "we" and "us"...

  27. Samuel Grismore

    Samuel GrismoreПре 10 дана

    Yea Lakers are the Cowboys of the NBA

  28. Custom Wall Shelves

    Custom Wall ShelvesПре 10 дана

    Sad but so true.

  29. Klay Staccs

    Klay StaccsПре 10 дана

    I don’t like how ppl try to water down brons teams when they’re not doing good. He constructed every team he’s been on from top to bottom from his first stint in Cleveland. Remember he almost got kahwi one off-season as well. Players change they way they play to be with bron. Real nba dudes remember how savage JR Smith was playing for Denver and New York. By time he gets to Cleveland he’s only a 3point shooter. This man was creating his own shots before....ppl play with bron and are told what to do, lessening the teammates IQ.

  30. ARRITI

    ARRITIПре 10 дана

    Never seen Lebron or Anthony davis playing like this but good for the Raptors was a win well deserved

  31. GenieKid

    GenieKidПре 10 дана

    Lebron is terrible in games ones a lot of the time so the play in is garbage for him

  32. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor duПре 10 дана

    111th comment

  33. Matt T

    Matt TПре 10 дана

    Kyle lowry outplay ad and bron. Lakers are going regret not trading for kyle. Raps are bounce back next year

  34. MC the Natural

    MC the NaturalПре 10 дана

    Anyone else cringe when Key says "us" when talking about the Lakers? 😬

  35. Harkirat Ahluwalia

    Harkirat AhluwaliaПре 10 дана

    Revenge for LeBronto

  36. Troy Mention

    Troy MentionПре 10 дана

    Add weather man to lebron's resume. I don't know about your weather man but how many times has the weather man said thunderstorms possible and it ain't happen.

  37. Timothy tisor

    Timothy tisorПре 10 дана

    Lebron is now recruiting Siakam to the Lakers

  38. jattz4lyfe

    jattz4lyfeПре 10 дана

    As a raptors fan... please take him

  39. Kenw K

    Kenw KПре 10 дана

    It’s over

  40. Adam Adamson

    Adam AdamsonПре 10 дана

    Had no answer for spicy P

  41. Paco A

    Paco AПре 10 дана

    Real laker fans aren't worried at all. All we wanted last year is to be in the playoffs where we belong, everything else has been a very pleasant surprise.

  42. King Tshilobo

    King TshiloboПре 10 дана

    Lakers fans should be concerned/woried

  43. Jean Claude

    Jean ClaudeПре 10 дана

    AD will never be the same...he's basically the new cousins...

  44. Al mac

    Al macПре 10 дана

    He hasn't torn anything. Just a strain.

  45. A S

    A SПре 10 дана

    What happened to the brown guy???? ESPN is sketch

  46. A S

    A SПре 10 дана

    @Chris K I think they got rid of him cuz he's brown. and I think key had something to do with it.

  47. Chris K

    Chris KПре 10 дана

    Hes probably on vacation or something. Not everything is about race

  48. JM

    JMПре 10 дана

    LBJ wasn’t laughing at the bubble when Westbrook ran thru them the other night.

  49. Edgar Gonzalez

    Edgar GonzalezПре 10 дана

    I love KJZ

  50. Mohammad Hamid

    Mohammad HamidПре 10 дана

    Wow the media is talking about the Raptors!

  51. Bella's Happy World

    Bella's Happy WorldПре 10 дана

    Keyshawn is the best thing in KJZ...

  52. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Lakers were not a good shooting team last year but the bubble helped them. Being a bad shooting team this year will expose them for frauds they are.

  53. Warren Mazengwe

    Warren MazengweПре 10 дана

    That is why I think the top 3 teams can beat the Lakers. The Lakers have very good defense across the court, but they don't score, even when LeBron and AD were in the line up. Top 3 teams have goood defense with better offense.

  54. tobias

    tobiasПре 10 дана

    Lebron did what he does best quit on his team.

