Can the Lakers avoid the play-in tournament? The Jump debates

Can the Lakers avoid the play-in tournament? The Jump debates
Ramona Shelburne and Marc J. Spears join Jorge Sedano on The Jump to discuss the Los Angeles Lakers’ chances of avoiding the play-in tournament.
#TheJump #NBA
0:00 Ramona Shelburne doesn’t trust the Lakers will avoid the play-in tournament.
1:15 Ramona says Dennis Schroder has to prove he can carry the Lakers without LeBron James and Anthony Davis.
1:42 Marc J. Spears says he trusts the Lakers will avoid the play-in tournament.
2:30 Ramona weighs in on Anthony Davis’ timeline for his injury.
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  1. ESPN

    ESPNПре 6 дана

    0:00 Ramona Shelburne doesn’t trust the Lakers will avoid the play-in tournament. 1:15 Ramona says Dennis Schroder has to prove he can carry the Lakers without LeBron James and Anthony Davis. 1:42 Marc J. Spears says he trusts the Lakers will avoid the play-in tournament. 2:30 Ramona weighs in on Anthony Davis’ timeline for his injury.

  2. Mark Jeffrey Guapo

    Mark Jeffrey GuapoПре 2 дана

    Where's the Paul Pierce talk now

  3. Sam

    SamПре 5 дана

    Schroeder is a poor man’s Rondo. He’s the Lakers’ 3rd best player. Meanwhile the Nets’ 3rd best player is Kyrie Irving!

  4. The Reaper

    The ReaperПре дан

    And got smoke 🚬

  5. Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children

    Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and childrenПре 5 дана

    Refs will rigg it for the Lakers and they'll be 6th seed

  6. Isaac j

    Isaac jПре 5 дана

    Ramona shelbourne sounds like a joke when talking Lakers

  7. jesus

    jesusПре 5 дана

    You are right Ramona Dennis needs to step up.

  8. Supur Man

    Supur ManПре 5 дана

    Yes, They Can ~ Drummond, Schroder, Kuz, Ben Mc, THT, Caruso Step Up ...

  9. Christopher Jones

    Christopher JonesПре 5 дана

    Preach Ramona!

  10. chocolate pridgen

    chocolate pridgenПре 5 дана

    Of the next 21 games, 14 of those games are teams who currently are in the playoffs. Since the Lebron injury the lakers have lost every team they played that currently would be a playoff team. If this trend continues the Lakers would finish 7-14 and would finish with a record of 39-33.

  11. Joey Chandler

    Joey ChandlerПре 6 дана

    All this talking and then the Mavs lost to Rockets... the real problem is a Lakers-Clippers first round matchup

  12. Kerry Yang

    Kerry YangПре 6 дана

    Laker not gonna beat Mavericks without ad or Lebron because they got Luka

  13. Kerry Yang

    Kerry YangПре 6 дана

    Y’all right they got harder schedules ahead

  14. Christian Soldier

    Christian SoldierПре 6 дана

    Is the NBA smoking with this stupid play in nonsense? The regular season is the play in tournament SMH They should have a tournament to see which non playoff teams gets the top draft picks

  15. NakNakJona Channel

    NakNakJona ChannelПре 6 дана

    Ramona? Owkieeeee😜

  16. Yoshiro Senpai

    Yoshiro SenpaiПре 6 дана

    They don't have to avoid the play in tournament cause once LBJ and AD comes back even if they fall to the 7th or 8th seed they will easily win the play in tournament

  17. Brian

    BrianПре 6 дана

    Please replace Paul with a former player. Ideally Matt Barnes but i doubt he’d take it, I think he’s just a guest when he comes on

  18. Adam Palmer

    Adam PalmerПре 6 дана

    The Lakers will be just fine, Ad will be back in 5-10 and then Lebron will be right behind him!

  19. marcus dior

    marcus diorПре 6 дана

    Of course we can avoid the play-in tournament, the Lakers have about 20 games left before the end of the season. They have a tough stretch coming up right now against: Nets, Jazz, Mavericks, Heat, Clippers, etc. Best case scenario is: we win the games we’re supposed to win. If we can pull upsets now and then, that would be totally awesome. But yeah, the way the lakers are playing without both their superstars, it’s fascinating to watch.

