The Lakers shouldn't worry about the play-in tournament - Max Kellerman | First Take

The Lakers shouldn't worry about the play-in tournament - Max Kellerman | First Take
Max Kellerman, Kendrick Perkins and Chris Canty debate how important it is for the Los Angeles Lakers to avoid the NBA's play-in tournament.
0:00 Max explains why the Lakers should ignore the play-in tournament.
1:45 Perk thinks the Lakers should embrace the play-in tournament to give LeBron James and Anthony Davis a chance to build chemistry before the playoffs begin.
4:45 Lakers fan Chris Canty weighs in.

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  1. ESPN

    ESPNПре месец

    0:00 Max explains why the Lakers should ignore the play-in tournament. 1:45 Perk thinks the Lakers should embrace the play-in tournament to give LeBron James and Anthony Davis a chance to build chemistry before the playoffs begin. 4:45 Lakers fan Chris Canty weighs in.

  2. Harvey Specter

    Harvey SpecterПре месец

    Hilarious lol

  3. Kvon Curry

    Kvon CurryПре 28 дана

    Please let the warriors win against the Lakers 🙏🏽

  4. Black Ops 4

    Black Ops 4Пре 28 дана

    Why they finna play fr and playoffs coming perk this why you were on the bench 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. BlockzHD

    BlockzHDПре месец

    No one batting an eye at jazz

  6. 3RD Mundo

    3RD MundoПре месец

    jordan never tanked to avoid a team ijs

  7. So you see

    So you seeПре месец

    Blessing in disguise

  8. Ker Loz

    Ker LozПре месец

    The thoughtful seashore classically succeed because deficit therapeutically stretch midst a talented swordfish. sulky, stereotyped steam

  9. Jared Thomas

    Jared ThomasПре месец

    agreed, and that's cuz they're gonna be IN it lmao

  10. Wayne Verhoff

    Wayne VerhoffПре месец

    If Lebron takes a 7 or 8 seed to the Finals and beats the Nets he's without a doubt the GOAT.

  11. Wayne Verhoff

    Wayne VerhoffПре месец

    Just imagine if the Lakers are the 8th seed and make the Finals. They don't even have to win it. That's never been done before!

  12. Wayne Verhoff

    Wayne VerhoffПре месец

    Mavs need the 5th seed. Jokic will torch the Blazers. Doncic v Jokic will be an amaaaazing series.

  13. Wayne Verhoff

    Wayne VerhoffПре месец

    That fit from King James 👑 🔥

  14. Wayne Verhoff

    Wayne VerhoffПре месец

    Lakers get bounced around 1 to the Clippers. Clippers beat the Nets in 7.

  15. max maximus

    max maximusПре месец

    The spurious black ultrasonographically slow because christopher externally perform via a political shelf. physical, earsplitting wood

  16. Asim Khan

    Asim KhanПре месец

    Lakers are done. Welcome to the Space Jam

  17. The Great J. Owusu

    The Great J. OwusuПре месец

    You can tell Perk doesn’t watch clippers basketball because the clippers are 6-4 in their last 10, Kawhi is coming off an injury and is already back in rhythm and PG has been hooping lately and the clippers have maintained their 3rd seed without Kawhi compared to the lakers who dropped from 5th to 6th to 7th seed without Lebron and AD.

  18. TG

    TGПре месец

    It really hurt kp to agree with max.

  19. Alex Gray

    Alex GrayПре месец

    Max talking about resting bron and AD after all that time out this man is a complete clown

  20. Gerald McIntosh

    Gerald McIntoshПре месец

    They put a clink on perk really the won by 2 points and had to go to overtime and should of lost and why is she speaking saying lebaby will be fine and have not seen any prove of that there molly good lord why is she there exactly she knows nothing about basketball and at least bring a female in there who does know something about the game of basketball

  21. Marquis Neal

    Marquis NealПре месец

    Molly talk too much. She a moderator not a debater

  22. Dyno Saur

    Dyno SaurПре месец

    Lakers will lose simple as that

  23. Verified Bob Callahan

    Verified Bob CallahanПре месец

    These topics are so dry this show going worse

  24. Joseph Balboa

    Joseph BalboaПре месец

    With The Suns Losing Lately I Feel Like They Want To Play The Lakers!! Suns 4-3 Over The Lakers!! I Call It.

  25. Edmar Jason Lorzano

    Edmar Jason LorzanoПре месец

    The thing is Lakers can't even be a fifth seed if they are all tied. They are still the 7th because they lose the season series.

  26. AbyssGnasher

    AbyssGnasherПре месец

    Imma laugh when the Lakers lose. Whether it be First or Second round.