  55. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Lakers got no bubble to save them this time. No more Kobe Tribute Tour. They got to travel and deal with fans. The bubble didn't expose role players on the road.

  56. Malik P

    Malik PПре 10 дана

    Lakers have a better squad then most even without their big 2, no excuses

  57. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Some Clippers fans are afraid of the Lakers in the 1st round. Amateurs and newbies. FOH. The Blazers pose a bigger problem. Lakers are an easier matchup. Their offense stinks.

  58. dipsetkory

    dipsetkoryПре 10 дана

    That Andre Drummond signing has sure boosted LA...... 🤣🤣🤣

  59. Al mac

    Al macПре 10 дана

    Is Kareem not balling?

  60. Antonio B.

    Antonio B.Пре 10 дана

    Busted not boosted !hahaha

  61. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    If Shannon does win his bet, Lakers go 41-31. They'll lose again tonight. I wouldn't mind if Lakers get to 6th. I want Clippers vs. Lakers already.

  62. Loud Mouth Sports Talk with Adam Dickens

    Loud Mouth Sports Talk with Adam DickensПре 10 дана

    Ankle will linger until he rest for 2 plus months

  63. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Lakers will be in the play-in tournament. LeBron knows it and it's why he criticized it. We will have Lakers vs. Warriors fighting for 7th. I believe Warriors win.

  64. James Marshall

    James MarshallПре 10 дана

    He was fine with it last year until he realized he was going to get knocked before the first round this year

  65. Urbain Delva

    Urbain DelvaПре 10 дана

    That was 'cause the season had been suspended. And there's no way that they're gonna get knocked out in the first round.

  66. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Blazers last 5 games: San Antonio (B2B), Houston, @ Utah, @ Phoenix (B2B), and Denver. Must win tonight and beat Lakers on Friday.

  67. Fiend Archive

    Fiend ArchiveПре 10 дана

    So when are we gonna admit that AD isn’t a top 5 player

  68. Fiend Archive

    Fiend ArchiveПре 10 дана

    @jas I’ve felt that way too but you know people duck ride

  69. jas

    jasПре 10 дана

    Anyone who ever had him in their top 5 was wrong

  70. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Blazers must win their next 3 games. @ Atlanta, @ Cleveland, Lakers. Own the tiebreaker over the Lakers. Then they can afford to lose 4 more after.

  71. Ro Smooth

    Ro SmoothПре 10 дана

    TORONTOO 6🙌🏻🎉. Next year we bout to take over again.

  72. jas

    jasПре 10 дана

    @Don Rico The bench will be better next year with a full offseason.

  73. Don Rico

    Don RicoПре 10 дана

    @Jeremy Rodrigo agree. They are below average. Or what Jack Armstrong would call a "serviceable" player. They are okay in short stretches against average teams

  74. SillyBoySonya

    SillyBoySonyaПре 10 дана

    @Jeremy Rodrigo That's what free agency's for. Raptors are gonna sign role players to come off their bench and those players you mentioned are only gonna get better lmfaoo

  75. Jeremy Rodrigo

    Jeremy RodrigoПре 10 дана

    @Illmatic662 i’m sorry but gilespie and watanabe aren’t good players under average

  76. Ro Smooth

    Ro SmoothПре 10 дана

    @Paul B. Raps need DRAKE. They put us in Tampa.

  77. RJ Carrillo

    RJ CarrilloПре 10 дана

    LeBron has always been competition whats new? but in this shortened season a play-in tournament should be a no no...many more players will get injured watch.

  78. Micah Kiyimba

    Micah KiyimbaПре 10 дана

    Lakers will be in the play-in....Their schedule is the toughest between them Dallas and Portland..and LeBron re- injured his ankle last night. You don't want to play-in with the Grizzlies or the Warriors

  79. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Kawhi needs to show us if he has the heart of a champion. I don't know if he has it. And watch Paul George get sent home again by Dame. 3, 2, 1 Cancun.

