SportsNation recaps NBA action: Giannis drops 49, Luka gets ejected, Ben Simmons makes a game-winner

SportsNation recaps NBA action: Giannis drops 49, Luka gets ejected, Ben Simmons makes a game-winner
SportsNation recaps a night of NBA action, including Giannis Antetokounmpo showing out against the Nets by scoring 49 points in a narrow victory. LeBron James plays in his second game back from injury, but the Raptors easily take care of business as Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam combine for 76 points. In Around the Association, Luka Doncic gets ejected, Julius Randle goes off on the Rockets, Ben Simmons comes through with the game-winner and Jaylen Brown gets injured as the Celtics lose to the Trail Blazers.
0:00 Giannis Antetokounmpo scores 49 points while Blake Griffin was dunking in the Bucks' win vs. the Nets.
1:20 The Raptors take down the Lakers.
2:32 Luka Doncic is ejected, Julius Randle with another big performance and Ben Simmons tips in a game-winner.
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  1. ESPN

    ESPNПре 11 дана

    0:00​ Giannis Antetokounmpo scores 49 points while Blake Griffin was dunking in the Bucks' win vs. the Nets. 1:20​ The Raptors take down the Lakers. 2:32​ Luka Doncic is ejected, Julius Randle with another big performance and Ben Simmons tips in a game-winner.

  2. K WIZ

    K WIZПре 9 дана

    Why are y’all laughing & cackling like jackals at other people’s misfortunes? Players get hurt & ejected & yer laughing like it’s funny. Yer a bunch of toxic a**holes fr

  3. AFG Outdoors

    AFG OutdoorsПре 10 дана

    Ma man's is hammered on the show brother lmao

  4. holymsophy

    holymsophyПре 10 дана

    I still haven't been able to figure out what Luka did for this Tech Please help!! Thought these guys would talk about it. But nope.

  5. OfficiallyMaSS

    OfficiallyMaSSПре 10 дана

    Yo man, Blake out here like that whole time in the Pistons wasn't nothing xd

  6. The black kid from Norway

    The black kid from NorwayПре 10 дана

    the ladys insta....

  7. kmsideout

    kmsideoutПре 10 дана

    Is she laughing at an injury?

  8. Brad PITT

    Brad PITTПре 11 дана

    The Blazers Fouled For The Last Two Mins

  9. J Marsh

    J MarshПре 11 дана

    They they show when KD getting bitched he had like 42

  10. Johnny Perozo

    Johnny PerozoПре 11 дана

    Luka needs to learn, Keep em T's coming. I love him, but he needs to cool down.

  11. iliAKAthenatural

    iliAKAthenaturalПре 11 дана

    Nice job laughing at injuries scumbags. i

  12. Miles Davis

    Miles DavisПре 11 дана

    KD not clutch 🙇🏽‍♂️

  13. Elgin K

    Elgin KПре 11 дана

    Lebron a punk he aboit to lose so he pretend ing he injured

  14. cyclicmantis808

    cyclicmantis808Пре 11 дана

    Boo h JJ j

  15. Brian Keith

    Brian KeithПре 11 дана

    Luka is his worst enemy

  16. Sekiro

    SekiroПре 11 дана

    Celtics are in trouble... fire Stevens

  17. OP_10112

    OP_10112Пре 11 дана

    This crew had too much coffee lol

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    George RussellПре 11 дана

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    Ashley WestПре 10 дана

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  24. Franklin Evans

    Franklin EvansПре 11 дана

    If Giannis could do this in the Post season everything would be fine.

  25. Collin Alexander

    Collin AlexanderПре 11 дана

    Giannis and KD combined for 91 points...

  26. Ezra Przytyk

    Ezra PrzytykПре 11 дана

    No they combined for 91 points.... Either way Luka vs Westbrook was still the best duel this season. They combined for 73-22-29

  27. yolkipalki711

    yolkipalki711Пре 11 дана

    LBJ shouldnt be allowed to play and should be suspended for being a racist and insisting violence against another person.

  28. kingX777

    kingX777Пре 11 дана

    Heat vs Hornets recap?!!

  29. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 11 дана

    Paul George will always be a loser it seems. Kawhi made a mistake recruiting this fool.