  27. sirsaracenknight

    sirsaracenknightПре месец

    If they avoid the play in tournament, they have extra days to rest

  28. Sooner Man

    Sooner ManПре месец

    Anyone else find perk annoying?

  29. D 15

    D 15Пре месец

    The Spurs just smoked the healthy bucks Js

  30. Jayjay Okoro

    Jayjay OkoroПре месец

    Lakers better not mess around and move up into the 6th seed...the Clips will run through them. They're better served staying in 7th and playing either Utah or Phoenix in the first round

  31. carly dorsen

    carly dorsenПре месец


  32. Herrick Kang

    Herrick KangПре месец

    Heard: I'm a Lakers, I am gonna to fear no one!!!

  33. phil fracica

    phil fracicaПре месец

    Does Chris Canty know his name is Max? He has called him Mac the last two days xD

  34. Tyler k

    Tyler kПре месец

    I think the play in tournament gives them a huge advantage. Extra games for chemistry and a easy win vs warriors then a easy series vs suns

  35. TK Alphonzo

    TK AlphonzoПре месец

    KD missed 1yr + & look @ his performance & talking abt Lebron James... Smh.

  36. Raushan Minor

    Raushan MinorПре месец

    2:35 that beat knockin ‼️🙌🏾

  37. Ray D.

    Ray D.Пре месец

    I agree with Max 100%, who cares about the play-in

  38. Floppysocks44

    Floppysocks44Пре месец

    Perk used to look so intimidating when he played lol especially with the Celtics but now as a talk host he just makes me laugh most of the time.

  39. Sanjuid Ali

    Sanjuid AliПре месец

    Sas is mvp of espn

  40. jesse

    jesseПре месец

    The only team in the west the Lakers should fear is the Mavericks. They own Denver, Kawhi is playing subpar and the rest of the Clippers team is limping into the playoffs, Suns have weak interior and are playing shaky basketball, Jazz are playing without Mitchell and Conley, and the Blazers have no defense. Make that two teams...the Warriors are coming!

  41. T Greg

    T GregПре месец

    They let Perkins talk too much🤦🏾‍♂️

  42. Kervens Lasseur

    Kervens LasseurПре месец

    ... '... Oh, its Lebron ...he'll be fine ..' ....... Uggggghhhhh, Mollllllyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  43. Yahnathan Tasian

    Yahnathan TasianПре месец

    ESPN be like: Clippers, no, Lakers, no, Nets, no, Utah, no, Philly?, Lakers!

  44. Inaflash 7

    Inaflash 7Пре месец

    lakers won't make the playoffs

  45. Kaybee Da Glide

    Kaybee Da GlideПре месец

    Does he keep calling Max “Mack”????

  46. blkmamba824

    blkmamba824Пре месец

    Chris Canty pretty good, never heard him before this week

  47. Ashton

    AshtonПре месец

    Should worry* u mean right?

  48. Trap323a

    Trap323aПре месец

    I would embraced 8th seed.. knock off utah.. then Denver.. let clippers fight it out with suns and blazers 🤷🏽‍♂️

  49. Trap323a

    Trap323aПре месец

    Where SAS? 😂😂😂

  50. Marc Dupius

    Marc DupiusПре месец

    5th seed? Lol

  51. HBE LLC

    HBE LLCПре месец

    I'm not a Lakers fan but the Lakers will have no problem with the play in IF they're healthy. IF they are healthy they're still the favorite in the West.

  52. Todd Hall

    Todd HallПре месец

    You can’t account for how hungry people get when they only have to win one game, analytics don’t tell the whole story.

  53. Kentrell Parker-Murphy

    Kentrell Parker-MurphyПре месец

    I can appreciate Max’s analysis on the clippers series in the 1st round but I believe if you make it in the top 6 you’ll get a week off to rest anyway while the playoff tournament is on. So the real question is “who do the lakers want in the 1st round?” . stay in 7th & play the jazz/suns? or climb up to 6 & play the clippers?

  54. Tyson Fury

    Tyson FuryПре месец

    The Lakers matchup horribly with the clippers. They’re avoiding the 6th seed.

  55. Kai Streets Visuals

    Kai Streets VisualsПре месец

    I don’t think the Lakers are necessary worried about the play in tournament, I think they would would rather get a week off to rest their bodies and prepare for their first opponent but I don’t think they’re nervous about playing in it. That’s the media and casual fans who are influenced by them. Also, how would they be the underdogs against the Clippers? Don’t they still have Playoff P? We still have to see it to believe it and we’ve never seen it.

