Stephen A. reveals his 'perfect landing spot' for Aaron Rodgers | First Take

Stephen A. reveals his 'perfect landing spot' for Aaron Rodgers | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Jeff Saturday debate which NFL team that QB Aaron Rodgers should want to play for if he leaves Green Bay.

0:00 Max Kellerman makes a case for the Miami Dolphins.
1:35 Stephen A. Smith explains his choice for Rodgers' perfect landing spot.
6:13 Jeff Saturday weighs in on the best fit for Rodgers.

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  1. ESPN

    ESPNПре месец

    0:00​ Max Kellerman makes a case for the Miami Dolphins. 1:35​ Stephen A. Smith explains his choice for Rodgers' perfect landing spot. 6:13​ Jeff Saturday weighs in on the best fit for Rodgers.

  2. Patrick Forrest

    Patrick ForrestПре месец

    Adam Schefter: no sources saying Rodgers wants out

  3. Ted Marley

    Ted MarleyПре месец

    What if Aaron Rodgers goes to Los Angeles Lakers or Golden State warriors. I hope he goes to Denver Nuggets😎

  4. Thomas Hickey

    Thomas HickeyПре 5 дана


  5. chrono trigger

    chrono triggerПре 8 дана

    The grotesque cucumber emphatically sigh because baby neatly deceive afore a doubtful pressure. economic, useful cuban

  6. Ron Lobato

    Ron LobatoПре 8 дана

    Max just doesn't like Denver. Denver is the best team for Aaron Rodgees. Stephen A. Has never liked Denver.

  7. abo lamar

    abo lamarПре 20 дана

    The combative dietician prudently untidy because buzzard perioperaively last above a unnatural clipper. scared, zippy stool

  8. Ness Long

    Ness LongПре месец

    Anyone else notices Max's eyes?? Is he high??

  9. cameron ali

    cameron aliПре месец

    Thought he was gunna say the knicks 😭

  10. Carlos Clarke

    Carlos ClarkeПре месец

    Come to the Dolphins!!!

  11. LilSleeze

    LilSleezeПре месец

    Ny giants

  12. the continuous one

    the continuous oneПре месец

    take a breathe

  13. Pang

    PangПре месец

    Why don't they just mute Molly's Mike already. She like your homeboys girlfriend whose always chiming in. STFU

  14. B Smoove

    B SmooveПре месец

    Live in Miami? 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮. Been there and tried that. Sexy women at the casino on weekends but overall it’s very overrated and very very, white, brown, yellow ghetto.

  15. ryan tilford

    ryan tilfordПре месец

    Denver Broncos 😎

  16. by pinkerton

    by pinkertonПре месец

    I'm sure the Reason Aaron Rogers wants OUT - from the Packers is because he wants...A Wife & Family outside of the Frozen Winters of Wisconsin

  17. Shaun 2

    Shaun 2Пре месец

    Molly shaking her head like she has a opinion on this show lmaooooo

  18. Symeon Gaines

    Symeon GainesПре месец

    MAX PAUSE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Jamarion’s World

    Jamarion’s WorldПре месец

    Bro can they please get rid of molly

  20. SEAshley

    SEAshleyПре месец

    Rodgers.....come to Dallas!! You own that stadium more than Dak and Romo combined! lol

  21. John Lovering

    John LoveringПре месец

    If that was to happen Rodgers goes to Cleveland they would be the favorite hands downs they have players on both sides

  22. Mitun Patel

    Mitun PatelПре месец

    He should only go to 49ers and let poor man Jimmy G go back to New England

  23. Mitun Patel

    Mitun PatelПре месец

    ESPN should let Mina Kimes or Charly Arnolt to replace Molly

  24. Keith Jordan

    Keith JordanПре месец

    Who cares

  25. Spencer Moxley

    Spencer MoxleyПре месец

    If Aaron Rodgers come to my Saints game over the Saints will be Super Bowl champions PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. JimBob McDougal

