Stephen A.: Steph Curry will have a bigger impact than Wilt Chamberlain on the NBA | First Take

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Stephen A.: Steph Curry will have a bigger impact than Wilt Chamberlain on the NBA | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Kendrick Perkins debate whether Wilt Chamberlain or Steph Curry will have a bigger impact on the game of basketball.
#FirstTake #NBA
0:00 Molly Qerim Rose breaks down stat comparisons between Wilt Chamberlain and Steph Curry.
0:25 Stephen A. Smith explains the NBA rule changes that Chamberlain caused.
2:11 Stephen A. argues that Curry will have an overall bigger impact on basketball.
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    ESPNПре месец

    0:00​ Molly Qerim Rose breaks down stat comparisons between Wilt Chamberlain and Steph Curry. 0:25​ Stephen A. Smith explains the NBA rule changes that Chamberlain caused. 2:11​ Stephen A. argues that Curry will have an overall bigger impact on basketball.

  2. John Dave

    John DaveПре 24 дана

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    John DaveПре 24 дана


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    John DaveПре 24 дана

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    John DaveПре 24 дана

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  7. GreenFridays

    GreenFridaysПре 22 дана

    Wilt would be the goat if he wasn't playing against bums in the weakest era ever.

  8. Alex

    AlexПре 22 дана

    Perk is a weirdo🙄

  9. John Dave

    John DaveПре 24 дана


  10. John Dave

    John DaveПре 24 дана


  11. Shadowboost

    ShadowboostПре 24 дана

    Literally every person wants to shoot like Steph. And that skillset is not limited by genetics

  12. Lula Brooks

    Lula BrooksПре 24 дана

    This man says so many stupid things don't put curry in a conversation with wilt Coe on its time to find anther job


    MICHAEL COOKSПре 26 дана

    Wilt Scores 100 PTS in games without a three.

  14. Evil Monkey Speaks

    Evil Monkey SpeaksПре 27 дана

    The discussion always seems so much better when Kellerman isn't involved...............

  15. Kevlar P.I.

    Kevlar P.I.Пре 27 дана

    SJ. aint lying! #30

  16. steven_igo_4uf

    steven_igo_4ufПре 27 дана

    steph curry will have a greater impact on the nba then wilt, bcuz of today's social media, and the accompanying thirsty adhd-beta's, plain and SIMPle. 🤣

  17. Nostrand74avn

    Nostrand74avnПре 27 дана

    Man Please Respect to Mr. Light Skin but all he do is shoot 3s and he got the Hole NBA just chucking up 3s. Old school basketball is the best Ya Hearrrrrd me.

  18. Mason Rahal

    Mason RahalПре 27 дана

    Have we all lost our minds? Wilt Chamberlain may be the most impactful athlete in the history of sport. Like Bill Simmons once said, Wilt’s NBA debut was the equivalent of unleashing Dwight Howard on the WNBA.

  19. Randy Savage

    Randy SavageПре 27 дана

    316 games less with no 3 pointers and he just passed him. Wilt is the man!

  20. Yaseh

    YasehПре 27 дана

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Wilt scored all those point in 5-6 seasons? lol

  21. Ben Mercer

    Ben MercerПре 27 дана

    Both changed the game pretty dramatically

  22. Khoa Nguyen

    Khoa NguyenПре 27 дана

    No doubt

  23. Keen B

    Keen BПре 28 дана

    Chef Steph curry is the most impactful transcending player of all time of all sportsman These kids today literary mimick him. Ive never heard a player say they want to shoot or dribble like Jordan or bron. Chef curry changed the game from high school to collge to little league to over seas.

  24. ZB

    ZBПре 28 дана

    Steph already has lowkey. Teams and players focus on the 3 more than ever.

  25. Orlando Velez

    Orlando VelezПре 28 дана

    Stop flirting with him, he’s married!!!😂😂

  26. Kevin Hughes

    Kevin HughesПре 28 дана

    Steven you have lost your mind , wilt all the way.

