The Patriots will use Tom Brady’s weaknesses against him - Bart on Pats vs. Bucs in Week 4 | Get Up

The Patriots will use Tom Brady’s weaknesses against him - Bart on Pats vs. Bucs in Week 4 | Get Up
Bart Scott, Mike Tannenbaum, and Dan Graziano discuss expectations for the matchup between Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots in Week 4 of the 2021 NFL season.

0:00 Bart Scott says the Patriots will try to use Tom Brady’s weaknesses against him.
2:30 Is this “just another game” for Brady?
3:14 Dan Graziano says the atmosphere is going to be “incredible.”

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  1. James Kest

    James KestПре 27 дана

    Bengals Jackson Carmon Trey Hill suffices Jmare Chase will test defenses reaction to Mike Tanenbaum

  2. Art Pennesi

    Art PennesiПре 28 дана

    The Pats biggest weakness is that they have a middle of the road edge pass rush and tend to drop back more into coverage. Brady's receiving core is nicknamed store 24 , because they are always open. He also has a premium pass catching, and rush blocking back to dump it over the middle for 6 yards on any play they need and 2 hard running north to south backs in Ro-Jo and Fournette. This isn't going to end well for the home team. The Bucs punter doesn't get on to kick one all day. 49-32 Evans, Gronk, AB, Godwin and Miller all get pass catching TD's.

  3. David Lairson

    David LairsonПре 28 дана

    If the Buccaneers can block like they did late last year & through the playoffs & Superbowl it's all over you can't game plan against a team with as many pro bowl recieving options as the Buccaneers do & they're a solid running team as well & there defense is top notch luckily for them the Buccaneers would have played a very physical game in the Rams on the road before they have to travel clear across the United states to play on the road for the Patriots game in Foxborough

  4. Bill Shun

    Bill ShunПре 28 дана

    Bucs defense were #1 against run last season, will be interesting how the Pats can outscore the Bucs!

  5. introduce al

    introduce alПре 29 дана

    It’s no way you think cam is gonna let Brady win against em I think Brady gon be nervous asf n throw str8 ducks 😂😂😂


    A.D.H STUDIOSПре 29 дана

    It’ll be Pats 43 Bucs 40. It’ll be close and Folk will be hero and knock in the field goal for a 4-0 start

  7. Timothy Pyke

    Timothy PykeПре 29 дана

    Tom is aware of what Bill knows about him, and will have made the necessary corrections and changes ... That is what Tom is referring to in the latest comments on his post knee surgery 😎

  8. Tydyjav

    TydyjavПре 29 дана

    Brady is in a different scheme, different players, different tactics… etc… I would think the Pats defense will be more predictable for Brady.

  9. Isaac Otshudi

    Isaac OtshudiПре 29 дана

    Brady and gronk will be like speedstars flashes ,scoring touchdowns left and right hahahah to give the old man a heart attack, iswear this brady need to make a statement because the way bill humiliated him publicly on media that was cold, and if iwas brady il make sure I give them a beatdown to be remembered

  10. TerribleTom Vu

    TerribleTom VuПре месец

    Yep, that sounds like a great plan. Wonder why opponents just haven’t tried that strategy for the past twenty years?

  11. Redpillx89

    Redpillx89Пре месец

    And Brady will use Belichicks weakness against him. It’ll be mutual.

  12. Big Will

    Big WillПре месец

    Hmmmmmm, weakness’s you say??? Like what? Tom Brady as a player has no weaknesses, your talking about pressure in the pocket, that’s a weakness every qb has. 🤔😳🤦‍♀️

  13. Low key Blake

    Low key BlakeПре месец

    This kinda reminds me of Steve smith

  14. good egg greg

    good egg gregПре месец

    Bart Scott has a job still?

  15. Bromodo Dragon

    Bromodo DragonПре месец

    Belichick will make sure Brady can't throw it down field bc he's not afraid of him scrambling. Okay, Brady just dump passes it for 6 yard gains every play. TB12 will always find victory

  16. Brad75

    Brad75Пре месец

    “The Patriots will use his weaknesses against him.” Yes, because no one’s ever thought of THAT before.

  17. Stormi Jenner

    Stormi JennerПре месец

    The macabre step-grandmother ontogenically undress because priest contrastingly time but a numerous celsius. spotty, obnoxious pet

  18. Skeeter Hawk707

    Skeeter Hawk707Пре месец

    Brady is going to mop the floor with the pats!! Pats are the new lions!