    JimBob McDougalПре месец

    I think if Washington’s Oline was stronger, then I would say maybe

  27. JimBob McDougal

    JimBob McDougalПре месец

    I had a feeling Stephen was gonna say WFT lol idk why but I just felt it

  28. easy snipe

    easy snipeПре месец

    Molly gotta go man Charly needs to replace her energy is so much better

  29. Mark Crawford sr

    Mark Crawford srПре месец

    Stephen a Smith is right

  30. romee renz deloso

    romee renz delosoПре месец

    molly's voice is really irritating, im just here for Stephen A. reaction and Max making a career ending take

  31. TheJayster571

    TheJayster571Пре месец

    These analist are stupid.the only thing that makes sense is for Green Bay to trade him to the giants. Kellerman makes no sense. Arron Rodgers in the nfc least with golladay & Barkley and we have a haul of picks that nobody can match.

  32. a aarons

    a aaronsПре месец

    I think Mr. discount double check should come to Denver and start doing some nationwide commercials with Peyton manning

  33. Brandon Syrja

    Brandon SyrjaПре месец

    Steven A Smith is a racist

  34. Jack Pasquale

    Jack PasqualeПре месец

    We aren’t getting Rodgers lol, as much as I like Rodgers. Tua is our guy. I think thats been established

  35. M Mac

    M MacПре месец

    Shut up Molly

  36. michael young

    michael youngПре месец



    RUE KOREAПре месец

    Stephan lol COWBOYS BAYBEEEE#!

  38. Darth Synmor

    Darth SynmorПре месец

    The Perfect landing spot for Aaron Rodgers: JEOPARDY

  39. Jason Owens

    Jason OwensПре месец

    1 superbowl and you all bow to him. All you pundits are jokes. Brady who nobody saw as anything special is the best ever. That is like You all missing on Jordan, but wait Jordan did not get 8

  40. Frederick Ned

    Frederick NedПре месец

    Rodgers ain’t going to Washington, he wants to be in California

  41. eric shyaka

    eric shyakaПре месец

    I bet that he wants to go to the Bears just to stick it to the Packers.

  42. P. J. Casselman

    P. J. CasselmanПре месец

    Washington should call themselves the Washington Baboons and be done with it.

  43. LiveLife LS

    LiveLife LSПре месец

    Imagine he did go to Miami and he did make the super bowl. Then imagine he did all of that and his opponent at the Super Bowl was the CHICAGO MF’N BEARS 🐻

  44. Henry Thompson

    Henry ThompsonПре месец

    If Rogers was to go to Miami would be in the super bowl Steven a. Is a joke!👍

  45. a_collection_of_cells

    a_collection_of_cellsПре месец

    This is exactly why I never considered myself to be a fan of Aaron Rodgers. Yes he is a most talented and gifted thrower of the football we've seen but he's take zero ownership when the team is defeated or if they're struggling throughout a course of an entire football game.

  46. Em Shaf

    Em ShafПре месец

    Molly is useless.

  47. mgt2010fla

    mgt2010flaПре месец

    Unless Rodgers retires the GB Packers will want the 3 best players from any team that goes after Rodgers! So saying Washington or Miami have excellent rosters that would be a great fit for Rogers but that will not be the case after either team or any team that wants in on Rodgers. I don't agree "that Rodgers would make any team better" is the case. KC and Tampa would not be better off with Rodgers because both of those teams have the best QB for their personnel! "Yoga breath", I like it!

  48. Rob Lathon

    Rob LathonПре месец

    I got a 100k he don’t even leave yet 🙄

  49. Rob Lathon

    Rob LathonПре месец

    Why does this sound like the same conversations they were having about Giannis 🤔🙄

  50. NightOf Devils

    NightOf DevilsПре месец

    Lets go las Vegas Raiders get Rodgers may never happen yet lets go raiders

  51. 504 HOT BOI

    504 HOT BOIПре месец

    WHO DAT!!!!

