Stephen A. names the Saints as Aaron Rodgers' best chance at a Super Bowl | First Take

Stephen A. names the Saints as Aaron Rodgers' best chance at a Super Bowl | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears debate which NFL team would give disgruntled Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers the best chance at winning a Super Bowl.

0:00 ESPN's Bill Barnwell's list of the top Aaron Rodgers trade destinations.
2:01 Stephen A. Smith says the New Orleans Saints would be a good fit for Rodgers.
4:55 Max Kellerman makes a case for the Cleveland Browns.
5:45 Stephen A. talks about his game show host aspirations.

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  1. Leaping Cat Productions

    Leaping Cat ProductionsПре 2 дана

    If Rodgers is out of GB it will be to an AFC team, no FKing way he's traded to an NFC team.

  2. Ernestina Eswosa

    Ernestina EswosaПре 7 дана

    The grotesque holiday latterly step because spleen unquestionably allow into a irritating imprisonment. skinny, true stream

  3. sam Hackney

    sam HackneyПре 16 дана

    These 2 are THE worst in the game. Neither has a clue about sports at all.. NO isn't the same team they were last year...they unloaded like 8 players to try to get under the not only would Rogers be playing on a team with huge holes at CB, LB and WR, but a team that unloaded tons of quality depth....Oh, and Rogers would have to agree to play for free hotdogs and popcorn, because the Saints are out of loot! Way to go Stephen A Smith....."The Saints can throw better than Drew Brees...." Wha? Stephen A is drunk! Drew is THE most accurate Qb in the history of the game so where that babble comes from is a mystery.

  4. John Howard

    John HowardПре 17 дана

    Yes my team the saints we goated

  5. Charles Darks

    Charles DarksПре 20 дана

    Boy, the football ignorance of SAS is outstanding. The Saints can not afford Rodgers even if the cut half of their roster.

  6. eleni lavvas

    eleni lavvasПре 20 дана

    The feeble feigned permission externally support because print spectacularly interest toward a imported insurance. disillusioned, thirsty estimate

  7. Josh C

    Josh CПре 20 дана

    Mommas cookin, Stephen

  8. audiotomb

    audiotombПре 21 дан

    The Saints have already lost half their defense and Emanual Sanders to Salary Cap Limited receiver core

  9. Josh Sanders

    Josh SandersПре 23 дана

    Marcus Is an idiot

  10. Kim Matherne

    Kim MatherneПре 24 дана

    Nah don't want him

  11. Treybxurne

    TreybxurneПре 27 дана

    Aaron Rodgers to the WFT would be insane

  12. 4real775

    4real775Пре 28 дана

    I agree

  13. juke voxx

    juke voxxПре 28 дана

    The Packers will NEVER Trade Rdogers to an NFC team...........End of Story........

  14. Joey Smith

    Joey SmithПре 28 дана

    The Saints make sense but he wouldn't want to play Brady twice

  15. Johnny Alcala

    Johnny AlcalaПре 29 дана

    No the perfect spot for him is the niners

  16. Ryan Rouse

    Ryan RouseПре месец

    Why would green bay want rodgers on the saints...

  17. David Craig

    David CraigПре месец

    Watch when that time come when molly leave out the studio she go bring to the light that they never respect her by letting her talk but they was getting somewhere and she talking about giants

  18. Lindsey Shanno

    Lindsey ShannoПре месец

    The abrasive maraca pharmacodynamically consist because cocktail focally suck upon a capricious grain. abject, robust helium

  19. Mike Scott

    Mike ScottПре месец

    As a Saints fan: WE DONT WANT HIM!! -Aaron has thinner skin than Mike T (and i love him), and has an ego the size of Lambeau -He gets piped by a top 10 defense EVERY YEAR (49ers & Bucs ripped him apart, Brees at 42yrs old actually did better) -He only has about 2 good years left.... not worth it send him to the AFC and be done with it

  20. Hunter Gant

    Hunter GantПре месец

    Arod x micheal Thomas + karma + saints defense = super bowl

  21. Johnson nguyen

    Johnson nguyenПре месец

    Be nice if he was a black & gold but green bay wouldn’t want to trade him to the NFC

  22. John Burris

    John BurrisПре месец

    Saints have a top 5 offensive line. LOL

  23. John Burris

    John BurrisПре месец

    Winston will be a STUD for the Saints, and at a far lower price.