  20. Dakid_josh15 DJM

    Dakid_josh15 DJMПре 6 дана

    Why ESPN talk about the same thing every day 😂😂😂

  21. Ree

    ReeПре 6 дана

    Schoder and Drummond can manage it.

  22. Darius G.

    Darius G.Пре 6 дана

    Reverse tank in play for Lakers to avoid the Clippers and Nets.

  23. 032090

    032090Пре 6 дана

    Why Marc Spears always be smiling

  24. Edrick James

    Edrick JamesПре 6 дана

    Who cares if lakers are in the play in games. The lakers can’t beat spurs, Grizzlies, or pelicans in a play in game??

  25. John Foster

    John FosterПре 6 дана

    They can and should win. But it just takes one bad game and boom they can be out. Kinda like football with wild card teams winning the superbowl(think giants beating undefeated patriots)

  26. Engr. Jessy de Castro

    Engr. Jessy de CastroПре 6 дана

    😂 Ramona will keep embarassing herself.

  27. Saniyah Bozai

    Saniyah BozaiПре 6 дана

    they running out of things to talk about fr

  28. Jacob Wichterich

    Jacob WichterichПре 6 дана

    Would rather have Paul pierce on here than any of the three in this video tbh

  29. Prod By Watson

    Prod By WatsonПре 6 дана

    You cant build a team with lebron on it. You can only build team around lebron and for lebron only.

  30. Prod By Watson

    Prod By WatsonПре 6 дана

    They're not making the finals this year.

  31. Prod By Watson

    Prod By WatsonПре 6 дана

    Super teams and a whole lot of luck.

  32. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    Whether a team is built with LeBron on it or for LeBron , his teams always seem to be playing for the chip.

  33. KPH Tv Official KONESANS.

    KPH Tv Official KONESANS.Пре 6 дана

    Kuzma is the third.

  34. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    How bad would it be for the jazz if the Lakers drop to the number 8 seed? Their reward for being the best team in the West is a first-round matchup with a healthy defending Champion Lakers team.

  35. Bismark Yeboah

    Bismark YeboahПре 6 дана

    Haha I feel so stupid for thinking Marc Spears was sitting in the studio at the start😂😂😂

  36. I’m a Depressed Detroit Fan

    I’m a Depressed Detroit FanПре 6 дана

    They’ll avoid it. Drummond and Schroeder will be able to keep them at a 5.

  37. AbyssGnasher

    AbyssGnasherПре 6 дана

    not necessarily. Thats assuming no more injuries occur. Short-handed they will be playing more and the possibility for injury rises Im sure.

  38. Braden McHenry

    Braden McHenryПре 6 дана

    If lakers get the play in and are the 8 seed you’re gonna see the top 3 teams tank games so hard

  39. tyler durden

    tyler durdenПре 3 дана

    @Warren Mazengwe lebrons playstyle does not need practice. He just worries about his cardio and that's it. Which he works on even through the injury. It's not just lebron who is working on this. It's a team of SPT and medical staff and everything. They know exactly what to do. The lakers have the power of 100's of the best specialists across california for sports. They get help from other team doctors across the USA. lol. Lebron will come back fine cause he's willing to put in the work. I'd be more worried about AD. He's so injury prone lol and his playstyle requires some a very healthy body. Lebron does not need to smash the paint like that anymore. Too many players cuting and slashing. Lol they have andre and ad so they want that 2nd chance points over easy paint bucketsyou know? it should be fine it all depends on ADs health. He goes down. It's game over

  40. tyler durden

    tyler durdenПре 3 дана

    @Warren Mazengwe i mean the entire league built teams to play against lebron. The reason why we had an overstacked warriors = lebron james. Lol. You are right about in one way. If you're a nobody then you are not scared. If you play in the nba and coach in the nba and own an NBA team and LOVE your team. You will be scared of lebron. He consistently shows us all that he can score 34+ppg in the playoffs or finals or whatever when his star goes down or if he's forced to score. Lol so now that you have ad and defense. EVERYONE is scared. LBJ and ad with a below average game will STILL be a threat. The one real threat that everyone is scared of is how the lakers can D up and just go on 15+ point runs out of no where. So even if you're smashing on them. You still can not relax with a 20 point lead. Who is NOT scared of that? EVERYONE is scared of the lakers and nets. I'd be more afraid of the nets but yeah.