  52. A.M.K

    A.M.KПре месец

    Max Is right

  53. Lyrical Travisty

    Lyrical TravistyПре месец

    My ideal situation for Rodgers would be the Saints & go head to head with Brady in the division, but I have a weird feeling New England might try to get him. I can see the Patriots coming up with a package deal to send Cam Newton, Mac Jones & future picks to Green Bay. Nobody is even mentioning New England in the trade rumors but the Patriots are spending more in free agency than they ever have since TB12 left 🤔

  54. LifeIsGood

    LifeIsGoodПре месец

    If he goes to Washington it's a wrap for the NFC

  55. mike bennett

    mike bennettПре месец

    He's not going to anywhere morons, his best chance of winning the super bowl is in Green Bay. It's almost like your fake news

  56. kid heartz

    kid heartzПре месец

    The NFL is over..this is the NFL'S way of creating view's because they've pissed off AMERICANS by taking a knee...this is all a lie to get people interested in the NFL again..not gonna work even if y'all beg!!! 🖕

  57. DropSixteenTV Tv

    DropSixteenTV TvПре месец

    He's leaving for another team to play at 38... this is so goofy. Just retire

  58. Tsunami Surfer

    Tsunami SurferПре месец

    Molly has made this show unwatchable.

  59. Mitch ODell

    Mitch ODellПре месец

    You’re looking at only the business side of things. AR is a west coast guy and his fiancé is from Boulder, CO. the closest franchise that fits these as well as the business is Denver.

  60. LA Picasso

    LA PicassoПре месец

    He should go The Washington Football Team best chance to win the championship

  61. Victor Bebb

    Victor BebbПре месец

    Come on, is this spoiled brat crying again?? How many dead ends do the public have to follow this man to? He needs to be sat down and put in line, I'm not sold on the status most have given him, a solid quarterback, not super man!!!!!

  62. Soupy Gato

    Soupy GatoПре месец

    why do people watch this... ugh

  63. Jesse Morris

    Jesse MorrisПре месец

    All of you are wrong ~~~~ Aaron Rodgers goes to the New Orleans Saints !!! That's where he should go !!!

  64. Quintin Ruiz

    Quintin RuizПре месец

    No way GB trades him to the nfc

  65. Swift Moves

    Swift MovesПре месец

    Molly is so annoying how tf is she still on the show

  66. Prencton Grisby

    Prencton GrisbyПре месец

    i love when stephen a says excuse me🤣

  67. Bruce

    BruceПре месец

    Best sports show on air because of Stephen A 🤙

  68. T B

    T BПре месец


  69. bikerq ran

    bikerq ranПре месец

    Max said Miami was a sexier market than Washington lol Miami Dolphins Value: $2.9 billion (​#18​) Green Bay Packers Value: 3.05 billion (#14) Washington Football Team: $3.5 billion (#8)

  70. Negative Positive

    Negative PositiveПре месец

    Max Miami has there quarterback in my eyes! Youth! Rogers needs to win now

  71. bikerq ran

    bikerq ranПре месец

    Biggest markets Rodgers could go to in terms of net worth: 1. New York Giants (#3) 2. San Francisco 49ers (#5) 3. Chicago Bears (#7) 4. Washington Football Team (#8) 5. Denver Broncos (#11) 6. Las Vegas Raiders (#12) 7. Pittsburgh Steelers (#15) 8. Miami Dolphins (#18)

  72. Negative Positive

    Negative PositiveПре месец

    Thank you Steven! Cleveland got there quarterback, Miami has there's! Defense period!

  73. Chris G

    Chris GПре месец

    Yeah Washington's division is much weaker but Miami is a much better team. I think they are about to be a top team without Rodgers. Very good coach. Great D, and WR group. If Rodgers went to Miami he would beat both the Bills and Pat's for the AFC East no problem. That would look much better than running to the weakest division. Also what about the playoffs forget division. He would want the best team to be on because this

  74. bikerq ran

    bikerq ranПре месец

    Bills are more of a problem than any NFC East team would be if Rodgers went to Miami, but I think both Washington and Miami are very good choices.