  19. lil erb13✔

    lil erb13✔Пре месец

    No we will not be cheering when Brady scores. Not the true blues anyhow, the pink hats... yes, pink hats will cheer.

  20. Bill Shun

    Bill ShunПре месец

    Pats didn’t offer him contact, 😂

  21. D&T

    D&TПре месец

    That must be a new concept, look for your opponent weaknesses.....

  22. Sumgai

    SumgaiПре месец

    Belichick is about to turn into John Kreese.

  23. Walter Jackson

    Walter JacksonПре месец

    Bart you need to get off the air Rob P

  24. Vincent

    VincentПре месец

    BS is easy said than done! Hadn't you try it with the Jets and Ravens? Did they work? Go figure!

  25. Antonio Russell

    Antonio RussellПре месец

    Mac Jones needs to be the Patriots starter. "Tom Brady meet the younger version of u."

  26. SLeezoo 803

    SLeezoo 803Пре месец

    I mean why can’t we talk about our first game against MIA

  27. neil adlington

    neil adlingtonПре месец

    I am more a Brady fan than a Patriot one although I am a fan and so I really hope if Brady and Gronk do hook up for a TD, Pats fans DON'T cheer. That would be bush league. Just smile and be good with that.

  28. Charlie Hustle

    Charlie HustleПре месец

    Bucs @ Patriots might break some tv ratings that day.

  29. odyss eus

    odyss eusПре месец

    We all know Brady's weaknesses - don't give him time to kill you, and hope his defense is worse than yours. That explains his three Super Bowl losses.

  30. Edmond Dantes

    Edmond DantesПре 28 дана

    @Roger Williams, III You keep making excuses for him. If he is as great as everyone says. Why did he score only 2 touchdowns in both games? Do you really think Bill Belicheck went into those games saying you know what Tom? Forget our season average. Barely scraping across 2 TDs should be enough for us to win you know since we're an offensive team anyways. Don't make me laugh

  31. Roger Williams, III

    Roger Williams, IIIПре 28 дана

    @Edmond Dantes He played bad in both games. THAT'S WHY they lost.

  32. Edmond Dantes

    Edmond DantesПре 29 дана

    @Peter Vanna when people talk about the Patriots they don't talk about thier defense. It's Brady. Then Belicheck in that order. So yes. It's a BS narrative. The fact that you think a team that at the time set NFL records for points scored in a season. Held to 2 measly touchdowns in the biggest game of the year. And you literally have the nerve to say. It was the defense who gave up the game winning TD. Yup. Makes perfect sense

  33. Peter Vanna

    Peter VannaПре 29 дана

    @Edmond Dantes you seem to forget that the giants were a different team in the playoffs and the patriots O-like couldn’t stop a nose bleed. Michael Strahan’s exact words “I felt like we were getting punk’d, like Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out because it felt like their o-line was just letting us go through. Tom didn’t have a run game all season, and carried that team with throwing. He had no time to throw and he had them with the lead 2 minutes into the 4th quarter. You want to talk about defense, yet you forget that the patriots gave up the game winning touchdown. Stop with the b.s narrative

  34. Edmond Dantes

    Edmond DantesПре месец

    @HGsoul4ever I'm absolutely astounded with the excuses people make for qbs. In 2007 the Giants pass defense was ranked 24th my guy. You can paint it anyway you want. Brady scored 14 and 17 points. It's excuses when he does bad (oh it's the defenses fault oh the coach oh he didn't have weapons) but when he wins its full and complete credit that he doesn't deserve. Case and point. This past NFC championship game. Brady was horrifically bad in the 2nd half. 3 interceptions could've been more. His defense bailed him out. They gave up 3 points in the 4th quarter despite GB having extra possessions because of his mistakes. The SB. The defense gave up 9 points. Brady could've scored only 10 points and they still would've won. Stop acting like he was perfect in all the games. He was nowhere near that. Dude was seeing ghosts in the 2007 game. They were undefeated and the biggest favorites in NFL history. But because of people like you he gets excuses made for him. And most are like you. The truth is if you're gonna give him credit when he wins he deserves blame when he loses. I can't stand the narrative. Oh it wasn't Aaron Rodgers fault GB lost. It was his defenses fault. So in the NFC championship game in 2019 when SF held him to a qb rating of 50 going into the 4th who's that on? The coach right? The defense? Oh he didn't have weapons? This year against Tampa. His defense gets 3 interceptions in the second half and he scored 3 points at home in the 4th quarter. I'm sorry. Weren't the Packers the number 2 scoring offense in the NFL? Did he not have 49 TDS to 4 ints? Yup. But it was the coach's fault. The defense. Yeah 23 points from the number 2 offense at home in a winner take the conference game. That's not on the qb? Ok cool. Facts over feelings bro. That it.