  27. Jah Tillah

    Jah TillahПре 28 дана

    Goat curry 🍛

  28. Te

    TeПре 28 дана

    No perk…we did not all want to be light skin with green eyes

  29. Te

    TeПре 27 дана

    @Frais Fr no thats because i love the color of my skin melanin is lit you should try some 😎

  30. Frais Fr

    Frais FrПре 27 дана

    thats because you are jealous

  31. LostCub 85

    LostCub 85Пре 28 дана

    This comparison just mean nothing in a sense: Steph VS Wilt Chamberlain. COME ON!!! Now we got King Kong vs Godzilla for crying out loud.

  32. I Sharky

    I SharkyПре 28 дана

    To share a story. I would play at the park a lot during high school, and I would pull it from a few feet behind the line regularly. Watching Jimmer, and Davidson Steph inspired me to shoot what’s open. if you practice it, it’s a good shot right? After all I was a shooter.. Yet some people would be upset or call me a ball hog/chucker if I missed one shot from deep. I actually stopped playing from 2015-2017 and in that time Steph happened. I decided to go back to playing and everyone and their mama had a stroke from deep, even bigs were pulling from a few feet back. Before it was I wanted to be like Mike, and now? they want to be like Steph.....

  33. Yahizzle

    YahizzleПре 28 дана

    "Will"? More like "Already" no disrespect this just a different era.

  34. ToysofArkham

    ToysofArkhamПре 28 дана

    Unless steph has a kid in every state, that’s never going to happen

  35. Mario Gutierrez

    Mario GutierrezПре 28 дана

    Still don't get how making a higher percentage 3 point shots is revolutionizing the game. It just means you're hitting a higher percentage. Now, if they increase the 3pt distance then that's changing the game. Small ball has been around forever.

  36. Carlos Toribio

    Carlos ToribioПре 28 дана

    Kobe the best shooter in my opinion

  37. SwaggingKing Nation

    SwaggingKing NationПре 28 дана

    You tripping Stephen A

  38. jayson spiller

    jayson spillerПре 28 дана

    Are see raa asz

  39. Phillip Skeeter

    Phillip SkeeterПре 28 дана

    Wilt had the bigger impact! They change the rules to stop Wilt.

  40. Harry Poter

    Harry PoterПре 28 дана


  41. Ishmael Gaynor

    Ishmael GaynorПре 28 дана

    This headline is disrespectful WILT IS LITERALLY ONE OF THE BEST EVER AN A INSPIRATION FOR ANY basketball player

  42. Devonte Richards

    Devonte RichardsПре 28 дана

    Definitely never wanted to be light skinned with green eyes bud lol

  43. Brandon Brooks

    Brandon BrooksПре 28 дана

    I feel we overlooking the fact wilt chamberlain was dunking from the free throw line STANDING LMAOOOOO

  44. Mister Myself

    Mister MyselfПре 28 дана

    If curry was the best PG ever and a generational talent, why are they in last now? Dont tell me because one player is hurt. They have another allstar (self proclaimed best defender ever) and good other players to atleast be in the playoffs. Curry had 2.5 good shooting years, 7 above average in total years and had a lot of help. Magic had old Kareem, a little Vlade and Worthy who were allstars and not alltime greats. The rest were AC green, Kurt rambis and a few others, i cant remember their names. He made evwrage player better and didnt need superstars around him. They made the playoffs and Magic was on 5 Champ teams before 30. Alltime leader in ast per game in regular season and playoffs. His points responsible for per game is over 50. Curry never cooked that good.

  45. Tommy Graves

    Tommy GravesПре 28 дана

    They changed rules to slow wilt down.... they changed the rules to enable guys like Curry.

  46. Mister Myself

    Mister MyselfПре 28 дана

    Yea, because there are 500 sports channels, social media and more that means everyone who ever makes a team has more impact.