  30. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 11 дана

    If my Clippers start winning all their remaining games, I might put $70 for them to win it all at 6-1. But I feel my Clippers had already peaked. Reverts back to AD in New Orleans. Losers. Same old Clippers.

  31. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 11 дана

    Lakers' Kobe Tribute Tour is over. Anthony Davis got his money and ring. He just wants to enjoy living in LA now. Reverts back to being a loser he was in New Orleans rarely making the playoffs.

  32. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 11 дана

    My Clippers aren't playing great either. Paul George went back being Pandemic P. Cost us vs. Denver. I got Phoenix Suns winning it all. I still win money if Suns win the WCF but lose in the Finals.

  33. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 11 дана

    Hey Laker haters, we need Dallas, Portland, and Golden State to keep on winning. Get rid of these fraudulent 2020 bubble chumps. Let them enjoy that 2020 chip like they enjoyed that wonderful 2020 year...😂

  34. KreyzAim

    KreyzAimПре 11 дана

    Julius Randle is most improved player without a shadow of a doubt

  35. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 11 дана

    Lakers will fall to 7th for sure. Then they'll face Warriors in the play-in and lose. Fall to 8th. Then beat Memphis for 8th. Imagine if they lost to Memphis or San Antonio? No playoffs.

  36. lepidoptery

    lepidopteryПре 11 дана

    lakers are already in 7th due to the tiebreakers. grizzlies are more likely to make it out of the play-in imo than falling into the lower half. they have more losses locked in but their schedule looks pretty ok, whereas blazers schedule is rough. gsw might not rise above the lower half of the play-in because of their injuries, though. wiggins might miss a game for the first time all season, oubre is still out, also paschall and lee. this leaves jordan poole, a second-year player they'd literally sent off to the gleague this February to mature, as their second best scorer. he was actually really good for about a month when he came back but that's worn off now.

  37. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersПре 11 дана

    Lakers are in deep trouble. Their defense is trash. Anthony Davis hasn't look right since he returned. LeBron said he will never be 100% again They are going to fall to 8th. Then 1st round exit.

  38. Theo Buchoy

    Theo BuchoyПре 11 дана

    Lol.. now no lakers news? Lmao

  39. Herman

    HermanПре 11 дана

    I thought KD was clutch??

  40. Johnny TimeStamp

    Johnny TimeStampПре 11 дана

    Laugh it up weirdos Jaylan and Tatum crash into each and one hops to back to locker room. Bawahahahhahhahahha

  41. Nickos Bmp

    Nickos BmpПре 11 дана

    gringiest tv show i have ever seen



    They need to stop getting excited for shots that don't go in lol

  43. James Marshall

    James MarshallПре 11 дана

    Lakers best defensive team in the land? Nah it's them NY Knicks boiii

  44. lepidoptery

    lepidopteryПре 11 дана

    lakers still somehow rate first for the season as a whole. but across the last 10 games they're 17th. across the last 10 games it's jazz, wizards (wait whut? such progress from being unable to guard a parked car!), gsw (really though? i guess the blowouts balance each other out), pelicans, then knicks.

  45. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor duПре 11 дана

    77th comment



    This season the stats of giannis are tha same and better than last year! My opinion he defently should win if he's healthy until the end threepeat MVP's and back to back Defensiveman of the year! If he plays like this and his teammates follow they can go all the way! And he's going to be the only superstar on the team... wow! MVP! CHAMP

  47. Shiljamannn

    ShiljamannnПре 11 дана

    I hope that Milwaukee Bucks don't become Milwaukee Bricks once again in the playoffs.

  48. Shiljamannn

    ShiljamannnПре 11 дана

    Is there another player irelevant in the MVP discussion for ESPN to call him an MVP over Jokic?

  49. 37-0

    37-0Пре 11 дана

    Luka cries more than draymond but everyone thinks it's cute 💀😭

  50. Golden Coast

    Golden CoastПре 11 дана

    A Classic..You look good..You be praise for any BS...clowns..

  51. Tim Tim

    Tim TimПре 11 дана

    id too if i get ejected every 3 minutes

  52. Floyd Billows

    Floyd BillowsПре 11 дана

    Luka trying to get suspended now, so he doesn’t get suspended for a playoff game.