  35. Vos Landeck

    Vos LandeckПре месец

    Brady's weakness when he was last with the Patriots? Not having good receivers....he fixed that, he went to Tampa Bay, lol.

  36. Freddy Gaulman

    Freddy GaulmanПре месец

    Bart is good at tackling and talking trash. That's it

  37. TheCaptainApe

    TheCaptainApeПре месец

    ok, they had me at: The home fans might cheer for the visiting team, hwen they score. really? At Boston? Against their former star QB and TE.. espn seems desperate at some time to create controversy.

  38. cesar cesar

    cesar cesarПре месец

    A small part of the cake to those who actually cook it. Ah, I warn that Tom Brady is NOT GOING TO PLAY this game. You all know that the NFL is the union of millionaires team owners. Right? You also know that ESPN and other Networks are owned by them, so Eisen, Cowherd, Skip, Greenberg, Nick, etc, are their property too. Right? So, let's talk about the Buccaneers-Patriots game. I propose that at least 10 percent of that billionaire's gross income be shared equally between the players and coaches of both teams.

  39. Joe King

    Joe KingПре месец

    The guy on the right is constantly shaking his head.

  40. Joe King

    Joe KingПре месец

    Patriots will beat up on Tom and the Bucs.

  41. Bill Shun

    Bill ShunПре месец

    Only with couple of defense turnovers.

  42. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor duПре месец

    104th comment

  43. Kevin James

    Kevin JamesПре месец

    Patriots are known to play stick man to man defense. But they lost jason mccourty who was their 2nd/3rd best corner. So now brady can target them that way. Plus pats have bad pass rush. And the patriots have always struggled against elite receivers/tight ends. Look at the Chiefs, eagles games. When the opposing teams have serviceable 2nd 3rd options, the patriots struggle

  44. HomiebeHuncho

    HomiebeHunchoПре месец

    He was 3rd if that, JC Jackson and Gilmore were the 1st and 2nd.

  45. George

    GeorgeПре месец

    Is this dude dumb?

  46. Dr. Beehive Swivel

    Dr. Beehive SwivelПре месец

    Of course, the Patriots will use his weaknesses against him. That is the basis of victory in all sports. No coach will go into a game against Brady and say, "Make sure we give him plenty of time to make all of his reads".

  47. Greg Watts

    Greg WattsПре 24 дана

    Brady has a great O line, he will pick them apart, plus he has Super Bowl Lenny to get the run game going. TB 12 dominates the game.

  48. Speedyreedy1218

    Speedyreedy1218Пре 28 дана

    @Neal Sandoval No one knows him better than Bill. He had a great Oline in NE too. Great backs as well. Just lack of WR and TE depth.

  49. Neal Sandoval

    Neal SandovalПре 29 дана

    He usually releases the Ball in 3 seconds or less, in that time he already have read the defense and know where to throw the Ball or not throw it at all and he has a good oline.. So good Luck Bill.

  50. Peter Vanna

    Peter VannaПре 29 дана

    Except it’s not that easy

  51. good egg greg

    good egg gregПре месец

    yeah lol

  52. smo diddley

    smo diddleyПре месец

    What’s up with the extended shots on Greeny?

  53. Warren Mazengwe

    Warren MazengweПре месец

    Probably somebody fumbled in the camera prodiction studio and failed to get the quad box up in time because someone else was talkin. It looks like Greeny is on the phone and has it on speaker.

  54. Warren Mazengwe

    Warren MazengweПре месец

    I know huh

  55. Ben Fetchak

    Ben FetchakПре месец

    Wow first people where betting against Brady during last year’s super bowl and they still haven’t learned Don’t bet against Brady 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 when will they ever learn

  56. Harley Hutchen

    Harley HutchenПре месец

    Brady has no weakness, he take your immortal vampire.