  56. Tyson Fury

    Tyson FuryПре 28 дана

    @Kai Streets Visuals It’s going to hard to play Drummond in the 4th quarter. That guy shoots free throws worst than Shaq

  57. Kai Streets Visuals

    Kai Streets VisualsПре месец

    @Tyson Fury Copy. Based on the history of the league, it’s going to come down to defense and rebounding. Those typically win championships. The real match up problem is with the Lakers bigs. AD, Drummond, Harrell, Gasol, you can even throw Bron in there vs Vubac, Ibaka and a 30% Cousins. That’s a pretty bad match up problem for the Clippers. Zubac averages the most rebounds for them at 7.4 a game, LeBron himself averages 7.9. That’s a problem along with this, the Clippers best defenders are perimeter defenders and that’s great against a smaller team, but not for a team as big as the Lakers. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  58. Tyson Fury

    Tyson FuryПре месец

    @Kai Streets Visuals It’s just a bad matchup for the Lakers

  59. Kai Streets Visuals

    Kai Streets VisualsПре месец

    @Tyson Fury There’s no way that you know that. I wouldn’t if I were them. I would take a week of rest and prep for the clipper and try to beat them. If they take an L, so be it, if they win, they’ll move on to the next round. It’s the NBA, nothing is guaranteed, unless we’re talking about the Warriors with KD.

  60. Tyson Fury

    Tyson FuryПре месец

    Clippers would dominate the Lakers in the first round. Lakers are going to try and avoid the 6th seed

  61. Ryan Austin

    Ryan AustinПре месец

    Lakers aren't making it out the west regardless ....


    THIRTEENПре месец

    The only one I see crying about it is Ledumb James but what else would you expect from him makes sense

  63. Basketball Highlights And Videos

    Basketball Highlights And VideosПре месец

    @RodC1987 Right


    THIRTEENПре месец

    @RodC1987 well if that makes you feel better big dog keep telling yourself that

  65. RodC1987

    RodC1987Пре месец

    He the 🐐.. that's why he lives in haters and losers head rent free

  66. J B

    J BПре месец

    This is how it begins. "Lakers shouldn't worry about the play-in". But just last week y'all was acting like they was done. These clowns did the same thing last year in the bubble. It's amazing how they think we have short memories. Foh.

  67. Dwight Yawg

    Dwight YawgПре месец

    All The Smoke

  68. Shawn John

    Shawn JohnПре месец

    Absolutely not, the Curry storm is coming lol

  69. Henny Bogan

    Henny BoganПре месец

    I cant listen to Max Kellerman... I dont like the way he breathes.

  70. millercmdn

    millercmdnПре месец

    So Dennis Schroder got covid even after being vaccinated???🤔 this virus is bs man

  71. Love Peace

    Love PeaceПре месец

    clippers sucks at playoffs except playoff rondo

  72. Blake Hansen

    Blake HansenПре месец

    The Lakers DON'T want the 8th seed...

  73. Fight Guys

    Fight GuysПре месец

    Big perk becoming a legendary analyst lowkey😂

  74. ruben gonzalez

    ruben gonzalezПре месец

    Lebron and ad have missed so many games like dam son they might as well just not play all regular season and just come back for the playoffs

  75. ReTwan Watson

    ReTwan WatsonПре месец

    I mean I think somebody should be just a little worried after having to go into ot with the knicks. And Ik the Lakers are missing people and the Knicks aren’t bad this season but still

  76. ReTwan Watson

    ReTwan WatsonПре месец

    @J B Bruh🤦🏾‍♂️ I said every teams best player isnt injured talking about not knowing if they’ll ever be 100% again, literally the words of the lakers best player who is injured. And u just about skipped over everything I said just to basically say the same thing u said the first time. Again I’m not talking about some point in the season I’m talking about now. The players that are injured on the teams that are in the playoffs either don’t make much of a difference or are coming back before the playoffs start. The jazz, 76ers, pacers, and nets are the only other teams with their best player injured and like I said are expected to come back before playoffs start

  77. J B

    J BПре месец

    @ReTwan Watson literally every true contender has had their best player(s) hurt, with the exception of maybe the Clippers...

  78. ReTwan Watson

    ReTwan WatsonПре месец

    @J B Wasn’t an argument I was js, but no every team shouldn’t be worried, every teams best player isn’t injured saying they don’t know if they’ll be 100%. And the playoffs are in 10 days. Also I’m not talking about who was struggling at some point in the year there’s only a couple games left dude and playoff teams have their stuff together and are ready for playoffs. And idk what u mean by don’t be a finicky fan that’s has nothing to do with what I said

  79. J B

    J BПре месец

    Based on that argument, EVERY TEAM should be a "little worried". Every single contender has struggled at some point this year. Don't be a finicky fan.