  53. Floyd Billows

    Floyd BillowsПре 11 дана

    @Brandon Thompson good to know

  54. Brandon Thompson

    Brandon ThompsonПре 11 дана

    they dont carry over into the playoffs

  55. Bass Heads

    Bass HeadsПре 11 дана

    Simmons wit the game winner and Nesmith with the goaltend? Make it make sense

  56. Charles E. Morris, III

    Charles E. Morris, IIIПре 11 дана

    Luka can't seem to get his mentals in order

  57. Life Is My Opportunity

    Life Is My OpportunityПре 11 дана

    Namaste🧘🏾‍♂️ After losing my job in the pandemic 🙏🏾 🌍 I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD 🌍🔥

  58. Kobe Smith

    Kobe SmithПре 11 дана

    I'm keep saying it Ain't no dam storm coming 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  59. Aditya Srinivasan

    Aditya SrinivasanПре 11 дана

    Ashley looks angelic

  60. James Dumbman

    James DumbmanПре 11 дана


  61. Ryan Henriquez

    Ryan HenriquezПре 11 дана

    Siakam kinda reminds me of a knock off Giannis

  62. David H

    David HПре 11 дана

    Giannis should be 2nd in mvp race after jokic

  63. Nicholas Najibi

    Nicholas NajibiПре 11 дана

    Giannis destroyed KD lol 😂

  64. Lazy M91

    Lazy M91Пре 11 дана

    He definitely outplayed him

  65. kasper rieberg

    kasper riebergПре 11 дана

    KD kind of had 42, so i guess destroyed is not the right word !

  66. Kostas Petropoulos

    Kostas PetropoulosПре 11 дана

    Why are these clowns laughing with everything? Even the injuries seem funny to them? So annoying

  67. PrimeNumber19

    PrimeNumber19Пре 11 дана

    Blake Griffin needed a haikyuu volleyball jump at 6’8 to dunk. Yeah that’s not good...

  68. lepidoptery

    lepidopteryПре 11 дана

    it seemed no different from a typical steph curry dunk... imo blake wasn't faking it in the pistons.

  69. kingPoodieTV

    kingPoodieTVПре 11 дана

    no surprise they still fnd a way to hate on ben simmons

  70. marco mcdowell

    marco mcdowellПре 11 дана

    Lakers lost the Raptors. Back to back Ls to sub .500 teams.

  71. Maximos

    MaximosПре 11 дана

    it’s too bad lebron will never be back to full health, i wish him well

  72. Jed Steelwell

    Jed SteelwellПре 11 дана

    Bucks always look good until playoff time

  73. Burna 26

    Burna 26Пре 11 дана

    Same for 99% of teams in the playoffs. There can only be one champion and in the last 10 years only 2 teams have won that wasn't a Lebron Team or the warriors. Also the NBA really decides who they want as champion in the end.

  74. David H

    David HПре 11 дана

    They'll do better this time. Different team

  75. Scott -O

    Scott -OПре 11 дана

    Lowry really wanted to bring it against the Lakers after they thought he wasn’t worth it to throw in THT for him

  76. Chris xO

    Chris xOПре 10 дана

    @Noob gamer, Shivansh Dixit Lakers are OK as far as right now, more worried about how they need to invest in the future

  77. Noob gamer, Shivansh Dixit

    Noob gamer, Shivansh DixitПре 10 дана

    @Chris xO Well, Lowry is worth it but it was the contract he was demanding that made it impractical considering the future of franchise. THT can grow into a really good player. I don't know what's his ceiling, but it's definitely very high.