  41. alli bynes

    alli bynesПре 5 дана

    @Warren Mazengwe lebron hasn’t been out for 2 months and no one in the west can stop the duo of lebron and AD as well as the lakers having the number 1 defense in the league idk about us coasting thru that’s not what i said but teams don’t want to face them early and get sent home early

  42. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 5 дана

    @Warren Mazengwe none of the top teams are going to want to see a healthy Lakers in the first round of the playoffs.

  43. Warren Mazengwe

    Warren MazengweПре 5 дана

    @alli bynes LeBron and AD will have been out more than 2 months by the time the playoffs start. There is no way they funna just roll through the western conference without practicing or anything. And I highly doubt the top-seeded teams will just forget how to play basketball just because they are in a 7 game series with the Lakers. If anything, it would be an advantage to the top-seeded teams because it is a series.

  44. Warrior BC

    Warrior BCПре 6 дана

    The Joker is best player on the planet 💪💪💪

  45. dj7909dj

    dj7909djПре 6 дана

    Dennis kuzma and andre have to step up stay up and lead them to the playoffs and when LeGM and AD come back they got the rest til we see the iso gang in the finals

  46. Russell Turcotte

    Russell TurcotteПре 6 дана

    Lakers offered 21 mill a year for 4 years to Schroeder and he declined it like that pisses me off because no one is offering him that and he wants to get paid all this money then prove it like he hasn’t stepped up none of the lakers have with AD and Lebron out and were dropping in seeding day by day we were the 2 seed before Lebron went down now we’re close to being the 6th seed

  47. Sanjuid Ali

    Sanjuid AliПре 6 дана

    Lakers is ending 7th

  48. Charles Heard

    Charles HeardПре 6 дана

    She’s right Dennis has been so so this year. Way to many turnovers and inconsistent shooting to be wanting to get paid like the guy.

  49. Jared Purcell

    Jared PurcellПре 6 дана

    I get angry when I see Marc Spears lol

  50. Ra Djehouty

    Ra DjehoutyПре 6 дана

    If AD is not hundred pour-cent don,t bring him..the lakers already won the chip last years rush ..

  51. Ethan Wright

    Ethan WrightПре 6 дана

    Please take this woman off tv.... She's so bad....

  52. MastermindRell

    MastermindRellПре 6 дана

    Plot twist : Lakers drop to 8th seed and get healthy then lose 1st rd to Utah

  53. Swiiper

    SwiiperПре 6 дана

    Even when they get back it isn’t a guarantee they are going to go on a long win streak to avoid the backend of the playoff race

  54. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    @Swiiper the thing about the Lakers is they don't need good shooting to win. They've been winning with bad shooting all year. Defense and high-percentage shots is their formula.

  55. Swiiper

    SwiiperПре 6 дана

    Ain’t a matter of scared or not. All it takes is one bad shooting night a play in win isn’t guaranteed

  56. Clippers Suck

    Clippers SuckПре 6 дана

    They ain’t scared of those play in games

  57. redouane krap

    redouane krapПре 6 дана

    Lakers dont care who they play as long as their healthy on the other hand no one wants to face the lakers

  58. Rudie Obias

    Rudie ObiasПре 6 дана

    Dennis Schroder's agent is his ear. Schroder is not a $100-million player.

  59. Amar Vijh

    Amar VijhПре 6 дана

    Not surprised Spears thinks the Mavs wont do it. He has had it out for Luka since the day he walked into this league. Dude legit hates the white baller!!!!

  60. adingdingdiiing

    adingdingdiiingПре 5 дана

    I think someone even called him a xenophobe on the Jump. 🤣 He was debating how Trae was more deserving to be RotY but he couldn't give a decent argument as to why.