  80. Justin Humphrey

    Justin HumphreyПре месец

    Blacks Mexicans and native Americans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research ....

  81. Brian Keith

    Brian KeithПре месец

    These guys flip flop every's so hilarious.

  82. J B

    J BПре месец

    It's actually insulting. Like they think we forgot all the slander

  83. Malcolm Che

    Malcolm CheПре месец

    Look, nothing against Chris Canty cause he looks like a good dude, has been on ESpN NY from I researched, and more importantly, contributes to the youthful community through his non-profit foundation, but someone has to say it cause at this point, ESPN and DISNEY, it's getting blatantly disrespectful: y'all need to look for and start giving other brothers and sisters a chance. Latinx-Americans, Asian-Americans, South East Asian Americans and Native Americans watch sports too. We want to be included, seen and heard as well. Invest in diversity. Invest in journalism and not just in former players. Look for talent, it's there. Latinx are out there.

  84. Brian Keith

    Brian KeithПре месец

    I don't see AD making it through the playoffs. As good as he is, homie is fragile. Last night against the Knicks there were a few plays were he looked shooken up.

  85. Ray D.

    Ray D.Пре месец

    Fr I think he's playing us, he just dont wanna play without Bron lol

  86. Atb

    AtbПре месец

    Y’all are dumb we are a competitive franchise and we want to win any and every game possible

  87. Brian Keith

    Brian KeithПре месец

    It's so hard listen to Kendrick talk🤣🤣🤣

  88. Steven O

    Steven OПре месец

    Lakers wish this was another Bubble asterisk year. Where they can rest 5 months before the playoffs and get everyone healthy. The only champion ever who didn't have to grind 8 months straight, instead they got to rest and get 100% healthy.

  89. Ethan Wang

    Ethan WangПре месец

    Emmm pretty sure everyone rested before the bubble tournament or u r watching a different nba?

  90. Devin Kemp

    Devin KempПре месец

    Max I agree with u on certain points max is so bad they only agree with him halfway

  91. MastermindRell

    MastermindRellПре месец

    How the Lakers defense ranked number 2 and they been losing like ah mtf

  92. Matthew George

    Matthew GeorgeПре месец

    The Play-in tournament is a gamble.

  93. Joseph Naps

    Joseph NapsПре месец

    Canty canty hold SAS' jock

  94. joaquin valenzuela

    joaquin valenzuelaПре месец

    No one talking Portland probably falling back into play in cause they will face utah and a hungry Phoenix suns (cause of loosing streak) and the nuggests to close the season

  95. Swiss Cheese

    Swiss CheeseПре месец

    And the Suns can avoid facing the Lakers in round 1 if they beat the Blazers and get the Lakers to the 6th seed. Suns path would be way easier that way

  96. J B

    J BПре месец

    I'm glad all those teams have something to play for. That could be 3 L's for Portland. I want the Lakers in the 6th seed so bad, so they can knock the Clippers out of the 1st round 🤣🤣

  97. Devin Kemp

    Devin KempПре месец

    Okay his glasses don't even look really today they look like cheap sharpie

  98. Waleed Al-Rabbani

    Waleed Al-RabbaniПре месец

    I prefer it without SAS instead of shouting over each other they're all given time to give their opinion

  99. Danny Z

    Danny ZПре месец

    chuck norris workouts lol



    Agree with Chris 100% win these games then rest avoid the tournament

  101. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt CobainПре месец

    Being in the play-in has some tactical advantages. Can cherry-pick your 1st round opponent. And a healthy Lakers is a much better team than what their record indicates. They're really a top 3 team but disguised as a 7th seed.

  102. Hope Lim

    Hope LimПре месец

    We’ve been losing against the bad teams.

  103. Mannie Supa Sport

    Mannie Supa SportПре месец

    Utah &/or Phx will be 1st round exits this year They are not TRUE #1 & #2 seeds

  104. Quinshawn Little

    Quinshawn LittleПре месец


  105. Quinshawn Little

    Quinshawn LittleПре месец

    @MrAVGNdude v2 i should be goddamnit

  106. MrAVGNdude v2

    MrAVGNdude v2Пре месец

    You on the team?

  107. StayTuned Jr

    StayTuned JrПре месец

    Where is SAS ??