  57. Juan Santana

    Juan SantanaПре месец

    @John Smith prob or maybe he can do like Aaron Rodgers or Russel Wilson move around

  58. John Smith

    John SmithПре месец

    @Juan Santana It's more like when he feels like he is going to get sacked he drops to the floor to avoid a Turn Over or getting injured. Someone should teach Jimmy G and other QBs that. Brady is the best when it comes to dancing in the pocket. The other QBs would get out of the pocket and try to make a play. But that's due to their lack of experiences in deciphering defenses pre snap and executions. Availability is the best asset for a QB.

  59. Juan Santana

    Juan SantanaПре месец

    @John Smith I think he means if he feels pressure he drops or falls to the floor quick. Compared to other qb's they might dance around....

  60. John Smith

    John SmithПре месец

    @Antonio Russell Lol. Name me one QB that likes to get hit? Is it the Waterboy? lol

  61. Antonio Russell

    Antonio RussellПре месец

    He doesn't like to be hit and set max protect. Tom has weaknesses

  62. John

    JohnПре месец

    how high is bart scott

  63. Eric Lozaga

    Eric LozagaПре месец

    They will totally do this. Just like they did this to every other team last year and won the Super Bowl like Brady did. 😂

  64. Richard Lee

    Richard LeeПре месец

    The biggest weakness in this game won't be Tom Brady's weakness, it will be whoever is the QB for New England.

  65. Playboy Carti

    Playboy CartiПре 24 дана

    @smdownh9 there’s a lot of others but your right

  66. smdownh9

    smdownh9Пре 24 дана

    @Playboy Carti Tampa defensive line is the best in the league

  67. Playboy Carti

    Playboy CartiПре 24 дана

    @smdownh9pats o line might be the best in the leauge

  68. smdownh9

    smdownh9Пре 28 дана

    @TM Tm The O line that won the superbowl?

  69. TM Tm

    TM TmПре 28 дана

    Wrong. It will be Tampa Bays O line lmao. They will get exposed.

  70. Harshil Patel

    Harshil PatelПре месец

    Brady’s gonna drop 50 on Bill’s defense

  71. Shottas510

    Shottas510Пре месец

    Lol who cares he just won the whole thing lol. Brady is the goat lol love him or hate him

  72. DMD

    DMDПре месец

    Glazer's out

  73. MrHPsauce

    MrHPsauceПре месец

    He has no weakness.

  74. Ahmed Mohammed

    Ahmed MohammedПре 29 дана

    @Neal Sandoval are you ok he did not have a ok o line on the pats he had a top 10 o line his whole career he’s lucky he’s on a great team every year of his career

  75. Neal Sandoval

    Neal SandovalПре 29 дана

    @Ahmed Mohammed if for weakness u mean the lack of mobility to avoid the pass rushers, first of all they have to go thru his oline, which have improved the last year, in NE he only had an "ok" oline

  76. Ahmed Mohammed

    Ahmed MohammedПре месец

    yea he does

  77. ty sanders

    ty sandersПре месец

    Not enough weaknesses and Brady will have the fans routing for Him...I guarantee!

  78. Sandip Patil

    Sandip PatilПре месец

    Am I the only one who had to google who bart scott is?

  79. Tay Roc

    Tay RocПре месец

    I wonder why no one has ever thought of using Brady's weakness against him. What a genius though from Bart.

  80. Dr. Beehive Swivel

    Dr. Beehive SwivelПре 29 дана

    Yea....Einstein 2021!



    His weakness is Cam Newton.

  82. Tiger Hoods

    Tiger HoodsПре месец


  83. Kordon87

    Kordon87Пре месец

    Can't beat the GOAT. So many beta males want to see him fail.

  84. Kizzy

    KizzyПре месец

    I don’t think either of them care

  85. Logical

    LogicalПре месец

    His only weakness is meme QB's

  86. David Brown

    David BrownПре месец

    "Bill will try to use Brady's weakness against him. And Brady will try not to let him" normal game of football?

  87. Speedyreedy1218

    Speedyreedy1218Пре месец


  88. Speedyreedy1218

    Speedyreedy1218Пре месец


  89. hou bro

    hou broПре месец

    Saying Bill will use Brady's weaknesses agianst is like saying Logan Paul will use Floyd's weaknesses agianst him as well. Lol . Floyd going to smoke Logan Paul when they fight. Brady going to smoke poor old Billy this year !