  47. sholove Sholove

    sholove SholoveПре 28 дана

    Steph has had the biggest impact on basketball since they widen the lane to help other players get rebounds over wilt. Steph's reach has gone all the way to elementary aged kids. Jordan hasn't even has this type of impact on the sport

  48. MrYoung11

    MrYoung11Пре 28 дана

    Ssssssoooo last I checked they haven’t changed any rules b/c of Curry 💁🏽‍♂️ Curry not even the best shooter on his team tho. How many ppl are 6’3 n the real world

  49. Ronny Ron

    Ronny RonПре 28 дана

    Now this is madness. Wilt is a bigger legend than Steph. SAS just plain wrong

  50. Fizzyphafacts

    FizzyphafactsПре 28 дана

    This comparison is laughable so here it is 😂😂😂😂😂😂 STEPHEN A & KENDRICK PERKINS ARE YALL ON CRACK

  51. Darnell N

    Darnell NПре 28 дана


  52. Kalen Williams

    Kalen WilliamsПре 28 дана

    Steph is top 10 of all time easy .

  53. Ashton Voss

    Ashton VossПре 28 дана

    C’mon perk! Why you gotta bring race into the equation? Obviously women just care about how good you shoot your shot!

  54. Trevor Mckenzie

    Trevor MckenzieПре 28 дана

    They changed the rules because of Wilt, Steph changed the way players play and organizations think. Coaches now allow role players to jack up 30 ft 3s, Mike D'antoni also had a strong influence on today's NBA.

  55. Antonio Perez

    Antonio PerezПре 28 дана

    Awe ok, the rules were changed to make the game more difficult for black athletes? Didn’t work I see 😂😂😂

  56. Sergio Ubieta

    Sergio UbietaПре 28 дана

    As much i admire Steph, WILT IS THE TRUE GOAT

  57. Arbordaze California

    Arbordaze CaliforniaПре 28 дана

    Thats right..sumbody gon get tf out da way

  58. Mr. GoodNews

    Mr. GoodNewsПре 28 дана

    I never wanted to be light skinned

  59. Nicholas Ackerman

    Nicholas AckermanПре 28 дана

    because of Wilt and Kareem they added added a 3 point line...

  60. Tommy

    TommyПре 28 дана

    Steph curry changed the game Forsure, as a cavs / Lebron fan. Nothing but respect for curry

  61. Robel Woubete

    Robel WoubeteПре 28 дана

    can some find the rest of stven A hairline so he can stfu. stop comparing players you never saw play its disrespectful like stfu plz

  62. LoveSalsa

    LoveSalsaПре 28 дана

    No rules have been hanged because of Steph though... The equivalent to Wilt, would be to make the 3pt count less (maybe 2.5), or allow hand check again. The rules changed a dozen times to make it harder for Wilt, yet he still remained the most dominant player ever (don't get me started on Shaq who couldn't score against Rodman, Hakeem, Robinson, Wallace, Duncan)

  63. Doot Scoot

    Doot ScootПре 28 дана

    Biggest impact on NBA EVER IS ALLEN IVERSON. Let’s debate and before you do let’s look around the nba today and what it was before ALLEN IVERSON THE QUESTION AND THE ANSWER came into the league

  64. Doot Scoot

    Doot ScootПре 28 дана


  65. LoveSalsa

    LoveSalsaПре 28 дана

    Harden's jersey has also been retired from many Strip Clubs.

  66. Q Ravioli

    Q RavioliПре 28 дана

    Wilt changed the game because he was the biggest PHYSICAL specimen in the league at that time, and just totally dominated a rather unskilled and smaller league as a whole. Steph changed the game out of pure skill and doing what no one else could despite having better physical advantages. Theres no argument here.

  67. Lane living

    Lane livingПре 29 дана

    I love Steph but I feel like this is disrespect to Wilt. Statistically Wilts the greatest player and owns half of the record book.