  61. Jan Lorenz Martinez

    Jan Lorenz MartinezПре 6 дана

    The Lakers are gonna be fine. Them competing against playoff teams w/o their 2 stars is a testement to their depth and their games starting at April 22 until the end of the reg. season would be the easiest stretch of their sched. Both AD and LeBron are expected to be back at that time

  62. Виктор Вик

    Виктор ВикПре 5 дана

    @SamoaVsEverybody_814 😂😂😂😂😂 okay okay we'll see

  63. SamoaVsEverybody_814

    SamoaVsEverybody_814Пре 5 дана

    @Виктор Вик Doesn't matter bro, lmao. Lots have trash teams have beat the Jazz 😭💀

  64. Виктор Вик

    Виктор ВикПре 5 дана

    @SamoaVsEverybody_814 and won vs Utah😎😎😎

  65. SamoaVsEverybody_814

    SamoaVsEverybody_814Пре 5 дана

    @Виктор Вик Mavericks just lost to the firesale Rockets 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️

  66. Виктор Вик

    Виктор ВикПре 6 дана

    April 22-24 two games lakers at dallas. If bron and ad will not return mavs will win both

  67. frank24x

    frank24xПре 6 дана

    People overreact thinking we were gonna lose every game, we not that bad currently constructed. Plus AD back in a week and Bron in 3 weeks

  68. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 6 дана

    Either Lakers face the higher altitude Denver and then Utah or they fall to 7th and face an inexperienced Phoenix team. Then Lakers better hope Clippers get upset in the 1st round by Portland or Dallas. If not, Lakers are dethroned.

  69. N0 Lethalzz

    N0 LethalzzПре 6 дана

    bro nobody is worried about the clippers. if u think the clippers are better than the lakers you’re delusional

  70. James Roberts

    James RobertsПре 6 дана

    Boy stop.

  71. Simpin 8nt Eazy

    Simpin 8nt EazyПре 6 дана

    Remember when Kuzma was supposed to be the 3rd guy

  72. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 6 дана

    Lakers have won every game I expected them to win and lost every game I expected them to lose. I got Lakers winning between 40-44 wins. Their best seeding is 4th no matter what.

  73. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    @Kehinde Akintoye put it this way, the Lakers are 10 games ahead of the 11 seed Pelicans with only 21 games left to play. If they only when 5 of their last 21 the Pelicans would have to go 16 - 5 to surpass them and the Warriors would have to go 15 - 6. Neither of those things is happening much less both of them happening. The Lakers are not in danger of falling out of the playoffs altogether.

  74. Kehinde Akintoye

    Kehinde AkintoyeПре 6 дана

    @Cruz the world am still on my stand... if both James and Davis didn't back in time.. then Lakers would be in trouble.

  75. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    @Kehinde Akintoye Drummond should be back by their next game. Davis is supposed to be back within the next week and then LeBron a week or two after that. They'll be in the playoffs but it's a matter of what seed and how difficult the road will be.

  76. Kehinde Akintoye

    Kehinde AkintoyeПре 6 дана

    @Cruz the world honestly if both Lakers superstars aren't back in three weeks time.. Lakers might be in trouble..

  77. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    @Kehinde Akintoye they'll still make the playoffs but they might not have a good seed.

  78. Fusionn

    FusionnПре 6 дана

    The Clippers will face the Lakers in the First Round. 3rd seed vs 6th seed

  79. S Jones

    S JonesПре 6 дана

    There's still a play in tournament?!?!? bahahaha... Isn't that what the regular season is....ya know, games and you earn a playoff spot.

  80. Tezobabyy 95

    Tezobabyy 95Пре 6 дана

    Lakers are 4-5 without without both Bron and AD you would think they was 0-9 the way the media is panicking long as the Lakers keep beating the teams they’re supposed to beat they’ll be good

  81. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    @Pure chaos they're about to get Drummond back and hopefully Davis about a week after that and then LeBron a week after that. I think that's enough time to get back up to a four or five seed before the playoffs.