  80. Yahnathan Tasian

    Yahnathan TasianПре 10 дана

    He showed it in Toronto, regardless who was injured or not.

  81. Paul B.

    Paul B.Пре 10 дана

    Raptors were missing Gary Trent Jr, OG Anunoby, Fred VanVleet, Chris Boucher.....and 3 of the starters had a grand total of 4 points. Imagine they get a high draft pick or a free agent....

  82. 72defender

    72defenderПре 10 дана

    @Marc Burnette Keep ‘winnin’ with jokes from your momma’s basement. 🤦‍♂️

  83. lepidoptery

    lepidopteryПре 10 дана

    Toronto seems like a cool city, if you're wealthy (which any nba player pretty much is). otoh, what if you don't like drake...?

  84. Aimal Popal

    Aimal PopalПре 10 дана

    @Agent 02 that guys delusional lol

  85. Agent 02

    Agent 02Пре 10 дана

    @Marc Burnette did we not just win a chip?

  86. Marc Burnette

    Marc BurnetteПре 10 дана

    Absolutely nothing 🤣

  87. SS

    SSПре 10 дана

    KLow and Mr Spin move were the best players on the same floor as lebron and AD smh

  88. NoseBlind

    NoseBlindПре 6 дана

    @Urbain Delva watch a raptors game. spinning is his signature move

  89. Urbain Delva

    Urbain DelvaПре 10 дана

    Why is Siakam called "Mr. Spin"?

  90. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Clippers go 17-3 from March 20 to April 23 and still couldn't make ground vs. Utah and Phoenix. Then we lose 3 in a row and are now below a Murray-less Denver. We're cursed.

  91. Daniel Harper

    Daniel HarperПре 10 дана

    Clippers are cursed been cursed for 70 years now

  92. Tmac 01

    Tmac 01Пре 10 дана

    Lakers are done. Lebron should retire

  93. Jeff Brisson

    Jeff BrissonПре 10 дана

    Remove one and they're a 2nd exit. Beyond those two players that team is garbage.

  94. Sahil Warsariya

    Sahil WarsariyaПре 10 дана

    BREAKING NEWS: Lakers trade Anthony Davis and a first for Stephen curry.

  95. Micah Kiyimba

    Micah KiyimbaПре 10 дана

    Curry will NEVER go to the Lakers...he will go to the East if he ever leaves


    PG 13PACERNATIONПре 10 дана

    Watch the whole media including Stephen A Smith change their mind after the Lakers win the next game lol

  97. I Am Dolo

    I Am DoloПре 10 дана

    This could be bad

  98. I Am Dolo

    I Am DoloПре 10 дана

    Lebron isn’t playing

  99. This Is Boxing

    This Is BoxingПре 10 дана

    Lebron never been on an actual good team😂 I feel bad for dude🤣 looks like we the LA team that going to the finals this year

  100. This Is Boxing

    This Is BoxingПре 10 дана

    @LaoKast21 shut up lol would they be that good without Lebron?

  101. This Is Boxing

    This Is BoxingПре 10 дана

    @Harkirat Ahluwalia they’re worse!!! It seemed deeper to us now they don’t even seem like a threat

  102. Harkirat Ahluwalia

    Harkirat AhluwaliaПре 10 дана

    Lmao this is funny how all Laker fans said it was an easy repeat and how deep the Lakers were at the start of the year lol

  103. LaoKast21

    LaoKast21Пре 10 дана

    So the Miami heat team wasn’t good? Having played with two number one overall picks aren’t good? Please

  104. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Change our name to California Condors like our mascot Chuck is. Don't call yourselves LA or Los Angeles. That's Lakers. Clippers is synonymous to losers.