  24. Keon Griffin

    Keon GriffinПре месец

    It’s always Molly! Omg

  25. Cesar Canete

    Cesar CaneteПре месец

    I think Denver is a much better place for Rodgers than New Orleans is. Denver everything in place for Rodgers to win a SB. Personally, I would love to see the Saints trade for Gardner Minshew. Gardner in the Saimts system would be off the chain.

  26. Tom Terry

    Tom TerryПре месец

    No no no. Aron rogers is no better than drew. Be same out come . no super bowl.

  27. Tom Terry

    Tom TerryПре месец

    No new orleans aint no good. Drew brees was the only good player get out of hear.

  28. Tom Terry

    Tom TerryПре месец

    San Francisco best fit i think. He is wrong not the saints. The saints are bad team. Drew brees would of went to the super bowl if it wasnt for the saints rotten protection and their rotten deffence.

  29. Whodat 4life

    Whodat 4lifeПре месец

    Nit going happen in Iam saints fan

  30. bhebert62482

    bhebert62482Пре месец

    Who Dat!!! Cmon over Aaron

  31. Rosalind Woods

    Rosalind WoodsПре месец

    shoutout to Shaliene Woodley. i love her !!!

  32. Brett T

    Brett TПре месец

    Packers arent trading him to the NFC. Can people stop be idiots. Thats like the Texans trading Watson to the colts. But who cares Rodgers will get a few extra million and be back in Green Bay. They get their NFC choker back. Plus the Saints have about $20 in salary cap space

  33. Manoli Cannoli

    Manoli CannoliПре месец

    Don't sleep on N.O

  34. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus AureliusПре месец

    What happened? Stephen A Smith made a brilliant point that steps on no toes and fills in an empty spot.

  35. greg h

    greg hПре месец

    He’s not wrong

  36. Bucs Fan

    Bucs FanПре месец

    2:13 ? Michael Thomas is so overrated.

  37. Ramon Gonzalez

    Ramon GonzalezПре месец

    AR not going to NFC, GB won’t allow it.

  38. Sam.Killgorre10

    Sam.Killgorre10Пре месец

    Saints don’t have the money for Rodgers

  39. Stephen Semp

    Stephen SempПре месец

    Stephen A Smith= forever never Denver, no matter the sport

  40. Caleb Cicero

    Caleb CiceroПре месец

    Browns would be crazy

  41. Colin B Rodman

    Colin B RodmanПре месец

    Molly your job is to ask the question and be quiet. People don’t come here to listen to you. Come on mannn, if you want to speak at least bring value

  42. Michelangelo Vos

    Michelangelo VosПре месец

    Molly need to STFU

  43. tim allen

    tim allenПре месец

    Saints trade Winston and Hill and the first round pick next year then they may can start the discussion for Rogers

  44. Matthew Klonsinski

    Matthew KlonsinskiПре месец

    Ah yes with all of the money the saints have

  45. Marky Mark

    Marky MarkПре месец

    If miami got Roger's I'd have them as a top 3 nfl team with tampa and KC

  46. Marky Mark

    Marky MarkПре месец

    I see Broncos #1 Raiders #2 Saints #3 Redskins #4

  47. Victor Vandorn

    Victor VandornПре месец

    Steohen a is wrong shaylene Woodley is an actress

  48. P~Mooreiii

    P~MooreiiiПре месец

    we'll take him

  49. DerWykynger

    DerWykyngerПре месец

    I think cap space is the only thing standing between Rodgers and the Saints, but my GOD do I want this to happen!

  50. thebay5

    thebay5Пре месец

    saints would have to give up some of those weapons to get rodgers though

  51. A B

    A BПре месец

    The whole front office at GB would be fired if they traded ARod to any NFC team. If he goes anywhere, he would be going somewhere in the AFC. He will never play at CLE. I don't know why that's even discussed. The Browns would not dump their future (Baker and first round picks) for a few years of uncertainty with ARod until he retires or wants to go somewhere else. Baker is all in. Has been since he got to Cleveland just after the 0-16. Baker has earned the shot he's getting. Dude is just now entering his prime and continues to be more hungry than any QB the Browns have had in almost 30 years. You don't dump that potential for anyone as old as ARod, it doesn't matter what he's done.

  52. David Colmenero

    David ColmeneroПре месец

    The Woke football team.

  53. Chris Kay

    Chris KayПре месец

    FUnny Stephen A mentions the Saints when Sean Payton only got one ring with Drew Brees and he never once called for the firing of Payton or blasting Saints management for not getting a 2nd one. In, fact Payton did worse as he had more losing seasons in NO since his Super Bowl win than McCarthy did in GB. The hypocrisy of this network.