  78. Chris xO

    Chris xOПре 11 дана

    He aint tho lol

  79. patmetro

    patmetroПре 11 дана

    a fully healthy nets would’ve beat the Bucks last night!! The bucks were pretty much healthy while the nets were missing Harden and Nicholas Claxton, who would’ve defended Giannis so much better. See them in the playoffs tho

  80. b

    bПре 11 дана

    @patmetro hence why nobody wants to debate with you

  81. patmetro

    patmetroПре 11 дана

    @Dxpo can’t debate basketball with stupid fans😂😂 have a good day my guy

  82. Dxpo

    DxpoПре 11 дана

    @patmetro Just stop it. He’s not doing anything with a guy like giannis not to mention he only gets like 15 minutes a game. Giannis would probably average 40+ in a 7 game series against these nets

  83. patmetro

    patmetroПре 11 дана

    @Dxpo i can tell u don’t watch nets games cause nicholas claxton is our best big defender

  84. David H

    David HПре 11 дана

    @Dxpo dude high af


    MOBALANCHIПре 11 дана

    “A little extra spice” bro stfu

  86. Whip It Up With Jay

    Whip It Up With JayПре 11 дана

    Can't wait for the playoffs

  87. Jason Brown

    Jason BrownПре 11 дана

    Say don't do this don't do this don't do this that gives me the perfect excuse to do it the f*** are you talking about

  88. Terrorizing People With Draymond Selfie

    Terrorizing People With Draymond SelfieПре 11 дана

    KD is the best player in the league and it'll stay that way untill proven otherwise

  89. rod axel

    rod axelПре 11 дана

    Lowry. Nicely done.

  90. Donovan Mitchell

    Donovan MitchellПре 11 дана

    Posted early early my time

  91. Jason Brown

    Jason BrownПре 11 дана


  92. Terrorizing People With Draymond Selfie

    Terrorizing People With Draymond SelfieПре 11 дана

    Simmons is still garbage

  93. Golden Coast

    Golden CoastПре 11 дана

    For You.

  94. c o n

    c o nПре 11 дана

    Defense doesn’t matter 🤨

  95. Philly Treez

    Philly TreezПре 11 дана

    He had 3 points all game until that tip in at the end of OT gave him 5 😂😂😂😂😂

  96. Terrorizing People With Draymond Selfie

    Terrorizing People With Draymond SelfieПре 11 дана

    @zeze hes a overrated playmaker and a liability on offense he'll get exposed in the playoffs as always

  97. Kay Sheye

    Kay SheyeПре 11 дана

    @zeze *won’t shoot

  98. Nikola Jokić

    Nikola JokićПре 11 дана

    The knicks are the 4th seed! Who would've thought

  99. Ozz

    OzzПре 11 дана

    I'm shocked how much they're better than my raps in just 1 year.. lol we were just smoking em for a decade..

  100. Sum Solution

    Sum SolutionПре 11 дана

    They play physical 🤷‍♂️

  101. Andrew A

    Andrew AПре 11 дана


  102. kasper rieberg

    kasper riebergПре 11 дана

    Get a life

  103. Sum Solution

    Sum SolutionПре 11 дана

    Go to your room, you are grounded until figured out what you said was wrong. Shame on you. And no more candy for breakfast.

  104. cronero

    croneroПре 11 дана

    No bad kid NO!!

  105. Nikola Jokić

    Nikola JokićПре 11 дана

    Giannis and KD duelling never disappoints

  106. Roberto Waynson

    Roberto WaynsonПре 8 дана

    @Francis Lindsey amen

  107. Francis Lindsey

    Francis LindseyПре 9 дана

    Imagine if Kd join Giannis team We gonna be unstoppable. Big two.

  108. KennyGotBandz

    KennyGotBandzПре 11 дана

    When the nets play its the 3 best players in the east. KD, Harden, and Giannis.

  109. Rom Sawyer

    Rom SawyerПре 11 дана

    That's true.

  110. rod axel

    rod axelПре 11 дана


  111. mr mc crunchy McDonald

    mr mc crunchy McDonaldПре 11 дана

    Luka been getting T’d up each game lmfaooo

  112. Nikola Jokić

    Nikola JokićПре 11 дана

    Luka is one tech away from a suspension

  113. chris anthony

    chris anthonyПре 11 дана

    @Thomas Acker lmao dude is everywhere

  114. Thomas Acker

    Thomas AckerПре 11 дана

    @chris anthony is he bothering you

  115. chris anthony

    chris anthonyПре 11 дана

    Stop it bro , stop commenting



    Luka Dončić king 💪💪💪💪



    Imagine if the game winner was a three😂

  118. kasper rieberg

    kasper riebergПре 11 дана

    I can’t imagen 😂

  119. Jose Garcia

    Jose GarciaПре 11 дана