  105. J Th

    J ThПре 10 дана

    Harden KD Bron Curry Embid? Jokic? Adisney ain’t a top ten player, he can’t carry a team by himself

  106. J Th

    J ThПре 10 дана

    @Vi Sol Danh yeah exactly

  107. Vi Sol Danh

    Vi Sol DanhПре 10 дана

    I dnt get all the hype around AD! He had one good year in his whole career n that was with Queen James. U can come up with more of his failures then his accomplishments! Over-rated!!

  108. Omar Rodriguez

    Omar RodriguezПре 10 дана

    Lakers gotta face Nuggets Clips Blazers Suns Knicks for the next five games.... 😅😅 and without Schroder, looks like the play-in is the likely scenario

  109. Herbert Duke

    Herbert DukeПре 10 дана

    @Omar Rodriguez I think LeBron will sit out today and then I'm not sure of Kawhi plays on Thursday, the next week will be very interesting for the standing

  110. Omar Rodriguez

    Omar RodriguezПре 10 дана

    @Herbert Duke they realistically could lose all 5 games, unless a team sits out one of their star players. they probably go 1-4. 2-3 is too optimistic imo

  111. Herbert Duke

    Herbert DukeПре 10 дана

    What's do u think their record in the next 5 is?

  112. Mike B

    Mike BПре 10 дана

    LeWoke....You're Next...for the play in game.

  113. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Clippers can't beat Utah. Clippers can't beat Denver. Clippers won't get out of the 2nd round again.


    BLACK BOLTПре 10 дана

    Who says the Lakers can even. Hold the 7th spot

  115. eway

    ewayПре 10 дана

    this man just said anthony davis is a top 5 player (-_-)

  116. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Suns will win it all. Paul George returning to his Playoff P.U. form that Rondo and Cousins can't save us from the stink. The Clippers are still the Clippers.

  117. Blazing Sword

    Blazing SwordПре 10 дана


  118. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Shannon thinks Lakers will finish 5-2 but exclude tonight. Skip wins that bet. Lakers will lose at least 3 more. Clippers, Blazers, Suns, Knicks, Pacers, and Pelicans.


    BLACK BOLTПре 10 дана

    Lakers don’t have 2 top 5 players

  120. Donner Party

    Donner PartyПре 10 дана

    Get ready for the plan in laker fans

  121. Micah Kiyimba

    Micah KiyimbaПре 10 дана

    You mean get ready for Ja and Steph..with an unhealthy team...anyone can beat the Lakers in a 1 game situation

  122. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 10 дана

    Lakers will go 4-4 at best the rest of the way. That's 40-32. That's 7th seed. Then they lose to Golden State to fall to 8th. "A storm is coming..." K.

  123. Al mac

    Al macПре 10 дана

    @Logan Black are you on crack?

  124. Logan Black

    Logan BlackПре 10 дана

    I guarantee Lakers go 8-0 ... LeBron will average next 8 games 32.5 points 13.6 rebounds 11.8 assists 3.4 steals 1.7 blocks 4.2 turn over

  125. Trae Fittz

    Trae FittzПре 10 дана

    Oh it was BAD. Sad & Mesirable. We’re talkin about the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS but Last night they could even Defend themselves.

  126. 게비스콘

    게비스콘Пре 10 дана

    the storm hit LeLeBron in the hair I mean head pretty hard.

  127. Hussein Nasreddine

    Hussein NasreddineПре 10 дана

    Kawhi is not out

  128. QUiNTiN BANKS

    QUiNTiN BANKSПре 10 дана

    Great show

  129. TheReal Rockit

    TheReal RockitПре 10 дана

    AD is injured 25 times a year look it up , talk about that pls

  130. Jason

    JasonПре 10 дана


  131. Alex O

    Alex OПре 10 дана

    Sincerely hope the Knicks slaughter the lakers. We haven’t forgot about that water bottle flip at MSG.

  132. KeYser808TV

    KeYser808TVПре 10 дана

    that's the team he built, deal with the losses

  133. Urbain Delva

    Urbain DelvaПре 10 дана

    You can say that he built it, but at the end of the day, he doesn't make the final decisions on personnel. Rob Pelinka does.