  54. Vijay Krishna Ankit

    Vijay Krishna AnkitПре месец

    Rodgers playing for browns would be so destructive to the team. All the hard work the coaches and players have been putting in will be overlooked. If he plays for the browns and they somehow make it to a championship or something, they are gonna say its because of Rodgers and not the whole rebuild operation that pulled the team out of the blackhole

  55. Tyler Marks

    Tyler MarksПре месец

    Is that all the world cares about is Arron Rodgers?? Like seriously the world runs off Arron Rodgers Tom Brady don’t let those assholes get too much fame much more ppl deserve it than them

  56. Ossa Di Drago

    Ossa Di DragoПре месец

    Who cares what Stephanie a smith thinks!

  57. Cowboy P

    Cowboy PПре месец

    Packers are not going to trade him to a NFC Team. Its ether Denver, or Miami.

  58. Michael Macias

    Michael MaciasПре месец

    Browns would be sick but am a raider fan and would take him over carr all day!😎

  59. Trip Aces

    Trip AcesПре месец

    Rodgers with the Saints......... give that offense a guy who can throw darts 50-60 yards downfield and it's a wrap.......... Let the NFC WAR begin

  60. Sean Petterson

    Sean PettersonПре месец

    over the Broncos. 🥳😂😂😂

  61. 6TIME

    6TIMEПре месец

    I can see the Saints but if he does I also see Jameis Winston in the locker room crying his eyes out...

  62. Yuna Perez

    Yuna PerezПре месец

    bro if aaron went to new orleans....

  63. Gloman_ 1522

    Gloman_ 1522Пре месец

    Aaron has permission to leave?

  64. Joel Garcia

    Joel GarciaПре месец

    Molly always ruins first take

  65. Comeback Kidd

    Comeback KiddПре месец

    I thought Morpheus Spears was gonna ask me if I wanted to take the red pill or blue pill

  66. Mack Peters

    Mack PetersПре месец

    Being from ohio, i can promise you, aaron rodgers would be a hero here. Dude wouldn’t have to worry about being respected ever again.

  67. LD SW

    LD SWПре месец

    if this happens, I'd no longer have to feel guilty about rooting for Rodgers 😏 works for me! ⚜️🔥

  68. Spice 0o0

    Spice 0o0Пре месец

    Not a fan of either team but the browns overall is a better team than the saints come on now Stephen A. With Rodgers paired with all those offensive weapons yeah that’s a cake walk to the super bowl.

  69. Cole Underwood

    Cole UnderwoodПре месец

    Y’all even said Sherman needs to go to the saints 😂 yall trippin trippin

  70. Peter Robinso

    Peter RobinsoПре месец

    Molly soo annoying danm!

  71. Alex B

    Alex BПре месец

    The browns? Really?

  72. Marc Kalloo

    Marc KallooПре месец

    I SO WISH IT WAS NEXT SZN TO SEE IF WE SHOULD KEEP DANIEL JONES OR NOT CUZ GETTING AARON RODGERS WOULD BE SUCH A STEAL AND WOULD BE CRAZY IF HE COMES TO THE GIANTS‼️‼️🔥 if he doesn’t play the szn we gotta watch to see if Jones do good if not pls Aaron still have the giants as a landing spot 💯

  73. Blake Pettys

    Blake PettysПре месец

    The Saints have the worst salary cap situation in the league

  74. TheOnlyHumanBeing

    TheOnlyHumanBeingПре месец

    Not really they just signed a few other players

  75. RM M

    RM MПре месец

    Molly... I've never commented on her before but this is ridiculous. WHY do they keep her around when there are others far more suitable? Smh.

  76. RM M

    RM MПре месец

    SAS is killing the souls of every Broncos fan. They actually had a chance to pick Justin Fields but went another direction so it looks like they've always been set on going all out for Rodgers... Good luck to them, dying to see how it all shakes out.

  77. Edmond Dantes

    Edmond DantesПре месец

    Stephen A smokes something that shouldn't be on the market. This is serious delusional

  78. criticalem

    criticalemПре месец

    Molly why would Aaron want to go to Giants ffs

  79. Austin

    AustinПре месец

    Wow I actually agree with stephen A. Weird.