  90. IDGAF

    IDGAFПре месец

    Goat Brady winning his 8th ring this upcoming season....truly inspirational.

  91. Speedyreedy1218

    Speedyreedy1218Пре месец

    @MrBigWillyOG10 No they don't. There's plenty of Brady and Patriots haters I know (mostly friends who are Ravens fans) still say deflate gate was real, Brady deserved his suspension, and Pat's ring should be taken away.

  92. MrBigWillyOG10

    MrBigWillyOG10Пре месец

    @George even brady haters know deflate gate was a hoax. Look it up

  93. Julian

    JulianПре месец

    @George Mahoney burner account

  94. George

    GeorgeПре месец

    You mean cheater?

  95. Trev Mac

    Trev MacПре месец

    *KEEP IN MIND* Bart took The Washington Football team / The Saints / The Packers/ and The Chiefs (by 22) to all beat Brady in the playoffs last year.. M.E.G.A Hat still pissing off some of these D-List hacks

  96. Jack Moro

    Jack MoroПре месец

    Honestly play 2 D linemen, 1 LB and 8 DB’s force Brady to run.

  97. Jack Moro

    Jack MoroПре месец

    @Dman4901 then they can switch positions accordingly

  98. Dman4901

    Dman4901Пре месец

    Then they might pound the ball 🤷‍♂️

  99. nicelemon2

    nicelemon2Пре месец

    Bill is like the father who doesn't want anyone over the house. He took the fun out of the game for Brady and Gronk. I'm happy for Brady and wish him nothing but the best in Florida. He EARNED IT.

  100. Kevan Brose

    Kevan BroseПре месец

    The fact is beliceck never changed Brady did

  101. E Williams

    E WilliamsПре месец

    That makes no sense...

  102. nicelemon2

    nicelemon2Пре месец

    @Speedyreedy1218 What's to explain? He was here since 2000 and left after 19 years. What? After 19 years being around someone who might of got on his nerves he doesn't have the right to go to Miami to retire? Hey, I'm happy if players like Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilsons, WHOEVER if they want to come here and be around Bill. But Brady did his time here and he became THE G.O.A.T.! I hope him nothing but the best. HE DESERVES IT!

  103. Speedyreedy1218

    Speedyreedy1218Пре месец

    @nicelemon2 So how do you explain the Patriots that stayed with Bill? Or returned to Bill after leaving NE at first, then coming back? Or the new Patriots that despite competitive offers from other teams in FA, chose NE because they wanted the opportunity to be coached by Bill?

  104. nicelemon2

    nicelemon2Пре месец

    @quan Brooklyn kid Brady liked having his trainer around, Bill was like, "Who is this? I don't want him here". Brady was like, "WHAT? After 8 Super Bowls I can't have my TB12 guy around?"..Come free agency, Brady is like, "I'M OUTTA HERE!"

  105. Kimani Gregoire

    Kimani GregoireПре месец

    "Bill Belichick spent money this offseason because Brady won the Super Bowl" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  106. Kenneth Scaglione

    Kenneth ScaglioneПре 28 дана

    What a dumb comment. These guys are suppose to be the 'experts'. So embarrassing! Bill spent money this year because he actually had some to spend lol. Who was Bill going to get with a few million last year? Pats have more money leftover from this free agency than they had last year.

  107. Julian

    JulianПре месец

    His team was a disaster and it's his fault. Brady wasn't there to cover up his poor GM skills.

  108. Dman4901

    Dman4901Пре месец

    Yea bill was tossing pesos everywhere 😂

  109. nicelemon2

    nicelemon2Пре месец

    Tom Brady will win another ring and Bill will continue to look lost on the Pats sidelines. Letting Brady walk was the worst mistake the Patriots allowed to happen.

  110. Justin Christopher

    Justin ChristopherПре месец

    Mad Dog Bills already been exposed. Bucs roll.

  111. This is Patrick

    This is PatrickПре месец

    Hopefully the Bucs beat the Pats so that Brady has a win against all 32 teams

  112. Kimani Gregoire

    Kimani GregoireПре месец

    The media really trying to make this some personal duel between Bill and Tom....SMH. Both guys will want to win because they love winning. Can't wait to see Bill with the press leading up to Week 4...LOL

  113. Julian

    JulianПре месец

    You know there's hard feelings between them. This is personal.