  68. CuatroCinco

    CuatroCincoПре 29 дана

    The game was so weak back in Wilts day. Look at who he was playing against. All of them including him would be average players in today’s game

  69. soldier 2009

    soldier 2009Пре 29 дана

    Lol they literally changed the rules because of Wilt

  70. The Old Man 63

    The Old Man 63Пре 29 дана

    Really first look at both stat. Curry is the greatest outside shooter in the game he stretch the court .wilt 100,73,50 point games in a same season and 1 all time scoring when left the game plus the rules change for Curry there is no hand-checking today

  71. Austin Heim

    Austin HeimПре 29 дана

    Steven Adams hits 1 handed 3/4 court shots y’all sleepin


    EMMAN KINGDOZAПре 29 дана

    I like stephen a. The way he praise curry but hate him the way he bash pacquiao hahaha

  73. john weak

    john weakПре 29 дана

    one player also change the inventing the lethal FLOP...

  74. JB B

    JB BПре 29 дана

    No sir, “WE” didn’t all want to be light skin with green eyes. Speak for yourself, bruh.

  75. Party Mafia LLC

    Party Mafia LLCПре 29 дана

    Imagine dunking on free throws 😂😂

  76. ATL n LA

    ATL n LAПре 29 дана

    I won’t even watch the video. That’s probably the dumbest question I ever heard about sports. To think a guy that averages 20 points per game, has more impact than a guy that averaged 40 points per game. WITHOUT THE 3RD POINT!!! Only 2’s.

  77. Ah

    AhПре 29 дана

    Ehh I don’t kno about that. And that’s no disrespect to Steph at all. But Wilt is literally both the record book and the rule book. They tried to slow him down to make it more fair. Now the league has opened the game up to try and create more Stephs.

  78. Efraín Jiménez

    Efraín JiménezПре 29 дана

    How did I know his skin color would come up?

  79. GTPerfect Games

    GTPerfect GamesПре 29 дана

    Absolute facts

  80. Not MainManMané hth

    Not MainManMané hthПре 29 дана


  81. Man E

    Man EПре 29 дана

    Let's say Steph is the Greatest 3 pt Shooter ,but MJ is the Greatest 2 Pt Shooter !!!

  82. skinnymon123

    skinnymon123Пре 29 дана

    Wilt was born lucky, steph used skill

  83. Harvey Villanueva

    Harvey VillanuevaПре 29 дана

    No doubt 👌

  84. Sofakingsick

    SofakingsickПре 29 дана

    5:32 why would you say that? WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!

  85. Lilyfel Sumalinog

    Lilyfel SumalinogПре 29 дана

    Agree...chamberlain,jabbar and Russell are great in their era only..these 3 legends not in the list of my top ten GOAT

  86. AXZ1974

    AXZ1974Пре 29 дана

    I'm gonna use a word Mr Smith loves and cherishes: BLASPHEMY! As great as Steph Curry is, this is blasphemy. Wilt was playing at a time when sports science was virtually non existent in the NBA. He was bullying 7 feet men. And yes, basketball, whether you like it or not, is a sport for tall people, and Steph Curry hasn't changed that. The rules of the game, with fouls being called for even looking at a 3-point shooter, are what has changed the game. There have been excellent shooters in the past, but the rules were not favouring that style of play. Remember Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf? The guy had to overcome his illness and was an _amazing_ shooter! Now, what message did that send Mr Smith? Didn't it say to people with all kinds of problems that "it's ok, if you work hard you're gonna make it"? Steph Curry is great, one of the greatest even, but let's not fall into revisionism just because we're moving away from Wilt's era. Next thing you'll tell us that Steph Curry is more important to basketball than Dr Naismith.

  87. TheBestMovieAlive

    TheBestMovieAliveПре 29 дана

    5:32 Girls love my pretty blue eyes too.