  82. Pure chaos

    Pure chaosПре 6 дана

    @Edwin Hernandez still mavs have an easy schedule and will jump them in the standings and Portland is hot along with the mavs so they are staring at a 7th seed as of rn

  83. Edwin Hernandez

    Edwin HernandezПре 6 дана

    @TheVolourn hence "beating the teams they're supposed to beat". Thanks for pointing out the obvious with the assessment you made.

  84. TheVolourn

    TheVolournПре 6 дана

    Beating crappy teams. LMAO

  85. Bryan Torres

    Bryan TorresПре 6 дана

    Espn fired Paul and gave us a full time Marc Spears... you hate to see it

  86. Spice 0o0

    Spice 0o0Пре 5 дана

    This guy is not a good replacement Pierce brought entertainment and made you want to watch the show with him and RJ or Tmac side by side with Rachel

  87. Kaleb 8

    Kaleb 8Пре 6 дана

    @Marcelo Silva look up paul pierce ig

  88. Marcelo Silva

    Marcelo SilvaПре 6 дана

    why did they fire paul pierce?

  89. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor duПре 6 дана

    51st comment

  90. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 6 дана

    Clippers vs Lakers playoff series in about 6 weeks. 😎 If not, Clippers vs Mavs or Blazers and Lakers get Denver in the 1st and Utah in the 2nd. Pick your poison. I say fall to 7th or target Phoenix in the 1st. They're still kids.

  91. Clippers Suck

    Clippers SuckПре 6 дана

    I want the clippers so I won’t hear any excuses like last year „they dodged the clippers“ 🤣

  92. Jeff Michelot

    Jeff MichelotПре 6 дана

    Only here for Paul Pierce

  93. PurpleReign902

    PurpleReign902Пре 6 дана

    Best case scenario is the 6th seed before we get AD back

  94. Jack Napier

    Jack NapierПре 6 дана


  95. OGInnaWood GO

    OGInnaWood GOПре 6 дана

    What Ramona fails to realize is Shroeder didn’t have the Lakers built around his talents they built around Lebron and AD so of course he not bout to be able to go off every game the team not even built around him

  96. The Reaper

    The ReaperПре дан

    If I was owner and you was the gm talking about building around Dennis when I have lebron and AD on my team I would fired you on spot

  97. F1ight Ju

    F1ight JuПре 6 дана

    I disagree if the team was built around dennis that means the team is making him the guy so every defense would be focusing on dennis first hence it would be harder to get shots playing with Bron and AD he doesn't have to worry about that and will have alot more open looks so it should be easier too go off on this team and operate long as he shows he can be consistent esp in clutch moments

  98. The B.Shelby Show

    The B.Shelby ShowПре 6 дана

    Where’s Paul Pierce

  99. AirDunk23

    AirDunk23Пре 6 дана

    (Looks left, Looks right) NOPE

  100. Mike J

    Mike JПре 6 дана

    when AD retuning? Lakers will be 5-6 seed when both of AD and lebron returns.

  101. Scott -O

    Scott -OПре 6 дана

    Grizzlies have been playing solid ball and I think JJJ is coming back soon too. So watch out for them

  102. alli bynes

    alli bynesПре 6 дана

    eh they still got a few years before it’s their time but they playoff bound

  103. 3rd Level Intellect

    3rd Level IntellectПре 6 дана

    Lakers could be the greatest 8th seed of all time.

  104. PurpleReign902

    PurpleReign902Пре 6 дана

    Taking out jazz in the first round east wit bron and ad

  105. Marlo

    MarloПре 6 дана

    If we beat Miami tomo we can stay in

  106. kwolboi46

    kwolboi46Пре 6 дана

    Marc Stein is a hater!!

  107. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 6 дана

    For Lakers to get the 3rd seed, they would have to go 16-5 the rest of the way. But Clippers are projected at 47. Lakers have 32 wins already but Clippers have 34. Remember, we own the tiebreaker.

  108. this foo

    this fooПре 6 дана

    You making up all these scenarios man. When it's go time you'll see who you really are 😎

  109. Ray M.

    Ray M.Пре 6 дана

    Pat4Clippers you have the Lakers on your mind daily. Get your bucket ready for the Clippers to get bounced early again.