  75. Gerardo Florez

    Gerardo FlorezПре месец

    I will never gave Dak Prescott a contract for the cowboys I would have just paid Aaron Rodgers to at least 3 years maybe four guaranteed super bowl

  76. Medic 5

    Medic 5Пре месец

    This woman must be related to my wife she just told 2 guys to stfu and settle down and listen to ur father

  77. Akeem Harris

    Akeem HarrisПре месец

    Smith facts easy

  78. Senaleb

    SenalebПре месец

    Green Bay won't have to worry about the playoffs when AR leaves hah.

  79. Mario Rivera

    Mario RiveraПре месец

    I feel like I know way more than them on Aaron Rodgers watching The Pat McAfee show and these guys talk a whole bunch of nothing

  80. Vontae Woods

    Vontae WoodsПре месец

    Washington still the NFC, Green Bay wouldn't do that.

  81. Crusader1815

    Crusader1815Пре месец

    Miami is a big slum.

  82. Sam Rivera

    Sam RiveraПре месец

    Washington could've drop red from the name, they have been called the skins for a while now n that wouldn't offend anyone

  83. Shawn Tanner

    Shawn TannerПре месец

    Somebody needs to start a petition to fire Molly, She annoying af and is bad for TV

  84. Xavier Terry

    Xavier TerryПре месец

    Stephen. A sleepin on da DMV’s brazy over here😂

  85. Jacqueline Perry

    Jacqueline PerryПре месец

    At his home

  86. Mogz Gutierrez

    Mogz GutierrezПре месец

    molly looking good max doing a great job Stephan a is trash replace him

  87. Mike E 2 Zz

    Mike E 2 ZzПре месец

    He should go to denver


    MIGO DROPPED-UПре месец

    Molly called them GROWN men some Misfits 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

  89. Seth Huntley

    Seth HuntleyПре месец

    Molly voice is annoying asf . Just sit there and look pretty woman

  90. Mar Tiller

    Mar TillerПре месец

    Pittsburgh steelers

  91. K1monae Har

    K1monae HarПре месец

    Lol Yoga breath. Yes, let's go Dolphins 🐬, come on down AR

  92. Eddie Anderson

    Eddie AndersonПре месец

    Aaron Rodgers should go to.. Vegas! cause what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And all this drama wouldnt be public. 😂

  93. Sands

    SandsПре месец

    “That bad man” isn’t such a man during playoff time lol. Back to back NFC Championship Games he got smacked and didn’t even put up a fight.

  94. R Scott

    R ScottПре месец

    Jeff Saturday down bad lmao

  95. Robert Mcfall

    Robert McfallПре месец

    The steelers should go after rodgers , similar selfish personality like big ben , we know the steelers organization takes care of there players._. It wont happen but it should



    Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

  97. Bobby V

    Bobby VПре месец

    If Rodgers went to Dallas, Stephen A would quit his job, and never be heard from again

  98. Texan Football Houston

    Texan Football HoustonПре месец

    Life is great.

  99. everett watson

    everett watsonПре месец

    If he retires I would like him to replace Roger goodell.

  100. The Quinlan Show

    The Quinlan ShowПре месец

    Stephen A has to be living under a rock believing the team without a name has more of a national following than the Dolphins. Everything Stephen A said in this segment was just plain dumb.

  101. Kelly Mcneal

    Kelly McnealПре месец

    Molly and Max are haters!!!

  102. papo ramos

    papo ramosПре месец

    Aaron Rodgers would be that black cat. Lol

  103. Gary Blalock

    Gary BlalockПре месец

    I have tried to look past it but they need to get rid of molly!!! She's annoying ASF 🙄😂🤣