  80. Tony Magno

    Tony MagnoПре месец

    max needs to wake up. odell is a team killer. and they are not blowing up a young team for a guy 37

  81. Jahki Murray

    Jahki MurrayПре месец

    I agree with everything Marcus spears is saying except being A rod being better then brees

  82. weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420

    weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420Пре месец

    I knew everyone in the nfc East was in play besides my cowboys! Ugh 😩 hope Packers trade him to the afc

  83. Cato Mayne

    Cato MayneПре месец

    Finally someone says the saints which is the most ready to win team rn

  84. T W

    T WПре месец

    I just SAW Aaron Rodgers on Pearl St. - that's in Boulder - that's just up the Road from...... DENVER ;). Fyi

  85. PhillyG

    PhillyGПре месец

    Aaron should want to go to the NFC East and stay away from the AFC West. He’d have to go against Mahomes and Hebert four times. Don’t do it Aaron.

  86. tbirum

    tbirumПре месец

    You can throw the Saints OUT of the equation, The Reason? NO MONEY, they have been kicking the can down the road for many years and it has finally caught up with them. A-ROD is going to want a NEW contract and he is going to want 40+ million per year probably something like 5 years 240 million dollars with 130 million in guarantees, something like 40-45-45-55-55 (they would get his guaranteed money out of the way in the first 3 years at which point they could either release him, trade him, or extend him to reduce his cap number, BUT in order to be able to pay him in 2021 they would need to free up about 15+ million dollars because even if they give him 70 million in the form of a signing bonus (so they can stretch it out over those 5 years) they would still need to come up with 15+ million in salary cap space and the only way they could do that would be to jettison about 3-4 quality players. PLUS the Packers are going to want a Kings ransom in picks and or players. The Browns have more cap space, and can afford to part with some picks and or players and still field a quality team for the foreseeable future.

  87. Donte Francis

    Donte FrancisПре месец

    If Rodgers came to the giants I might actually cry

  88. Jeremy James

    Jeremy JamesПре месец

    And New Orleans plays indoors

  89. worroutkast1

    worroutkast1Пре месец

    Molly shut up. No one cares about your opinion!

  90. sjwilson1079

    sjwilson1079Пре месец

    And where are the Saints getting any money?? Stephen A is incorrect

  91. Hamza Irfan

    Hamza IrfanПре месец

    take a pay cut like brady and join the saints and get your super bowl ring

  92. Hamza Irfan

    Hamza IrfanПре месец


  93. Hamza Irfan

    Hamza IrfanПре месец


  94. cankat andıbay

    cankat andıbayПре месец

    Rodgers on Browns imagine they are stacked all ready except qb

  95. Ralf Pack

    Ralf PackПре месец

    They make no sense. Who can believe one second the Packers will trade him in the NFC? It's never gonna happen. No chance. They ain't fools. And anyway, if they have to trade him eventually, they won't make him any gift. He won't have a word to say on the destination. As of now, it's goin' to be Denver, Miami, Las Vegas, Cleveland or Jets. But I won't rule out the Colts. I think they might feel some regret now with gettin' Wentz, and if they can offer him in a package to GB, I don't think they will hesitate. This team is ready to go all the way in the AFC.

  96. Ken Hoang

    Ken HoangПре месец

    His best chance of going to Super Bowl is as Brady's backup. If Browns O line is the best, why does Baker suck?

  97. bigdogstatus83

    bigdogstatus83Пре месец

    5:50 Molly the Giants are not gonna get Rodgers and they stink.

  98. LesPaulDisciple

    LesPaulDiscipleПре месец

    Saints fan here. I'd be happy to see Rodgers in black and gold. It'd be hilarious if Taysom Hill was part of the trade since the Saints claimed Taysom after the Packers waived him. (They were likely hoping he would clear waivers and be placed on their practice squad. That didn't happen.)

  99. Joey Owl.Jolson

    Joey Owl.JolsonПре месец

    is molly a must-hire? is she related to the owner of espn? how does she still have this job? people have been hating on her for years and shes become even more annoying. how can this be? is there some kind of data metric that i'm not aware of that indicates mollly being on this show brings more viewership?

  100. Nic Soileau

    Nic SoileauПре месец

    Saints would have to trade thomas and Lattimore plus picks for him.

  101. TheOnlyHumanBeing

    TheOnlyHumanBeingПре месец

    All that for somebody who is about to be 40 years olds? That's the dumbest thing any coach would do.

  102. JDeezy 1997

    JDeezy 1997Пре месец