  88. Rakim Shabazz

    Rakim ShabazzПре 29 дана

    It's crazy how not many people are mentioning how fewer games Wilt played, in comparison. Much higher per game average while also being way lower in free throw percentage, and, obviously, ZERO threes. Curry is a current great but he can't see a picture of Wilt! What's more, I saw a comment saying how Wilt "bullied his way against smaller competition". That's a lie that's gaining more traction with younger people in an effort to protect their current idols. Lol.. Wilt was physically gifted and, by consequence, physically dominant. But, dont get it misconstrued, he had way more finesse to his game than what people give him credit for. He was forced to play fineness most of the time, per the rules back then. Basically, the way Shaq used to barrel into people was an offensive foul in Wilt's day and the refs consistently called it up until around the early 80s/ late 70s or so.

  89. Fedrik Leneus

    Fedrik LeneusПре 29 дана

    Idc what anyone say wilt is the goat

  90. matt escano official

    matt escano officialПре 29 дана

    and hes just 33 yrs of age .he got alot left in him.

  91. Mark Anthony Fran

    Mark Anthony FranПре 29 дана

    I do agree with Steven A on this one but he is forgetting one thing, Steph Curry is not just your average shooter that can knockdown 3 pointers at will in every spot of the floor. Steph Curry can kill you both inside, midway and outside plus he's an excellent facilitator and his defense is on point as well, he is the definition of a new age pointguard, that can envolve everyone of his teammate into the offense and can dish it out the offense as well.

  92. Peaceful_JayNice

    Peaceful_JayNiceПре 29 дана

    Step will be Top 5 player of all time he’s already top 10

  93. Gadzi

    GadziПре 29 дана

    Hard to compare, they both were very different forces. Wilt literally had dunking banned for a period of time, and along with Bill Russel, really was the one who introduced strength and athleticism to the game

  94. Jim Crow Biden

    Jim Crow BidenПре 29 дана

    I would take wilt over curry any time. You talking a man who beat Bo Jackson in his prime at a 40 yard dash race.

  95. Стефан

    СтефанПре 29 дана

    A prisoner of the moment statement. A LOT rule changes happened bcs of Wilt. Curry is the reason everybody is shooting 3's . And he is one of those players that changed the game,but just bcs he scored more for the Warriors than Wilt,doesn't mean this.

  96. Šta te Briga

    Šta te BrigaПре 29 дана

    Stephan stop talking coz every time when you speek people see how you don't know noting about Wilt.

  97. Victor Maitland

    Victor MaitlandПре 29 дана

    I new it I new it!!! Stephen a Smith questioning his legacy 24 hours ago & now saying he’s a bigger Impact on the game than will Wilt Chamberlain 🤘🏽🤣🏀 Fantastic!

  98. Agent 47

    Agent 47Пре 29 дана


  99. MM MM

    MM MMПре 29 дана

    No way Perk said all that at the end there

  100. Ede Sands

    Ede SandsПре 29 дана

    Big he will not...he not now💯

  101. Trust 151

    Trust 151Пре 29 дана

    Like David Stern said, Wilt Chamberlain cast a shadow over the NBA.

  102. Maury

    MauryПре 29 дана

    He already has guy

  103. Elson Paiva

    Elson PaivaПре 29 дана

    Amigão e Antero são os melhores apresentadores da ESPN!

  104. Never Fail

    Never FailПре 29 дана

    Last time I checked, only one of them caused multiple rule changes

  105. Happy Camp

    Happy CampПре 29 дана

    SC30 The Real MVP!

  106. Alyjah Jones

    Alyjah JonesПре 29 дана


  107. Deonte Moore

    Deonte MooreПре 29 дана

    They shoulda cut Perk off sooner lol

  108. Shade Blu

    Shade BluПре 29 дана

    But is he 6’11 and pull from 30?

  109. Angel Ibarra

    Angel IbarraПре 29 дана

    Beautiful soliloquy by SAS