  110. Basketball Enlightenment

    Basketball EnlightenmentПре 6 дана

    Didn't yall blow a 3-1 lead or am I mistaken

  111. Mackenzie Young

    Mackenzie YoungПре 6 дана

    Romona shelburne is terrible

  112. Air Joshy

    Air JoshyПре 6 дана

    If the lakers can’t stay out the play in games without Lebron and AD then they don’t deserve a ring 💍

  113. Kendal Tomlin

    Kendal TomlinПре 6 дана


  114. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 6 дана

    I don't mind the Lakers staying at the 5th spot. Because I think Jazz, Suns, and Clippers aren't falling out of the top 3. This means 2nd round is Utah for the Lakers no matter what. Doubt Utah gets upset by an 8th seed.

  115. Clippers Suck

    Clippers SuckПре 6 дана

    @Henry true 🤣

  116. Henry

    HenryПре 6 дана

    Dude comments like 20 times on every espn video😂😂

  117. 게비스콘

    게비스콘Пре 6 дана

    since AD & LeBronda both out for regular season, I'm not sure.

  118. Antoine

    AntoineПре 6 дана

    Ad is returning in like a week and bron in 3 weeks wdym. We'll be fine

  119. A Cracker Named Crispy

    A Cracker Named CrispyПре 6 дана

    MoMo? She's more like Moo Moo! I'm sorry......I'll see myself out.

  120. Asandé Mhlongo

    Asandé MhlongoПре 6 дана

    Definitely, I'm not worried about the Lakers, they should be able to stay ahead of the Blazers and Mavs. The biggest question is; will they be in good enough shape to get past WCFs? Will AD & LBJs health be where it's supposed to be so they can get themselves into the finals?

  121. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 5 дана

    @Joe 214 you jinxed it by talking about how hot the Mavs were. Lol. But yes it should definitely get interesting.

  122. Joe 214

    Joe 214Пре 5 дана

    @Cruz the world I don’t even want it no more we lost against Houston lol ...Lakers can have it.... Naa but seriously every win matter it should get interesting to say the least

  123. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    @Pure chaos 10 games is more than enough to shake off A month's worth of rust. It only took him eight games in the bubble to shake off five months last year. Might even be enough time to get back into a top six seed slip that far.

  124. Pure chaos

    Pure chaosПре 6 дана

    @Cruz the world Lebron got a high ankle sprain so I’d say he plays like 5-10 more regular season games.

  125. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    @Joe 214 I think the Mavs will pass them but depending on how soon a d comes back they could stay ahead of the Blazers. If they could just play 500 ball until LeBron comes back they'll be okay

  126. C A P

    C A PПре 6 дана

    Things i Dont trust: 1) you paying me back 2) Ramona 3) the Lakers missing Playoffs

  127. dflowers30

    dflowers30Пре 6 дана

    And Clippers in the clutch

  128. Reningan

    ReninganПре 6 дана

    LA Clippers ! ! !

  129. Varun Kumar

    Varun KumarПре 6 дана

    😝 😂

  130. Kay Sheye

    Kay SheyeПре 6 дана

    they're the 5th seed or so, stop panicking

  131. Jon Sanders

    Jon SandersПре 6 дана

    No offense... But honest question... Is Ramona a midget? Little person. Whatever. Again, honest question.

  132. Jon Sanders

    Jon SandersПре 6 дана

    @fwayjoc She really is. I don't care of she's 7 feet tall, those are midget proportions.

  133. fwayjoc

    fwayjocПре 6 дана

    I just noticed 😂😂😂😂she’s built like that

  134. Dave Renju

    Dave RenjuПре 6 дана

    Oh yeah

  135. David Frasso

    David FrassoПре 6 дана

    Shroder is not the guy thats why Rondo should have never left

  136. Borna Siroki

    Borna SirokiПре 6 дана

    Dallas has an easy schedule ahead, they have a better shot of getting ahead of them than Portland

  137. Drake Sarvansky

    Drake SarvanskyПре 6 дана

    Lol 😁 Dallas just lost to rockets and have bucks tomorrow on a back-to-back

  138. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    @99 considering the Lakers were 10 - 4 last year without a d and 12 - 7 this year without a d before LeBron went down as well, I'd say they are definitely a playoff team without a d but without LeBron they are a lottery team for sure.