  114. LedLoaf

    LedLoafПре месец

    "We are on to Cincinnati! That's our focus"

  115. Tiger Hoods

    Tiger HoodsПре месец

    Of course Espn is a drama network now lol

  116. Dlanor Asim

    Dlanor AsimПре месец

    Patriots doesnt have the personnel to contain Brady and the Buc offense....and brady will use that weakness to blow out the Pats...and its doesnt matter to brady. He already won a SB without bill. And a loss against bill in a regular season game will match winning a SB.

  117. W H

    W HПре месец

    Bart hates Tom, of course he'd say this... As a Pats fan, screw Bart Scott

  118. Kim Chi

    Kim ChiПре месец

    Other way around.

  119. James P

    James PПре месец

    It's the opposite, Brady does it.

  120. David Carter

    David CarterПре месец

    Let’s race

  121. Dats a paddlin

    Dats a paddlinПре месец

    Yeah ok Bart 😂

  122. Lucky Luke

    Lucky LukeПре месец

    You must have a great front 4 which Pats don’t have and also Tom Brady has to be playing with a bad or at least Ok O-Line but Bucs Offensive is very good. So that’s not happening

  123. Julian

    JulianПре месец

    And to top it off a declining run-first qb trying to recapture his former glory but cant, a born to be backup qb, and a rookie who can't walk straight. Good luck🤣

  124. Kim Chi

    Kim ChiПре месец

    The Pats don't have much of anything anymore. Their defensive stars are all aging and that offensive looks more patched together than a quilt.

  125. Damien Stewart

    Damien StewartПре месец

    I always wondered why we can't see the highlights and we gotta stare at a weird awkward face?? 😐

  126. escocoward

    escocowardПре месец

    I think they can show highlights on TV but not on RSfire. So if you are watching it on TV, you are probably seeing highlights.

  127. Jarvis Jones

    Jarvis JonesПре месец

    Drama queens now talking sports. Men on sports style. Two snaps and a booty clap.

  128. Christopher Williams

    Christopher WilliamsПре месец

    Because they don’t wanna pay for the rights if it’s a Fox, NBC, or CBS highlight. ESPN/ABC clips are easy

  129. one two

    one twoПре месец

    Actually, Brady will use the Patriots' weakness against them. (The weakness of no longer having Tom Brady... )

  130. Ken Lowden

    Ken LowdenПре 29 дана

    ​@lil Williams "pass rush up the middle and edge", Duh, you must be a football savant....Have you watched the patriots last year? Where is this pass rush coming from? You cannot beat Tampa by blitzing, the key to beating Brady will be by getting a consistent pass rush with only the front 4 while using extra defensive backs to smother his receivers. Right now even as a Patriots fan I don't think they have the personnel to effectively keep the Tampa offence in check. Meanwhile Tampa's defense has the talent to completely stifle the Pats offense.

  131. lil Williams

    lil WilliamsПре 29 дана

    @James H my guy go look at the film of the broncos playoffs game and the gaints superbowl you'll see.

  132. Neal Sandoval

    Neal SandovalПре 29 дана

    @lil Williams ur a genius, what r u doing here commenting in youtube, u should be working for NASA on how to take ppl on earth to another planet.

  133. James H

    James HПре месец

    @lil Williams middle and edge are all pass rushes. So you are saying quarterbacks don’t like pass rushes? Wow, what an insight.

  134. lil Williams

    lil WilliamsПре месец

    @SembangBola I'm talking about the pass rush up the middle and edge

  135. Tai Weaver

    Tai WeaverПре месец

    Other way around

  136. Rudy Oliveira

    Rudy OliveiraПре месец

    Funny how Bart has 1 pro bowl and Tom has 14. Put respek on his name!

  137. Bill Shun

    Bill ShunПре месец

    @Trev Mac +

  138. Rudy Oliveira

    Rudy OliveiraПре месец

    No talking points. Just comparing the pro bowls.

  139. Trev Mac

    Trev MacПре месец

    @Mo Saine KEEP IN MIND - Bart took The Washington Football team / The Saints / The Packers/ and The Chiefs (by 22) to all beat Brady in the playoffs last year.. M.E.G.A Hat still pissing off some of these D-List hacks

  140. ZayBreezy

    ZayBreezyПре месец

    It's his job to talk about Brady.