  108. Rob Liberachi

    Rob LiberachiПре месец

    I feel like the best topics for SAS to speak on is when he’s not here

  109. KT Hoops

    KT HoopsПре месец

    Big facts

  110. Ameet Sander

    Ameet SanderПре месец

    AD is glass

  111. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor duПре месец

    134th comment

  112. Lasha Xoperia

    Lasha XoperiaПре месец

    Lakers fears to noone, everyone should be feared by the Lakers and they should avoid facing them in the 1st round.

  113. Paul Hayes

    Paul HayesПре месец

    Big p thinks he knows everything lol

  114. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt CobainПре месец

    Blazers' last 3: @ Utah, @ Phoenix, Denver. They might win all of them. No Mitchelll or Conley. Phoenix may want to slip to 3rd. Denver has nothing to play for on the last day.

  115. Joker06

    Joker06Пре месец

    They aren't beating any of those teams

  116. Z Z

    Z ZПре месец

    Nuggets are gonna get the 3rd seed

  117. Air Durant

    Air DurantПре месец

    They not winning all of them but the Nuggets might throw a game to get the Lakers in the play in

  118. Ray M.

    Ray M.Пре месец

    Pat4Clippers once again come on here with your clownery predictions and comments lol

  119. MR Williams

    MR WilliamsПре месец

    Perk only good for his hot takes its like once he start talking I tone out

  120. bazzinga

    bazzingaПре месец

    Man the guys in this show change their mind faster than anything lol..

  121. Mr. Anderson

    Mr. AndersonПре месец

    Fear a team where your leading scorer goes 1-11 from 3's and you still beat the second best team in the West.

  122. Mr. Anderson

    Mr. AndersonПре месец

    @Edrick James Denver's in 4th place. I'm going to consider the Suns more dangerous considering they're only 2 behind Utah, and had even briefly tied them for first in the West. They've had some tough losses of late, but they're healthy. Plus CP3's veteran leadership will help them greatly in the playoffs.

  123. Tyson Fury

    Tyson FuryПре месец

    @Edrick James You think beating the Warriors is an accomplishment? Lol

  124. Edrick James

    Edrick JamesПре месец

    The suns have the 2nd best record. They not the 2nd best team in the west there’s a difference. Utah and denver stayed the healthiest all season which is why they are the top seeds. All the other teams been decimated with injuries leading to a lesser record. Utah just experiencing the injury bug with Mitchell and Conley. Suns are frauds that W means nothing. Lakers smoked warriors by 30 twice this yr.... WITHOUT AD BOTH TIMES

  125. Kenson Joseph

    Kenson JosephПре месец

    NBA referees just really don’t want to see the Knicks win

  126. J B

    J BПре месец

    Lmao here we go 😭😭

  127. Kenson Joseph

    Kenson JosephПре месец

    Final: NBA Refs 101, NY Knicks 99

  128. Leo Marlon Estrada

    Leo Marlon EstradaПре месец

    Where is the "Storm" Queen James promised? He will playing like a CRIPPLE in the next few days.

  129. Kendal Tomlin

    Kendal TomlinПре месец

    Defense wins chips when it's all said and done

  130. Moultonlava Gaming

    Moultonlava GamingПре месец

    What about trying to get the 5 spot? They would avoid the clippers till conference finals if they make it that far

  131. Swiss Cheese

    Swiss CheeseПре месец

    @Tyson Fury I agree, Tyson Fury. Lakers would lose to the Clippers in the first round but it would still be tough for either one. I can see Kawhi/PG/Rondo getting injured if they need to play at such a high intensity in the 1st round. Doesn't make sense for the Clippers to get the 3rd seed anyway, their path is way easier if they get the 4th seed instead. If they get the 4th seed, their path is Mavs -> Jazz -> Lakers. Seems to be easier than staying at the 3rd seed and going Blazers/Lakers -> Suns -> Jazz

  132. Tyson Fury

    Tyson FuryПре месец

    @J B Kawhi ,Pg and Beverly all taking turns defending Lebron ? That’s a rough series for him.

  133. Tyson Fury

    Tyson FuryПре месец

    @J B Are you ok?🌝The Lakers matchup HORRIBLY with the Clippers. Last year in their 4 matchups, Lebron shot under 40% on average against them. This isn’t a random playoff bubble experiment where most of the players are out of shape and didn’t expect the season to continue. This is a full healthy clippers team. Both Beverly and Ibaka are back in the lineup and of course they added rondo. No one wants to play the Clippers in the playoffs.

  134. J B

    J BПре месец

    Nobody scared of the Clippers. I want them in the 1st round. I would LOVE to see those entitled clowns bounced out of the 1st round. Plus, it would be epic television to see Shannon troll Skip Bayless about it 😭😭