  139. Kahari Scarlett

    Kahari ScarlettПре 6 дана

    @Edwin Hernandez lol bro get that hate out your heart

  140. J G I

    J G IПре 6 дана

    @Edwin Hernandez Sure thing. lol

  141. Edwin Hernandez

    Edwin HernandezПре 6 дана

    @TheVolourn he got bailed out by Ray Allen and Kyrie that's why he has 2 of his rings. Did we mention he also manages to get super teams to get a chip. The man is a loser and doesn't know how to win unless he gets a stacked team. Even last year as a Laker. The man had AD, Dwight and Rondo. If you can't get it done with that much help then I don't know what to tell you.

  142. Corpy Hogan

    Corpy HoganПре 6 дана

    AD has to return soon

  143. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayПре 6 дана

    isn't Ramona the same person that said "LeBron and AD wouldn't workout last year"

  144. Mark Jeffrey Guapo

    Mark Jeffrey GuapoПре 2 дана

    Yeah she says whatever she wants

  145. Asandé Mhlongo

    Asandé MhlongoПре 5 дана

    @Paris Croom lol you're clearly a stan. ESPN analyst's takes are for entertainment, to highlight stories and narratives. Why keep tabs on folks whose job is to always come up w hot takes and not necessarily what's happening on the court? No one's crying about anything either, you just woke up looking to fight in the RSfire comments

  146. Paris Croom

    Paris CroomПре 5 дана

    @Asandé Mhlongo so why are you commenting if you don’t know what you’re talking about? Go cry somewhere else

  147. Asandé Mhlongo

    Asandé MhlongoПре 6 дана

    @JBIRD35 whoah there, acting aggressive on the RSfire comments? Calm down fam, I barely follow what Ramona says or keep tabs on what most analysts say. It's good for entertainment, nothing more.

  148. Kendal Tomlin

    Kendal TomlinПре 6 дана

    Yes she did.

  149. Walking Stick Kyrie

    Walking Stick KyrieПре 6 дана

    Imagine if they don’t make the playoffs lmao. Bron fans would go crazy

  150. Cruz the world

    Cruz the worldПре 6 дана

    In the last 15 years injuries of the only thing that has kept a Lebron team from the playoffs. And in the last 10 years it's the only thing that's kept him from the finals.

  151. Pure chaos

    Pure chaosПре 6 дана

    @TheVolourn not true mvp awards go to the best regular season player not the best player. Lebron has a tendency to cruise during the regular season and ramp it up in the playoffs. I don’t think it’s fair to just say lebron should have way more mvps without going through each season and statistically analyzing the candidates. It’s easy to say lebron should have more mvps without backing it up

  152. TheVolourn

    TheVolournПре 6 дана

    It would show yet again why LBJK should have a dozen+ MVP awards. LMAO

  153. Mikey

    MikeyПре 6 дана

    bruh huh ????

  154. Daniel Daniel

    Daniel DanielПре 6 дана

    First comment yay 😏

  155. KB24sTaTuS

    KB24sTaTuSПре 6 дана

    I don’t know, you tell me

  156. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayПре 6 дана

    The Lakers just need to stay in the top 5 seed

  157. Marlo

    MarloПре 6 дана

    Hopefully we make it our 3 is decent just defence kills us hope Drummond and AF come back

  158. Montell Oliver

    Montell OliverПре 6 дана

    Not happening lmao. Look at the next 9 games for the lakers

  159. Richard Alfaro

    Richard AlfaroПре 6 дана

    I hope they either earn a playoff spot or none at all . This play in is just BS

  160. MinePlay 512

    MinePlay 512Пре 6 дана

    Yes. They can avoid the play in tournament.

  161. Talkin' Hoops

    Talkin' HoopsПре 6 дана