  134. Nice YouTuber

    Nice YouTuberПре 10 дана

    The team was cursed since the traded away their championship roster.Never were the same after.

  135. C-Red

    C-RedПре 10 дана

    they got 1 of the top 5 players in the league, AD has been garbage since the start of the season.

  136. Clippers Suck

    Clippers SuckПре 10 дана

    @Nicolas M. hes already the scoring goat (points plus assists)

  137. Clippers Suck

    Clippers SuckПре 10 дана

    @Nicolas M. he will also be the scoring goat soon

  138. Nicolas M.

    Nicolas M.Пре 10 дана

    LeBron is still the TOV goat!

  139. Not Benny

    Not BennyПре 10 дана

    SpicyP aka PSKILLS🌶🌶🔥🔥🔥 owns lefraud

  140. Alfredo

    AlfredoПре 10 дана

    @This Is Boxing Lowryfornia

  141. Vi Sol Danh

    Vi Sol DanhПре 10 дана

    Raptors Nation baby!!!

  142. Druce

    DruceПре 10 дана

    @This Is Boxing 2 of those 3 series he was suppose to win regardless

  143. Steven Jeon

    Steven JeonПре 10 дана

    Since Lebron left for LA he has never beaten the Raptors.

  144. This Is Boxing

    This Is BoxingПре 10 дана

    U forgot about LeBronto?

  145. Noble Venom

    Noble VenomПре 10 дана

    havent watched yet but this show needs to be cancelled because they never know what they talking about

  146. djmeduna2009

    djmeduna2009Пре 10 дана

    Yeah so

  147. Kevin DurGoat

    Kevin DurGoatПре 10 дана

    I hope the Flakers lose in the Play-In

  148. The MAGA CAT In The HAT

    The MAGA CAT In The HATПре 10 дана

    Free Derek Chauvin🇺🇸

  149. EthanSanjay 10

    EthanSanjay 10Пре 10 дана

    Wow ppl talking about the raptors.... that's new

  150. Bagirav • 60 years ago

    Bagirav • 60 years agoПре 9 дана

    @Randy G randy he wasn’t talking about the chip he was talking about the title of the video

  151. Andrew P

    Andrew PПре 10 дана

    Only cuz they barbequed the flakers

  152. Antonio B.

    Antonio B.Пре 10 дана

    @Randy G because Lakecraps are losing moron !

  153. EthanSanjay 10

    EthanSanjay 10Пре 10 дана

    @Randy G they nvr talked about the raps bro. Rn theve had injuries, protocols, and a trash center for half a season it makes sense they didn't talk much. But the disrespect to the franchise in general has been too much.

  154. Randy G

    Randy GПре 10 дана

    @NestyAngel that was 2019... it's 2021 and the Raptors have one of the worst records in eastern conference, why would the media talk about this team 🤔🙄

  155. Guillermo McLean

    Guillermo McLeanПре 10 дана

    Excuses are for losers... MJ and Kobe played with many different injuries throw out their careers and it was always a basketball and the team first..... That's WHY those guys are respected and admired throw out the world 🌍

  156. Harkirat Ahluwalia

    Harkirat AhluwaliaПре 10 дана

    @Lenox W yeah they did especially Kobe but they ain’t make excuses for themselves! Did u listen to Brons interview last night?

  157. JC Gang

    JC GangПре 10 дана

    Lebron KD and a lot of other sport icons are admired THROUGHOUT the world

  158. Lenox W

    Lenox WПре 10 дана

    They also lost playoff runs due to injuries and eventually fell off Its not excuses, its age and injuries

  159. MinePlay 512

    MinePlay 512Пре 10 дана

    Shocker. I am worried and hope the Lakers rebound strong.

  160. C4LLifestyle

    C4LLifestyleПре 10 дана

    First! 🙏🏿