  141. Mo Saine

    Mo SaineПре месец

    What does that have to do with Bart? This is his job. What are you talking about

  142. J Th

    J ThПре месец

    Brady won a super bowl without Bill Scrub a check.Bill scrub a check got lucky he drafted the GOAT, otherwise his career would be over

  143. Jonah Cannon

    Jonah CannonПре месец

    Plz tell me ur trolling. Brady always had great teams and insane d#. It’s obviously Brady wasn’t an explosive QB, and he had a top ten d# 17 out of 20 years. Bill lead an awful team to 7 wins.

  144. Michael Lucas

    Michael LucasПре месец

    Bill holds grudges, Tim holds grudges. 💣

  145. J Th

    J ThПре месец

    “Patriots will use Brady’s weaknesses against him” Patriots sign Eli Manning and Nick foled to one day contracts. Rebrand as the Giants, and move to the NFC east.

  146. Nicholas Williams

    Nicholas WilliamsПре 25 дана

    @stéphane A I think he meant Philly offense scored over 40 points

  147. lil Williams

    lil WilliamsПре месец

    @stéphane A it was the linemen fault to.

  148. stéphane A

    stéphane AПре месец

    @Kim Chi Pats had 33 points in that SB, not 40+, but the fact remains it's Belichick defense who crumbled. People don't want to give him any blame for those failures.

  149. Kim Chi

    Kim ChiПре месец

    Those are all guys that exposed Belichick. Brady led his team to a last minute TD only for the defense to cough up quick scores. Against Philly dude had 500+ yards and 40+ points but the defensive didn't show up.

  150. PinkSauce

    PinkSauceПре месец

    Underrated comment

  151. NBA highlights

    NBA highlightsПре месец

    ᴵ’ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ!!!

  152. djmeduna2009

    djmeduna2009Пре месец


  153. DaEDP

    DaEDPПре месец

    Well you know the saying: You’re either with us or against us 🤷🏾‍♂️

  154. Luke Brown

    Luke BrownПре месец

    WHOA Bart calm down with the hot takes buddy!!

  155. BOOM BOOM

    BOOM BOOMПре месец

    Brady Won A Superbowl without the Patriots and Bill Belichik.. What More proof and Separation do we Need.. Nuff Said

  156. Spidervenom23

    Spidervenom23Пре 29 дана

    @Kim Chi Lebron James Say Hi. Also Rodgers has been on the Packers and his coach has been Mike M and a new guy who can barely coach lol. If Brady was on the Packers with Mike M he wouldn't win the super bowls lol. Dude a Anti-Quarterback Coach lol.

  157. Kim Chi

    Kim ChiПре месец

    Brady is the most disrespected guy. He does absolutely everything to prove his doubters. Meanwhile Rodgers can't deliver and the media delivers every excuse in the books for him.

  158. Sergei Martines

    Sergei MartinesПре месец

    B-chick will use himself! 😅

  159. 1990Thunderbolt

    1990ThunderboltПре месец

    how? lol

  160. CelesteStation51 Smith

    CelesteStation51 SmithПре месец


  161. Matthew Karim

    Matthew KarimПре месец

    sub to KarimT he works with them

  162. Noctis Lucis Caelum

    Noctis Lucis CaelumПре месец

    not really a secret

  163. thelegendsqb1

    thelegendsqb1Пре месец

    Cam Newton is 2-0 against Tom Brady in his career. Will a third time be the charm?

  164. Andrew Chisholm

    Andrew ChisholmПре месец

    Cam Newton isn’t even going to be the starter week 4

  165. Waluigi

    WaluigiПре месец

    @iThink YourDumb cuz it doesn’t 😐

  166. Trev Mac

    Trev MacПре месец

    Jeff Hostetler was 2-0 vs Joe Montana

  167. stéphane A

    stéphane AПре месец

    He's 2-0 against Belichick, QB's doesn't play each others.

  168. Geo Leo

    Geo LeoПре месец

    I take a playoff win over being 2-0 over a particular person any day

  169. Impulse 311

    Impulse 311Пре месец

    smh....slow sports day?

  170. True Journey

    True JourneyПре месец

    Very slow lol